RCF - New date for general mobility fund open call


The RCF general mobility fund will open in January instead of March 2018. This new schedule is more in line with travel arrangements of grantees. No need to visit our website today to apply; the application form will be available on 1st January 2018. The terms and conditions of the mobility grant remain unchanged and readily accessible here.


Please circulate this information and subscribe to the RCF Newsletter to be alerted once the call opens. You'll have one month to fill in your application.


Schedule for the general mobility fund : 

- Opening date: 1st January 2018

- Deadline for applying: 31st January 2018

- Date of the announcement of selection: 1st April 2018


RCF - New date for general mobility fund open call


The RCF general mobility fund will open in January instead of March 2018. This new schedule is more in line with travel arrangements of grantees. No need to visit our website today to apply; the application form will be available on 1st January 2018. The terms and conditions of the mobility grant remain unchanged and readily accessible here.


Please circulate this information and subscribe to the RCF Newsletter to be alerted once the call opens. You'll have one month to fill in your application.


Schedule for the general mobility fund 

- Opening date: 1st January 2018

- Deadline for applying: 31st January 2018

- Date of the announcement of selection: 1st April 2018


RSS - OpenCall for emerging artists based on islands in the Mediterranean - Deadline : 18/12/17


Archipelago by Maltese artist-curator Raphael Vella is a collaborative artistic project that will form part of The island is what the sea surrounds ('Dal-Baħar Madwarha), a major international exhibition curated by Maren Richter for Valletta 2018, European Capital of Culture. 


Archipelago’s concept revolves around the relationship between education, aspirations, dialogue and insularity. The project is reaching out to young artists based in different islands of the Mediterranean and asking them to reflect about the relationship between island life and success. Do emerging artists living in different islands have similar hopes and challenges? 


Young artists can participate by sending a single, high-quality image (300 dpi) by email to raphaelvella@gmail.com , including name, age, the town/city and island they live in, affiliation (academy, university), title of image and medium. 


More informations here


RSS - Event on Fragile Affinities - (Re)strengthening international artistic collaboration - Date : 23/24 November 2017


On the occasion of IGBK's 60th anniversary, the Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Künste in cooperation with Akademie der Künste, organises a symposium on international artistic cooperation. 


Against the background of nationalist movements in many European countries, artists, too, are becoming growingly restricted in their rights to freedom. Alarming developments in Turkey, the increasing erosion of democratic institutions in the EU Member States of Poland and Hungary, and the British vote to exit the EU, cause us to debate the ways in which artists preserve and shape necessary spaces for their activity in times of decreasing social cohesion within Europe.


How do artists position themselves between activist self-instrumentalisation, their ideological exploitation by political regimes or the flight into (inner) exile? Ways and means of strengthening international artistic collaboration as well as maintaining and promoting opportunities for exchange and communication will be discussed


Date : 23 and 24 November 2017

Address : Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin


For further information on the programme, click here


RSS - Publication on Envisioning networked urban mobilities



Cosmobilities network publishes Envisioning Networked Urban Mobilities which brings together scientific reflections on the relations of art and urban mobilities and artistic research on the topic.

The editors open the book by setting out the concept grounded in the exhibition curated by Aslak Aamot Kjaerulff and refers to earlier work on mobilities and art generated by the Cosmobilities Network.


Volume 3 has two sections, both consisting of short papers and illustrations.

The first section is based on artists who were part of the conferences' art exhibition, and the second part is based on theoretical reflections on art and artists.


The Roberto Cimetta Fund prodives its expertise through the paper "The Roberto Cimetta Fund as a Response to Artistic and Cultural Mobility Imbalance", written by Angie Cotte, General Secretary. 


Extracts :

"Mohamed Al Hiwajri, Palestinian artist and RCF grantee , had to wait three months before returning to Palestine because of laws that had changed in his home country during the time he was abroad."


"Mobility and the circulation of works is very much about meeting people face to face and building up sufficient confidence and affinities to enable collaboration or even co-created networks of coproduction—interconnecting local actors at an international level".


"Current imbalances in art production flows persist because of funding problems. Indeed, Arab artists are often invited to take part in European projects or projects funded by the EU. When they return home there is no ‘local’ money to set up their projects in a sustainable way and they cannot make use of the benefits obtained through their travel abroad. These artists will want to return to Europe where opportunities are available for them, which contributes to the brain-drain effect, weakening the cultural fabric in the South. Cultural policy reform should address the issue of how to make their local territories attractive to their own youth, not only to tourists".



