In line with its values and its mission to support the mobility of artists and cultural actors in the Mediterranean, the Roberto Cimetta Fund articulates its activities around four main focal points.

Advocacy to support mobility

Mobility is an essential component of the trajectories of artists and cultural operators:

  • It allows informal training by encouraging the exploration of new places, practices and aesthetics;
  • It develops professional opportunities through partnerships and the discovery of new marc
  • It promotes a better knowledge of the diversity of the Mediterranean world and contributes to forging links in this region and beyond.

The RFC is aware of the issues and practices of mobility in the cultural sector throughout the Mediterranean region. This expertise feeds advocacy work for mobility at local, national and European level, in order to contribute to the development of public initiative in favor of mobility and in line with the needs of the sector. Having always been a space of reflection open and aware of the world’s obstacles, the questions of equity in mobility, environment and sustainability, are now reflected in the projects of the RFC. In this context, the RFC has for example recently published a Manifesto in favor of the mobility of cultural professionals in the Mediterranean and in the world.

Accompaniment and training related to mobility

The Fund accompanies artists and cultural professionals in their mobility projects, guiding them in their search for funding but also offering advice and contacts that could facilitate the development of their project. It is about information and to provide a caring space facilitating exchanges between peers in order to prepare for mobility and carry it out in the best possible conditions. The FRC has also developed a training program for professionals on the new challenges of mobility and how artists and cultural operators are re-imagining this mobility today, drawing on theoretical contributions and the practices of their peers.

Actions in progress

  • Support for young artists and cultural operators « Ready, Steady, Go »offering support in preparing for mobility. The program is tailored to the needs of each student, with the possibility of a hybrid modality (face-to-face and distance learning);
  • Training development « Reimagining mobility », This project aims to re-imagine the mobility of artists and cultural operators based in the Mediterranean region by promoting their inclusion as marginalized professionals through a 10-month participatory learning method, both virtual and physical, focused on the exchange of ideas and good practices.
Cooperation and networking

The RFC invests in the Euro-Mediterranean cultural scene and actively contributes to the reflection on cultural mobility in the framework of seminars, workshops or international meetings in the region. These exchanges contribute to the mobility monitoring and advocacy work.

The RFC also positions itself as a partner for the development of cooperation projects with cultural and artistic organizations of the region that invest mobility as an essential component of the life of cultural professionals, and that explore new ways to reinvent mobility today for artists and cultural actors.

Allocation of funding for the mobility of artists and cultural operators

Recognizing the ever-present need for cultural professionals to have access to mobility, the FRC is opening as of 2022 what has been the heart of its activity for twenty years: the allocation of mobility grants.

In line with the FRC’s mission, the call is open for artists and operators, who freely choose their destination. In addition, the implementation of these grants is reviewed in relation to current emergencies and changes in the cultural landscape: thus, the 2022 call is dedicated for women, for South-South mobilities.

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Manifeste en faveur de la mobilité des artistes et des professionnel.