RSS - Call for applications by Trans Europe Halles - Deadline : 28/01/18


In the framework of the project Factories of Imagination (2017-2021), Trans Europe Halles is addressing a growing demand: to support civil society initiatives in repurposing post-industrial buildings for cultural and social uses. This demand is exceptionally strong in certain areas of Europe, such as the Balkans, Eastern Partnership and Southern Mediterranean countries.

Being true to our mission to strengthen the sustainable development of non-governmental cultural centres and encourage new initiatives, we are launching our new Startup Support Programme. The programme aims to assist leaders of civil society organisations in their endeavour to set up cultural centres in repurposed buildings.


In its first edition, February to August 2018, we are looking for three emergent cultural centres from the Balkans region – focus region of this first edition – to take part in the programme.


Deadline : 28 January 2018


More details about the criteria, here 



تغيير في تاريخ افتتاح الصندوق العام سنة 2018


نودّ أن نبلغكم عن بدء استقبال الطلبات للحصول على منح من الصندوق العام المخصّص لتنقّل الفنّانين والتابع لصندوق روبيرتو تشيميتا في كانون الثاني/ يناير 2018 بدلًا من آذار/ مارس 2018. تأتي هذه الخطوة تسهيلًا لتنظيم سفر المستفيدين. يتوفّر نموذج طلب المنح ابتداءً من الأوّل من كانون الثاني/ يناير 2018 على موقعنا الإلكتروني. لم يطرأ أي تعديل على شروط الإستفادة من المنح وهي متوفّرة هنا.
نرجو منكم نشر هذا الخبر و/أو الإشتراك في رسالتنا الإخباريّة. فباشتراككم برسالتنا الإخباريّة، تُبلّغون عن بدء التقدّم بالطلبات في اليوم عينه، وتحظون بشهرٍ واحد من أجل ملء الإستمارة إلكترونيًّا.


جدول 2018 للصندوق العام
تاريخ بدء التقدّم بالطلبات: الأوّل من كانون الثاني/ يناير 2018
الحدّ الأقصى لتقديم الطلبات: 31 كانون الثاني/ يناير 2018
تاريخ إعلان النتائج: الأوّل من نيسان/ أبريل 2018


RSS - OpenCall for emerging artists based on islands in the Mediterranean - Deadline : 18/12/17


Archipelago by Maltese artist-curator Raphael Vella is a collaborative artistic project that will form part of The island is what the sea surrounds ('Dal-Baħar Madwarha), a major international exhibition curated by Maren Richter for Valletta 2018, European Capital of Culture. 


Archipelago’s concept revolves around the relationship between education, aspirations, dialogue and insularity. The project is reaching out to young artists based in different islands of the Mediterranean and asking them to reflect about the relationship between island life and success. Do emerging artists living in different islands have similar hopes and challenges? 


Young artists can participate by sending a single, high-quality image (300 dpi) by email to , including name, age, the town/city and island they live in, affiliation (academy, university), title of image and medium. 


More informations here


RCF - Grantees of TAMTEEN call 2017


The Roberto Cimetta Fund is pleased to announce the results of TAMTEEN call 2017 to support sustainability.  The final beneficiaries are:


Biet Hawadet, Egypt

Nowhereonline platform, Egypt

HayyouRaqs, Tunisia

Karavan Art, Tunisia

Tabadoul, Morocco

Kissaria, Morocco

Badira, Morocco, Morocco

Waraq, Lebanon

Temporary Art Platform, Lebanon

Nowat Theatre, Palestine

Atabet Fann, Palestine

Fanouse, Iran

Va Independent Art Space and Residency, Iran

Balende Baran, Iraq

Loading, Turkey


RSS - Call for proposals for the DRHA conference - Deadline : 31/01/18



Throughout 2018, Valletta will hold the title of European Capital of Culture; in this context, substantial capital projects have been developed to strengthen Malta’s cultural and creative sector. Digital Research in Humanities and the Arts Malta 2018 mirrors Fondazzjoni Kreattività’s purpose of catalysing innovative and cutting edge research and creative work in its theme of ‘Creative Legacies: Collaborative Practices for Digital Cultural Heritage.’


The conference programme will be structured within 5 distinct strands :

- Digital arts, design and performance ;

 - Digital humanities ;

 - Creative and cultural industries ;

 - Digital libraries and archives ; 

 - Digital cities and urban commons.


Deadline to submit your proposal : 31st January 2018


For further informations about the call, click here


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