To buy the book with 20% discount, click here


RSS - Events on cultural rights and fundamentals rights by the REF - Date : 14-15 November



In the framework of the Libyan project, the REF,  the Ligue de l’enseignement – FAIL 13, the Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques, the Cairo Institute For Human Rights Studies  and the Association pour l’Intégration des personnes en situation de handicap ou de difficultés (ARI) organise a serie of conferences about cultural rights and fundamental rights


- Meetings and projections will allow to thing about : what about the concrete rights requirements in France, in Europe, in Middle East and North Africa. How to translate it in actions ? 


- Meeting at ARI about the access to poetic rights, thanks to the action of « Programm’acteurs » which curated a session of international video art in the Gyptis cinema. 


For more information in French, click here 



RSS - Valletta 2018 conference on Living Cities, Livable Spaces / 22-24 November 2017



The fourth in the Valletta 2018 Foundation's series of annual international conferences on cultural relations in Europe and the Mediterranean, this conference explores the interplay between cultural diplomacy, place branding and liveability, particularly in light of large public events such as the European Capital of Culture. These issues will be debated within the context of citizen engagement and sustainable city development.


The central objective of this conference is to bring together researchers, academics, policy makers urban planners and cultural practitioners to share knowledge about the complex relationship between city branding, bottom-up community processes and  large-scale events such as the European Capital of Culture title. 


In the framework of the partnership with Valletta 2018, the RCF is supporting three cultural operators from Turkey and Lebanon with a mobility grant. Tugce Karatas, Farah Makki and Meltem Senturk will take part in this international conference.


Date : 22 - 24 November 2017, Valletta, Malta


To download the programme click here



RSS - Collective Çukurcuma's workshop at FLAT in Turin - Date : 04/11/17



For the first edition of the FLAT (Fiera Libre Arte Torino), Collective Çukurcuma has organised a workshop that includes a presentation of its latest exhibition "House of Wisdom" (Bayt-al Hikma), followed by a reading and a collective discussion. 


Inspired by the library of the same name founded in Baghdad at the beginning of the 8th century, "House of Wisdom" investigates the political relevance of books and libraries. 


The Reading Group meeting proposed by the Collective Çukurcuma allows to actually experience the concept of public space. The moment of dialogue organized for FLAT will focus on texts that look into the relevance of libraries and archives in the 21st century, as well as on their revolutionary potential.

The workshop is open, but limited to 25 participants. To register and receive the English texts that will be discussed please e-mail: collectivecukurcuma@gmail.com



RSS - Opencall for artists by CEC ArtsLink - Deadline : 05/12/17


CEC ArtsLink invites artists, arts managers and non-profit arts organizations in all disciplines from 37 eligible countries (see below) to apply for Independent Projects Awards.

Project grants enable artists and arts managers to carry out self-directed projects in the US.  Applicants must have a letter of invitation from a non-profit organization or individual in the US to apply.


US artists and arts managers seeking to collaborate with international colleagues are encouraged to consider this opportunity for potential funding. The application must be submitted by your international partner, so we invite you to share this information.


Deadline: December 5, 2017
Application and Guidelines


Eligible countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mongolia, Moldova, Montenegro, Palestine, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.


For further informations, visit their website



RSS - Open call of the Foundation Kamel Lazaar - Deadline : 30/11/17



As part of its cultural policy which aims to support artistic creation and to promote local cultures in Tunisia, the Maghreb and the Middle East, the Kamel Lazaar Foundation each year supports a number of projects.


The Foundation is now lauching its call  for visual arts, heritage (Tunisia), music and performing arts (theatre, dance...) or cultural and civic education projects in the MENA region. 

The KLF will give the priority to projects of general interest, sustainable project and innovative project.


All informations about the conditions are available here


RCF- Eligible candidates for the TAMTEEN programme


The Roberto Cimetta Fund has received 141 requests for the the call for Tamteen Support Programme 2017. 79 applications are considered eligible


The office of the Fund has checked the eligibility of the requests. This eligibility simply means that the request can be evaluated by the experts because the eligibility criteria has been respected. Eligibility does not imply that the grant has been given.


