RSS - Online workshop on Cultural Practices and Strategies in the Digital Realm



The University of British Columbia organises an online workshop on Cultural Practices and Strategies in the Digital realm


This online workshop focuses on the integration of new technologies and online tools in the arts and culture sector. It examines changes and challenges in international cultural practices spurred the digital era. The workshop includes topics related to the specificity of the digital realm, digitalization of arts and cultural heritage, digital entrepreneurship in the arts, online business models, online marketing techniques, digital audiences and their influence on arts products, copyright challenges as a result of digitalization, digital partnership strategies, and policy support for digitalization in the cultural sector. The workshop places a special emphasis on the connection between cultural policy, organizational strategy, artistic creation, and ongoing audience involvement in the context of the digital realm. 


Three scheduled online sessions : 22nd and 29th November and 6th December.


Registration closes 11th November 2017


For further informations, click here 


RCF- Eligible candidates for the TAMTEEN programme


The Roberto Cimetta Fund has received 141 requests for the the call for Tamteen Support Programme 2017. 79 applications are considered eligible


The office of the Fund has checked the eligibility of the requests. This eligibility simply means that the request can be evaluated by the experts because the eligibility criteria has been respected. Eligibility does not imply that the grant has been given.


For the session 2017, eligible candidates to Tamteen grants are :


Ahmed Samy, Studio Zat, Egypt

Marwa Adel Benhalim, Medrar for Contemporary Art, Egypt

Dina Eldeeb, Egypt

Mohammed B.A Abusrour, Volunteer Palestine, Palestine

Iyad Dweikat, Ahli Balatah Al-Balad Club (ABBC), Palestine

Jana Al Obeidyine, Moving Bodies, Lebanon

Samar Haddad, Atlas Publishers Damascus, Syria

Sabreen A. M. Aljirinawi, Atabet Fann for Arts, Medias and Training, Palestine

Shady Abdallah Mohamed, Greenish, Egypt

Deniz Aktas, Loading Independent Art Space, Turkey

Jamal Alkirnawi, Sarab, Israel

Yazid Sadi, Fadaa, Israel

Mohammad Aref Sammour, MedeArts, Jordan

Ipek Cankaya, Halka Art Project, Turkey

Ouafa Belgacem, Culture Funding Watch, Tunisia

Reuben Yemoh Odoi, The Minority Globe, Morocco

Sami Hama Muemin Sadiq Hawrami, Balende Baran, Iraq

David Habchy, WARAQ, Lebanon

Arij Abou Harb, Me’zaf, Lebanon

Valeria Meneghelli, Tunisia

Neslihan Koyuncu, Pancar, Egypt and Turkey

Arsany Ebeid Meliek Agban, El Safina for Arts and Culture, Egypt 

Amanda Abi Khalil, Temporary Art Platform, Lebanon

Rachel Freeborn, Haven for Artists, Lebanon

Ahmed Ibrahiem Ibrahiem Hassan Amar, Clamar Studio, Egypt

Rania Atef Abdelwahab Abdelrazek, Egypt

Mennatallah Ramadan Mosbah Ibrahim, Young Egyptian Feminists League, Egypt and Tunisia

