On The Move – Open Call for a Workshop for Cultural Mobility Developers in Tunis

As part of its multiannual programme, each year On the Move proposes a workshop for cultural mobility developers. The aim is to build the capacity of artists and cultural professionals to support the internationalisation of artistic and cultural practices and adopt more value-driven approaches. Each workshop is an opportunity to share knowledge and know-how in relation to working internationally, as well as to equip cultural developers to support the artistic, economic and cooperative growth of their community in their own context. The training is designed to provide context and insights into trends and opportunities related to international cultural mobility, as well as tools to continue to train other artists and culture professionals in their respective contexts. The two-day professional development programme will follow with the online publication of the Cultural Mobility Funding Guide dedicated to the South Mediterranean region.

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Manifeste en faveur de la mobilité des artistes et des professionnel.