For the session 2017, eligible candidates to Tamteen grants are :


Ahmed Samy, Studio Zat, Egypt

Marwa Adel Benhalim, Medrar for Contemporary Art, Egypt

Dina Eldeeb, Egypt

Mohammed B.A Abusrour, Volunteer Palestine, Palestine

Iyad Dweikat, Ahli Balatah Al-Balad Club (ABBC), Palestine

Jana Al Obeidyine, Moving Bodies, Lebanon

Samar Haddad, Atlas Publishers Damascus, Syria

Sabreen A. M. Aljirinawi, Atabet Fann for Arts, Medias and Training, Palestine

Shady Abdallah Mohamed, Greenish, Egypt

Deniz Aktas, Loading Independent Art Space, Turkey

Jamal Alkirnawi, Sarab, Israel

Yazid Sadi, Fadaa, Israel

Mohammad Aref Sammour, MedeArts, Jordan

Ipek Cankaya, Halka Art Project, Turkey

Ouafa Belgacem, Culture Funding Watch, Tunisia

Reuben Yemoh Odoi, The Minority Globe, Morocco

Sami Hama Muemin Sadiq Hawrami, Balende Baran, Iraq

David Habchy, WARAQ, Lebanon

Arij Abou Harb, Me’zaf, Lebanon

Valeria Meneghelli, Tunisia

Neslihan Koyuncu, Pancar, Egypt and Turkey

Arsany Ebeid Meliek Agban, El Safina for Arts and Culture, Egypt 

Amanda Abi Khalil, Temporary Art Platform, Lebanon

Rachel Freeborn, Haven for Artists, Lebanon

Ahmed Ibrahiem Ibrahiem Hassan Amar, Clamar Studio, Egypt

Rania Atef Abdelwahab Abdelrazek, Egypt

Mennatallah Ramadan Mosbah Ibrahim, Young Egyptian Feminists League, Egypt and Tunisia