Gharbi Amine, Collectif Créatif, Tunisia

Hashemi Fesharaki Samira, Indépendant Art Space and Residency, Iran

Trabelsi Marwen, Tunisia

Piskernik Elisabeth, Le Cube, Morocco

Berrada Kenza, Morocco

Abdelguerfi Samy, VitamideDz, Algeria

Hmidi Réda, Amplify, Morocco

Jazouli Meryem, Espace Darja, Morocco

Kekli Mouhamed Seddik, DEBO association, Tunisia

Darsi Hassan, La source au lion, Morocco

Coarelli Silvia, Tababoul, Morocco

Saibari Imane, Boucherouite Rugs, Morocco

Sano (Bouzerda) Maha, Badira Culture, Communication et Développement, Morocco

Manai Mohamed, El Medina, Tunisia

Sellami Othman, Haraka, Morocco

Shahrokhi Neda, Maidon de l’Art et de la Culture, Fanous-e-honare-pars, Iran 

Metahni Amine, Shouka, Tunisia

Azarzar Nassim, Atelier Kissaria, Morocco

Douss Cyrinne, Hayyou’Raqs, Tunisia

,جمعية الاوراش و الثقافات,  عبد الواحد بنسعيدالمغرب

تونسي المركز الثقافي البحث للإنتاج الفني كريم خرشوفي 

عادل سعيد عبد القادر سعيد لا يوجدإيجيبت    

ضيف الله  عبد العزيز منظمة شباب الغزاياليبيا  

, فلسطين,مخيم العروب  فرقة نواة  حازم ALSHARIF

Mosa Abas, مجلة سورمَي سوريا

Sharkawi جهاد , فرقة الشاطر حسن لمسرح الطفل بغزة ,  قطاع غزة 

عيد يوسف   محمد جماعة تمرد لفنون الأداء  الإسكندرية / مصر 

حسن  احمد المدينة للفنون اﻻدائية والرقمية اﻻسكندرية - مصر

محمد احمد مصطفى الدقاق حوريه  بيت حواديت اسكندريه فى مصر / محافظه الاسكندريه 

البعلي,  محمد  صفصافة للثقافة مصر

موساوي محمد أمين  نجوم الفن الجزائر

الهبي سالمة   جمعية مؤسسة كيفاش   تونس 

قطيش   جهان سوريا 

محمدإيمان   مجموعة ستوديوخانة للفنون المعاصرة والتنمية الثقافية  القاهرة - مصر

شاهين  ريم  مبادرة بيت ازياء ريم شاهين لتنمية التراث الثقافي القاهرة - النوبة

عبد المجيد كنانة  فرقة ايد واحدة/ مؤسسة نجدة ناو لبنان- بيروت - مخيم شاتيلا

Rostom Jaafar, Music United, Syria

هاشم  امل مؤسسة تنويرة الثقافية  مصر 

Manar Aleubedy, منظمة اوان للتوعية وتنمية القدرات العراق

Ghallab Mujeeb, المغرب

مبروك عماد  م Platform الإسكندريه - مصر

بنت محمد جغام   فاطمة  جمعية تحدي  في تونس 

بن طاهر  محمد أمين تونس

الشبلي  عبدالله  تونس

Wassem Alsharqi إسطنبول، لاحقاً بيروت، تونس.

الكامل  عبدالفتاح  جمعية أضواء المدينة   تونس

كرستين حنا بشري حنا   سكة فن مصر

نوفل  محمد فريق قرار إزالة/Qarar Ezala Band الأسكندرية/مصر

بوعجيلة   أسامة  By الحوم ? تونس



If you sent your request but your name is not on this list, your request has been considered non-eligible (co-production request without sustainability, lack of information concerning expenses that are linked to the sustainable nature of the project, organisation to be created whilst this fund is for organisations that already exist….).

If your request was considered non-eligible you will be notified soon.



RSS - Open call for the Marc de Montalembert Foundation's grant - Deadline 15/11/17



The Fondation Marc de Montalembert contributes to developing a better knowledge of the cultures of the Mediterranean world as well as their dissemination, particularly among the young people of that region.


The foundation is launching its annual call for proposition. To be considered the candidate must:

- come from a country bordering on the Mediterranean,

 - be less than 28 years old the year of the grant’s award,

 - manifest a genuine vocation in a specific cultural field or one linked to the development of a particular craft,

 - present a project related to that vocation which shall be realized in one or more countries of the Mediterranean as long as different from the applicant’s origin country.


Planning : 

- Deadline for a short proposal : 15th November 2017.

- For valid candidates, deadline for the final proposal : 31st December 2017.

- Announcement of the result : late March 2018. 


For further informations, click here


RSS - Open call of the Foundation Kamel Lazaar - Deadline : 30/11/17



As part of its cultural policy which aims to support artistic creation and to promote local cultures in Tunisia, the Maghreb and the Middle East, the Kamel Lazaar Foundation each year supports a number of projects.


The Foundation is now lauching its call  for visual arts, heritage (Tunisia), music and performing arts (theatre, dance...) or cultural and civic education projects in the MENA region. 

The KLF will give the priority to projects of general interest, sustainable project and innovative project.


All informations about the conditions are available here


RSS - b.creative event in Shanghai - KEA



b.creative – the global event for creative entrepreneurship – will be held in Shanghai on 15 November 2017 in the context of the High Level People to People (HPPD) Summit between the European Union and China. The conference, which will focus on ‘Creative entrepreneurship and urban challenges’, is organised in the scope of the EU co-funded project Creative Tracks, supporting young creative entrepreneurs worldwide and encouraging cross-cultural collaborations.

The city of Shanghai is home to more than 100 Creative Clusters, over 4,000 innovative design-related agencies and institutions. On 13-15 November, it will host the HPPD Summit, the highest level of diplomatic engagement between the EU and China on Education, Youth and Culture.


All information about the programme available here.



FRC - Offre de stage


Dans le cadre de ses activités le Fonds Roberto Cimetta recherche un(e) stagiaire à partir de mars 2018.


Profil du poste : Le Fonds propose un stage pour travailler sur l’une de ses actions :

- suivi des appels à candidatures pour les bourses de mobilité et les bourses Tamteen de mars à juillet, puis de mi-août  à décembre 2018


Durée du stage : 3 à 6 mois


Lieu du stage : c/o ONDA, 13bis rue Henri Monnier, 75009 PARIS


Nombre d’heures hebdomadaire : flexible


Horaires : 9h30 à 18h00


Rémunération : indemnité de stage


Diplômes exigés : Etudiant(e) Master, politiques culturelles/internationales, administration des entreprises culturelles.


Langues de travail : français et anglais obligatoire. La connaissance de l’arabe est appréciée.


Connaissance technique exigée : connaissance des outils Mac. Capacité à animer les réseaux sociaux.


Candidatures à envoyer à l’adresse suivante :


صندوق روبيرتو شيميتا

c/o ONDA
13 bis rue Henri Monnier
75009 Paris - France
T +33 145 26 33 74