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Responding to the ever-strong need for artists and cultural professionals to have access to mobility, the Roberto Cimetta Fund issues mobility grants and offers support and training programs related to mobility.

Launch of the ASF'ART artistic and cultural mobility fund in Morocco

Supported by the Institut Français du Maroc and the Hiba Foundation, and at the initiative of the Roberto Cimetta Fund, ASF’ART, the first inter-regional artistic and cultural mobility fund, aims to promote mobility within Morocco for young artists and art students. By offering opportunities to take part in artistic events in the regions and discover Morocco’s cultural sites, ASF’ART opens up new prospects for young artists and art students. 

ASF’ART was created following a series of consultations initiated by the Roberto Cimetta Fund in Morocco, inspiring the Hiba Foundation and the Institut Français to launch the country’s first artistic and cultural internal mobility fund. 

The objectives of this innovative fund are :

  • Promote and facilitate inter-regional artistic mobility in Morocco for arts and culture professionals and students 
  • Promote and facilitate the mobility of artists and the dissemination of their work at national level 
  • Increase access to culture and the arts on a national scale 
  • Broaden audiences and contribute to the development of the arts market in Morocco
  • Contribute to the development of professional careers for artists and students 
  • Facilitate exchanges and networking between artists and students and cultural structures in the regions.  

This fund is entirely dedicated to national mobility within Morocco and is specifically aimed at :

  • Young artists aged 18 to 30, in all disciplines
  • Students aged 18 to 30 in the field of culture and the arts.

Examples of beneficiaries eligible for the Asf’Art fund : 

  • A student from the Institut National des Beaux-Arts in Tétouan wishing to visit an exhibition at the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rabat 
  • An artist from Oujda wishing to attend an artistic residency to which he has been invited in Agadir 
  • An artist from Meknès wishing to take part in the Visa For Music market in Rabat, etc. 

By filling in the form, you are applying for a fund that will only cover accommodation, transportation costs and meals for the duration of the event or mission.

Important: all requests must be submitted at least one month before the trip. 

This fund is NOT an international mobility fund and only concerns mobility within Morocco.  

By supporting their national mobility, the ASF’ART fund offers them a platform to participate in festivals, residencies, exhibitions, art markets, museum visits and many other cultural events in the 12 regions of Morocco. Offering a unique chance for these emerging talents to acquire new skills, explore new horizons and meet exciting artists and cultural players in their home country. 

Applications are made by submitting an application form.A selection committee made up of the project’s partners selects the ‘scholarship holders’ and the Hiba Foundation manages the operational side of the fund.

For more information, you can contact the Hiba Foundation at this address:

Call for mobility grants results announced - March 2023

The results of the call for applications for mobility grants have been announced! 

This year, the RCF has allocated mobility grants, giving priority to candidates with little access to mobility and/or little integration in the international cultural scene. These grants will allow women artists and cultural professionals from the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean to contribute to the realization of their projects involving south-south mobility (North Africa and the Middle East). 

Congratulations to all those selected ! And thank you to all the candidates for their participation in this call.

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