Gharbi Amine, Collectif Créatif, Tunisia

Hashemi Fesharaki Samira, Indépendant Art Space and Residency, Iran

Trabelsi Marwen, Tunisia

Piskernik Elisabeth, Le Cube, Morocco

Berrada Kenza, Morocco

Abdelguerfi Samy, VitamideDz, Algeria

Hmidi Réda, Amplify, Morocco

Jazouli Meryem, Espace Darja, Morocco

Kekli Mouhamed Seddik, DEBO association, Tunisia

Darsi Hassan, La source au lion, Morocco

Coarelli Silvia, Tababoul, Morocco

Saibari Imane, Boucherouite Rugs, Morocco

Sano (Bouzerda) Maha, Badira Culture, Communication et Développement, Morocco

Manai Mohamed, El Medina, Tunisia

Sellami Othman, Haraka, Morocco

Shahrokhi Neda, Maidon de l’Art et de la Culture, Fanous-e-honare-pars, Iran 

Metahni Amine, Shouka, Tunisia

Azarzar Nassim, Atelier Kissaria, Morocco

Douss Cyrinne, Hayyou’Raqs, Tunisia

,جمعية الاوراش و الثقافات,  عبد الواحد بنسعيدالمغرب

تونسي المركز الثقافي البحث للإنتاج الفني كريم خرشوفي 

عادل سعيد عبد القادر سعيد لا يوجدإيجيبت    

ضيف الله  عبد العزيز منظمة شباب الغزاياليبيا  

, فلسطين,مخيم العروب  فرقة نواة  حازم ALSHARIF

Mosa Abas, مجلة سورمَي سوريا

Sharkawi جهاد , فرقة الشاطر حسن لمسرح الطفل بغزة ,  قطاع غزة 

عيد يوسف   محمد جماعة تمرد لفنون الأداء  الإسكندرية / مصر 

حسن  احمد المدينة للفنون اﻻدائية والرقمية اﻻسكندرية - مصر

محمد احمد مصطفى الدقاق حوريه  بيت حواديت اسكندريه فى مصر / محافظه الاسكندريه 

البعلي,  محمد  صفصافة للثقافة مصر

موساوي محمد أمين  نجوم الفن الجزائر

الهبي سالمة   جمعية مؤسسة كيفاش   تونس 

قطيش   جهان سوريا 

محمدإيمان   مجموعة ستوديوخانة للفنون المعاصرة والتنمية الثقافية  القاهرة - مصر

شاهين  ريم  مبادرة بيت ازياء ريم شاهين لتنمية التراث الثقافي القاهرة - النوبة

عبد المجيد كنانة  فرقة ايد واحدة/ مؤسسة نجدة ناو لبنان- بيروت - مخيم شاتيلا

Rostom Jaafar, Music United, Syria

هاشم  امل مؤسسة تنويرة الثقافية  مصر 

Manar Aleubedy, منظمة اوان للتوعية وتنمية القدرات العراق

Ghallab Mujeeb, المغرب

مبروك عماد  م Platform الإسكندريه - مصر

بنت محمد جغام   فاطمة  جمعية تحدي  في تونس 

بن طاهر  محمد أمين تونس

الشبلي  عبدالله  تونس

Wassem Alsharqi إسطنبول، لاحقاً بيروت، تونس.

الكامل  عبدالفتاح  جمعية أضواء المدينة   تونس

كرستين حنا بشري حنا   سكة فن مصر

نوفل  محمد فريق قرار إزالة/Qarar Ezala Band الأسكندرية/مصر

بوعجيلة   أسامة  By الحوم ? تونس



If you sent your request but your name is not on this list, your request has been considered non-eligible (co-production request without sustainability, lack of information concerning expenses that are linked to the sustainable nature of the project, organisation to be created whilst this fund is for organisations that already exist….).

If your request was considered non-eligible you will be notified soon.



FRC - Offre de stage


Dans le cadre de ses activités le Fonds Roberto Cimetta recherche un(e) stagiaire à partir de mars 2018.


Profil du poste : Le Fonds propose un stage pour travailler sur l’une de ses actions :

- suivi des appels à candidatures pour les bourses de mobilité et les bourses Tamteen de mars à juillet, puis de mi-août  à décembre 2018


Durée du stage : 3 à 6 mois


Lieu du stage : c/o ONDA, 13bis rue Henri Monnier, 75009 PARIS


Nombre d’heures hebdomadaire : flexible


Horaires : 9h30 à 18h00


Rémunération : indemnité de stage


Diplômes exigés : Etudiant(e) Master, politiques culturelles/internationales, administration des entreprises culturelles.


Langues de travail : français et anglais obligatoire. La connaissance de l’arabe est appréciée.


Connaissance technique exigée : connaissance des outils Mac. Capacité à animer les réseaux sociaux.


Candidatures à envoyer à l’adresse suivante : angie.cotte@cimettafund.org


RCF - Fil Manfa - for host organisations for artists in exile near the conflict zones


The Roberto Cimetta Fund is launching a solidarity programme entitled Fil Manfa for host organisations on the peripheries of conflict zones to provide shelter, workspace and assistance for artists in exile from Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Palestine…To date ten artists are being supported in Istanbul, seven in Beirut and twelve in Domiz camp, Iraqi Kurdistan.

RCF is not a humanitarian organisation, however, we have witnessed how the current conflicts have made life extremely precarious for many artists who were living and working in countries currently at war. We have learnt that the humanitarian aid provided is often done so on a global scale and support to peripheral zones where artists are living is almost non-existent. Generally speaking, the understanding of the specific financial and social context artists are living in, in these regions, is insufficient. Similarly adequate appreciation of the potential resource artists represent to reconstruct their country once the conflict has ended is not explored.
Through our network, RCF identified shelters that have emerged sometimes as a collective initiative of the artists in exile themselves, sometimes as a gesture of solidarity by cultural actors in the host countries. Following five assignments to visit ten potential shelters for artists in exile near the conflict zones, from January to July 2016, RCF selected three spaces. Shelters receiving funds are non-political, non-denominational and non-profit. The funding serves to protect the artists by alleviating difficulties in finding residencies, overcoming bureaucratic and legal constraints and recreating social and professional dynamics. The three selected shelters are currently the best prepared to assist artists in exile in the framework of the Fil Manfa programme.

