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Manifesto for the mobility of artists and culture professionals in the Mediterranean and worldwide

This document is the result of a participatory process. It brought together 33 contributors from 16 European and Mediterranean countries, and was published in April 2022.

Taking into account the challenges of mobility for artists and cultural professionals, it sets out a clear vision and recommendations for new ways of tackling and implementing mobility in today’s global context.

In more than 20 years, the FRC has enabled the mobility of nearly 2000 people.

The essence of RCF’s mission is to promote and facilitate the circulation of cultural professionals by taking an active part in debates on mobility and cultural policies, allocating travel grants, and helping to structure organisations through coaching and professional training.

The RCF has always relied on a vast network of artists and professionals from both sides of the Mediterranean and the world. It is a community of committed actors who share their experiences, expertise, and research in all fields of art and culture for the benefit of mobility, i.e. the free circulation of people, ideas, and works.

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Manifeste en faveur de la mobilité des artistes et des professionnel.