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Responding to the ever-strong need for artists and cultural professionals to have access to mobility, the Roberto Cimetta Fund issues mobility grants and offers support and training programs related to mobility.

Call for mobility grants closed

In the framework of its mission to support mobility, the Roberto Cimetta Fund allocates on demand mobility grants, to meet the needs of cultural professionals and artists in the Mediterranean.

Aiming at promoting inclusive mobility, the Roberto Cimetta Fund gives priority to candidates with little access to mobility and/or who are poorly inserted into the international cultural circuits. This call for applications for a travel grant is thus dedicated to women artists and cultural professionals from the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean, who are willing to travel within the southern Mediterranean region for south-south mobility (North Africa and the Middle East).

The call is open until December 30, 2022, to all applicants who meet the following eligibility criteria.


  1. The application must be submitted by an individual and not by an organisation. The grants are dedicated to individuals only.
  2. Aiming at promoting inclusive mobility, this call is addressed to artists and cultural operators, who, regardless of their nationality, are based in southern Mediterranean countries and wish to travel to the Southern Mediterranean countries (North Africa and Middle East).
  3. With the same objective, this call is dedicated to women artists and cultural professionals only.
  4. There is no age limit.
  5. The call is addressed to artists (performers, creators, educators) or professionals in the cultural sector (organizers, administrators, project managers) ;
  6. The dates of mobility are eligible from the opening of the call. If the applicant wishes to travel before the results are released, she is willing to take the risk of purchasing her ticket without knowing if her application will be accepted. The mobility will have to be done before September 2023.

7. The purpose of the mobility must be one of the following:

  • preparation of a professional level project;
  • participation in a research or creation residency;
  • the presence at a meeting of artists or professionals with the objective of networking between cultural, artistic and development actors;
  • artistic and professional training/education (internships, masterclasses, exchanges, study trips) or participation as a speaker or a trainer;
  • attendance at debates, conferences, seminars.

8. The application must refer to an artistic discipline or a cultural initiative :

  • management, mediation, cultural policy;
  • contemporary performing arts: theater, dance, music, circus and street arts, puppet theater;
  • visual arts, photography, film and digital arts;
  • writing, dramaturgy, storytelling, poetry;
  • transdisciplinary projects.

9. The application form must be complete.



  1. The application must clearly present the project, its motivations and its expectations;
  2. Mobility must contribute directly or indirectly to local and Mediterranean cultural development from a sustainable perspective. The candidate is invited to develop local initiatives upon her return and contribute to the cultural life of her own region. She must be committed to passing on what she has learned and sharing her networking with other artists and professionals around her;
  3. Special attention will be given to candidates who have had little access to mobility, and/or who are poorly integrated into the international cultural scene.


A lump sum will be awarded to the winners: between 500€ and 700€ per grant, allowing cover (at least partially) the costs related to mobility in general: tickets, visas, accommodation, etc. This call will deliver between 12 and 20 grants. Grants will be allocated after the trip, upon presentation of supporting documents, a written report, and visuals.


  • Supporting documents: these are not invoices, but proof that the mobility and activities have been carried out (e.g.: boarding pass, etc.); no receipts are needed
  • A brief written report;
  • Visuals (ex: photos, links,…).

Elements of the reports will then be disseminated through the FCF’s communication channels.


  • Applicants must complete the form below and submit their motivations, in written form, audio or video (5 minutes maximum). A CV (2 pages maximum) must also be added. Applications may be written in in French, English or Arabic.
  • More details are specified in the form.
  • Results to be announced mid-February 2023 (deadline for receipt of complete applications: 30/12/2022).
  • The RCF will never use applicants’ personal data for any purpose other than tracking their applications.

*The RCF can issue a maximum of 3 travel grants per person and over a period of 5 years. If the applicant has already received a grant, the Committee of Experts in charge of the selection was informed.

**In addition, a maximum of 3 individual applications are authorised for the same project, group or place. The Board reports the number of grants from which the project or structure has benefited indirectly. When a project requires the mobility of several actors, the RCF reserves the right to examine the applications on a case-by-case basis.

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