RCF decided to suggest to institutional partners such as the French Ministry of Culture, Directorate of European and International Relations, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, local authorities of the Canary Islands and the Farrah Foundation, the City of Paris, the SYNDEAC (French syndicate of artistic and cultural companies), a French senator, to help set up a funding mechanism to support the host organisations in these peripheral areas of conflicts. We would like to extend our gratitude to them for their support as well as to the Kurdistan Regional Government, with whom we have signed an agreement for logistic purposes, and Duhok Governorate.
The support goes to the host organisation to pay a permanent manager, provide professional equipment, renovate or rent work or accommodation spaces. The funding is provided on an annual basis, which can be renewed depending on the monitoring outcomes. The agreements with the three organisations were signed between December 2016 and March 2017, including a memorandum of understanding with UNFPA in Iraq. A coordinator in Duhok signed a contract with RCF to run the programme and buy equipment. UNFPA will organise art workshops inside Domiz camp.

The selection of beneficiaries has been run jointly by the host organisation and RCF (Board members and committee of experts). Hosting is limited for 3 to 6 months in order to cater for a maximum of beneficiaries. Hosting can cover accommodation, workspace and administrative assistance or only one or the other depending on the characteristics of each shelter and the needs of the individual artists. 

The Fil Manfa programme is attentive to the follow-up of the artist after their hosting period is over and will make use of its network of contacts worldwide to support the artists in finding other solutions to further their artistic projects. 

We are grateful to all those who have made this programme possible.


RSS - Call for paper on History of conflicts in Lebanon - Deadline : 30/09/17



Lebanon Support, an independant research center, is lauching a call for paper on

History of Conflicts in Lebanon. A Critical Perspective. This call seeks to look into the causes of Lebanon’s vulnerability to recurring cycles of violence which stems from the country’s social structures and history of conflicts, which, in turn, are the results of the objectivation of mental structures.


Lebanon Support encourages contributions from experienced scholars, early career researchers, PhD candidates, practitioners, activists, and civil society experts. Authors can submit papers in Arabic, English or French. Papers should not exceed 10,000 words. Practitioners’ testimonies should not exceed 3,000 words, and book reviews 1,500 words. 


Deadline : 30th September 2017 


For further informations on the conditions, click here 



RSS - Publication Europa Bottom-Up Nr. 18 - Maecenata Institut



En avril dernier, la fondation Maecenata a organisé une conférence intitulée "Europe and the Mediterranean: Talking, Learning, Working, and Living Together" qui s'est tenue à Heraklion en Grèce.


Cette publication rassemble six contributions présentées lors de cette rencontre, notamment l'introduction de Ferdinand Richard, président du Fonds Roberto Cimetta, sur les tendances politiques, économiques et individuelles à long terme dans la zone méditerranéenne.


Pour lire la publication en anglais, cliquez ici




RCF - Open call for Tamteen funding - Deadline: 30/09/2017


The Roberto Cimetta Fund is opening the Tamteen funding line from 15th August until 30th September 2017. Cultural operators developing local projects (venues, networks, platforms) in the MENA region can apply. The fund aims to strengthen and sustain organisations and projects in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. Grants do not exceed 3000€. Results will be announced on 1st December 2017. Applications can be made in Arabic, French or English. 


To apply, please click on « apply for a support grant ». Fill in the short online form and we will send you the full application if your request is in line with the eligibility criteria listed as follows : 

i. Applications can be made by individuals (artist or cultural operators) or by independent organisations (only small or medium organisations whose annual budget does not exceed 20 000€). Support will not be provided to public or semi-public organizations.

ii.      The applicant (organisation or individual) must be based in the MENA region. Age and nationality are not eligibility criteria of this fund.

iii.      All contemporary artistic disciplines are eligible: performing arts, all forms of visual arts, literature, music, and cultural policy research…. This fund is specifically for artistic creation and cultural activities. Humanitarian aid or school/university projects are not eligible to this fund.

iv.      The project presented must explain how it will develop in the long term and contribute to local cultural development.  Sustaining a project implies any action that will allow the organisation or the activity to last. For example this could be by providing a salary to an administrator, buying equipment, renovating a space, undertaking training, building networks…). Support to artistic production can be provided if the production itself can prove its “sustaining” effects. The aim of this fund is to stabilise projects in their local environment, allowing them to establish recognition and develop their networking capacities.

 v.      The call aims to offer funds to applicants that have difficulty finding the funding needed for their sustainable development. Proof of co-funding is recommended but not compulsory.

