About FRC

The Roberto Cimetta Fund’s mission is to promote and facilitate the mobility of artists and cultural professionals through providing support for the preparation and implementation of their mobilities, by allocating travel grants and taking an active part in debates around mobility and cultural policies.

Since 1999, the Roberto Cimetta Fund has been one of the major actors supporting the mobility of artists and cultural operators around the Mediterranean.

The Fund is named after the late Roberto Cimetta, a well-known and respected theatre director, who was at the origin of many initiatives that contributed to the development of the international theatre community: the Inteatro festival in Polverigi (Italy), IETM (Informal European Theater Meeting), and the ACARTE program of the Gulbenkian Foundation in Portugal for contemporary performing arts.

Mobility is an essential component of the trajectories of artists and cultural operators

  • It facilitates access to informal training by encouraging the exploration of new places, practices and aesthetics.
  • It develops professional opportunities through partnerships and the discovery of new markets.
  • It promotes a better understanding of the diversity of the Mediterranean area and helps forge links between people and communities in this region and beyond.

Being a space for reflection that expands awareness of the world, the RCF projects have always given priority to questions of equity in mobility, environment, and sustainability.

Since 2020, the RCF’s activities have revolved around 4 pillars to promote mobility in the Mediterranean:

  • Monitor mobility needs and practices and develop advocacy tools.
  • Develop training and support systems focusing on mobility with a view on the professional development of artists and cultural actors and the integration of their practices in their territories.
  • Support and promote cooperative projects and networking.
  • Allocate funding for the mobility of artists and cultural operators.

The Roberto Cimetta Fund is financially supported by the French Ministry of Culture and the DIMED of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. It is also a member of On the Move, Culture Action Europe and Euromed FranceThe RCF works regularly in partnership with :

Advisory board & team
Manuèle Debrinay-Rizos
Cristina Farinha
Christiane Dabdoub Nasser
Isin Öno
Giovanna Tanzarella
Serene Huleileh
Khadija El Bennaoui
Res Bosshart
Giusy Checola
Fanny Bouquerel
Development Officer
Mohamed Biyjeddiguene
Communications Officer
Membres fondateurs
  • Velia Papa, artistic director of the Inteatro festival and general manager of Marche Teatro, professor of economics and management of the performing arts at the Politecnica delle Marche University.
  • Mary Ann De Vlieg, board member of Ettijahat, co-founder of IARA – International Arts Rights Advisor, former secretary general of IETM network.
  • Fabien Jannelle, president of the Artistic Office of the Aquitaine region, former director of the ONDA, National Office for Artistic Distribution – France.
  • Manuèle Debrinay-Rizos, member of the scientific committee of the National Institute of Research and Training/Bucharest-Romania, Professor at the National Institute of Fine Arts of Tetouan-Morocco. Former director of the French Institute Romania, cultural attaché Bulgaria.
  • Gil Mendo Valente and Branco, former Director of the Department ofDance of the Portuguese Institute of Performing Arts, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Res Bosshart, former director of the Master Theater University of Zurich, former general director of the Meiningen Opera, former general director of the Kampnagel, Hamburg

13 Bis rue Henri Monnier

75009 Paris - France

Manifeste en faveur de la mobilité des artistes et des professionnel.