vi.      Special attention will be given to projects that transfer values such as respect for the diversity of cultural expressions, freedom of artistic expression, fair exchange and solidarity. Moreover, applicants must agree with the ethical charter of the Roberto Cimetta Fund.

vii.      This Fund will be particularly attentive to projects in rural or suburban areas.

viii.      Eligible costs can be human ressource costs, costs for renovation or equipment, networking costs, training costs. All expenditure must be clearly and chronologically defined in the application. If your application concerns renovation or equipment costs a pro forma invoice will be requested with the application. The financial statement of your organisation is a valuable supporting document.

ix.      An agreement between the project leader and the Roberto Cimetta Fund will be drawn up if the project is selected. This agreement will clearly stipulate the aims of the project, the actions that will take place, the conditions of transfer of funds, the role of the Roberto Cimetta Fund in the monitoring process of the project.

 x.      The report that will be required to obtain the final payment will be composed of a written activity report, a detailed expenditure report, proof of communication of the support of RCF and all other proof that the project has taken place (photographs, report from the various actors involved, etc.).

xi.      If the project concerns hosting the project leaders/beneficiaries abroad, or the hosting of foreign artists, it is important that the length of stay be sufficient in order for travellers to understand the local cultural context. This measure favours a proper understanding of the cultural and artistic challenges in a given local context and stresses the need to allow time to build trust between actors; for the sustainability of artistic and cultural exchange. 

xii.      Funding is directly transferred to the account of the project leader (organisation or individual) in the following way: 30% following the signing of the agreement, 50% after the intermediary report, 20% after the submission of the final report and accompanying documents.



RSS - Writers in Residence in Montpellier - Deadline : 02/10/17



The Lattara - Montpellier Mediterranee Metropole Residence was launched in January 2017. The residence will take place in the Henry Prades Museum from January to May 2018. 


During the residence he writer will work 70% of his time on his creative project, and the rest of the time he will take part to the cultural activities with the residence team, like literary or artistic events. 


The candidate must be the author of at least one book published by a publisher in French.


Deadline : 2nd October 2017


To go further, click here



RSS - Result of the b.creative challenge



In the framework of Creative Tracks, our partner KEA launched the b.creative challenge for creative entrepreneurship.


The winner is the multidisciplinary collective LATRA for the project ‘FIELDMAKERS’: LATRA has built a design and digital fabrication studio in a refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece. In this collaborative and multidisciplinary space, artists, architects, designers and makers are working with young refugees to empower them through technology and creative activities for them to provide innovative solutions to the life in the camp thus growing a community of innovators inside the camp and making them actors of their future.


RSS - Call for artists for the Festival Cumplicidades - Deadline : 07/09/17


Festival Cumplicidades launch an open call to select five dancers / choreographers from the Mediterranean region. This invitation aims to develop a new creation which will première within the next edition (March 2018).


Abraham Hurtado will be the mentor during the creation process and responsible for the overall artistic coordination.The programme includes an artistic residency in Murcia, Spain and a set of presentations in Festival Cumplicidades. All costs (accommodation, food, travels, insurance and fee) are fully covered.

Festival Cumplicidades kindly invites all the interested candidates to read carefully the guidelines available in EnglishPortuguese and Spanish.
The application can be downloaded here.


Deadline : 7th September


RSS - Open Call for Artist in Residence - Deadline 14/09/17


The Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre (SAMOC) and the Foundation Valletta 2018 are inviting artists to apply for an immersive Artist-in-Residence experience.


The successful artist will create a site-specific work for the Oncology Centre and will work closely with project coordinator and artist in residence Pamela Baldacchino, as well as Dr Benna Chase, Principal Psychologist at SAMOC.


The residency will take place at the centre between January 2018 and February 2018 and will run for 6 weeks. It will include travel, accommodation and a per diem.


Deadline : 14th September 2017


For further informations, click here



RCF - Eligible candidates for the RCF/Valletta 2018 second session



The Roberto Cimetta Fund received 135 requests online and 21 applications for the second session of the RCF/Valletta2018 call. 19 candidates were considered eligible.


Eligible candidates are:


Azzedine EL OUAFI

Bertrand Nicolas 

Mateja Stanislava Rot

Philippe Wozniak

Caroline Caruana

Tugce Karatas

Carol Ciantar

Nur Allah Ben Baya

Liliana Mendes do Nascimento

Irene Ros

Nina Gschlößl

Sharif Sarhan

Bettina Hutschek

Nikolaou Kosmas

Abigail Grech

Nikolas Ventourakis

Carlos Kong

Doumpa (Vivian) Paraskevi 

Meltem Senturk Asildeleci


The expert Committee will evaluate these applications and the final result will be announced on our website the 15th September 2017.



RSS - Funding competition of the Doris Duke Foundation - Deadline : 08/09/17



The Building Bridges Program of the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art (DDFIA) launched a call for proposals for arts and cultural projects that advance relationships, increase understanding, and reduce bias between Muslim and non-Muslim communities


The annual funding competition offers grants ranging in the amounts of $25,000 to $300,000 to nonprofit organizations based in the United States with operating budgets of at least $100,000. In addition, grantees will receive strategic communications support from a consultant appointed by the foundation. The projects and programs will habe to begin between March and December of 2018.  

Deadline : 8th September 2017

For further informations, click here 


RSS - Call for applicants for Kick-Start : Cardiff - Deadline 21/07/17


Kick-Start : Cardiff is a professional exchange programme in Cardiff bringing together international and Welsh creative changemakers.

As part of a series of events produced for Creative Tracks, aimed at connecting creative entrepreneurs worldwide, Visiting Arts will host a three day exchange and networking event in Wales from 16-19 October 2017 - coinciding with the launch of the European Network EASTN 2, SWN Festival, and celebrations for the 2nd anniversary of Creative Cardiff.


Kick-Start: Cardiff aims to be a catalyst event bringing together emerging international creative voices with the thriving arts and creative industries scene in Wales to explore their value and role in regeneration.


The event will invite delegates to exchange ideas on three key themes:

- urbanisation

- how the arts and creative industries are driving regional/ rural economies

- workspaces and new ways of working

If you are an upcoming artist or a creative entrepreneur you can apply online untill 21 July (for international applicants) and untill  22nd September (for Welsh applicants). 


For further informations, click here


RCF - Grantees of the General Mobility Fund


We are pleased to announce the final selection of the grantees for the RCF General Mobility Fund 2017. 


The call for the RCF General Mobility Fund received 279 written requests of which 199 were considered eligible. The experts examined the applications that matched the eligibility and the specific funding line criteria. 137 requests were considered worthy of funding, but only 51 will receive a grant within the limits of the funds available.


Timea Szöke, cultural manager of Pro Progressione, will travel from Budapest to Beirut in August together with a Hungarian musician to collect audio and video material of authentic folk music from the Levant in small settlements and refugee camps. They aim to have an open source archive to improve knowledge of East European and Levant music.


Adrian de Miguel Simon, cultural manager and urban space designer, will travel from Madrid to Casablanca in July to develop the Grigi Pixel programme for the creation of magical objects in urban spaces in African and European cities.


Yalta Pakzad Afshar, dancer, choreographer and curator, has travelled from Teheran to Vienna to take part in the DanceWeb workshops and develop contacts there so as to contribute to the survival of dance in Iran.


Danielle Boelling, freelance project manager for various artists and organizations, will travel from Amsterdam to Tehran in August to take part in the SET experimental art festival there and see if she can help develop an art residency in Shiraz.


Mohamed Abdallah, scriptwriter, will travel to Berlin in July to take part in a residency at Silent Green Kulturquartier and the annual summer school of Arsenal Institute for film and video art. It will also be the occasion to group together members of the Hamag collective.


Murat Agdas, artist, travelled in May from Istanbul to Geneva to take part in the Utopiana residency programme he was selected for. He will work on the Choreo-Geo-Graphy concept, a performative research body investigating movement as place-making and develop international contacts and exchange with Switzerland.


Gonca Cumusayak, dance artist and cultural manager, has travelled from Istanbul to Athens to take part in the 6th International workshop of « the Method of Theodoros Terzopulos » organized by Attis Theatre Company. She will share what she learnt to her contacts back in Izmir and Istanbul.


Josepha Rudolph, artist, travelled from Halle, Germany to Izmir in May to take part in the Tandem/Shaml encounters for a project linking rural areas in both countries around children and youth in refugee camps.


Erel Tuce, freelance curator and writer who explores politics of mass-production through textile, will travel from Berlin to Istanbul in August to work on a site-specific installation at Schneidertempel Art Center using fabrics with three artists. Two of them will also engage in an improvised sound performance using sewing machines.


Malikka Bouaissa, cultural manager at Al.Arte vzw, is developing the Mona Film Festival in Antwerp with Stephanie Van de Peer who got an RCF/Creative Tracks grant. She also runs an art magazine to develop information about MENA region arts in Belgium. She will accompany Stephanie to the Beirut international film festival to develop her contacts and knowledge about developing the Mona Film Festival, attracting good films and screening in various locations in Flanders.


Youma Saba, musician, singer, songwriter and musicologist, will travel from Beirut to Paris in March 2018 to attend the Zamkana residency programme with other « new music » artists. Supporting this project will probably contribute to raise new musical schemes and original/authentic works in a region which tends to replicate processes of mass music industries.


Rasa Antanaviciute, initiator and developer of Nida Art Colony residency centre, will travel to Cairo in September to build up an artistic residency exchange programme. She will meet potential partners and the exchange programme once in place will ensure that hosted artists can benefit from Nida Art Colony’s wide contacts.


Ioannis Pappas, artist, and Venizelos Michail, stage director and performaner, will travel from Berlin and Thessaloniki respectively to Nicosia in November to take part in Buffer Fring Festival and perform Refugio a long duration public intervention attempting to redefine borders in the international Buffer zone of Nicosia. They will meet professionals and reap the ongoing benefits of mobility and exchange in art processes.


Malbora Krajku, cultural manager at Lumbardhi Foundation, will travel to Rijeka in July to take part in Unicult 2020 on cultural leadership and decision-making, an opportunity for theoretical high quality mentoring she hasn’t received before. It will contribute to developing local networks and socio-economic development in Prizren.


Antonia Lilly Maria Pöhlmann, freelance dancer, travelled to Teheran in May to share her joint project Archipelago Series at the Theatricultural Exchange. Rooberoo mansion will provide accommodation in Teheran.


Emirah Gökdemir, visual and performance artist, will travel from Antakya to Budapest in September to run a participative workshop supported by Stereo Akt on a joint project entitled « About love ». The collaboration involves Polish and Hungarian artists and the workshop will travel to Lublin in October. The theme of love is a starting point to look at cultural differences.


Osnat Bar Or, photographer, will travel to Berlin, mid-July on the invitation of SalonWelcome, host organisation which brings together refugee artists of all media to collaborate on projects. The proposed project Reinventing Life structure will initiate art works by refugees and photographs which will be exhibited once she returns


Valeria Zabret, filmmaker, will travel from Ljubljana to Thessaloniki by car in August to develop her project the silence of the Balkans, a return route of the refugees to document the graveyards (sounds and photographs) and make an exhibition of what went terribly wrong in the region. She will also take part in the International Documentary Festival Make Dox in Macedonia. On her return to Ljubljana, she will showcase her work with local support.


Abdallah Wa’el AbuRub, cultural manager, from Irbid travelled to Copenhagen in April to take part in a three week residency run by ASSITEJ on youth theatres that can help him to expand his theatre youth project in the North of Jordan.


Pavel Ruzyak, filmmaker, will travel to Morocco in September to develop his documentary film about Sami, a Moroccan living in the Czech Republic. Pavel will meet Sami’s relatives and add to the Moroccan story of Sami’s life to the film. He will also seek support for his film. He hopes to contribute to a better understanding of Muslim communities by Czech audiences.


Saje Dumarie, freelance stage actor, will travel to Avignon in July to take part in the Tamam Masterclass. She would share her newly acquired skills and understanding with her artistic community back in Ramallah.


Andrej Bereta, freelance curator-art historian, travelled from Prijedor, Bosnia & Herzegovina to Ljubljana late April to work with SCCA on a mutual exchange programme with students that will develop with Croatia, other European countries and even further afield to Singapore. Andrej will share art curating methodology, meet emerging art curators in Slovenia and establish new contacts. Further beneficiaries of this travel are the students back in BiH who will meet Slovenes when they travel there.


Mohamed Shika, freelance contemporary dancer, will travel to Vienna in the summer to take part in the danceWeb scholarship programme in the framework of ImPulsTanz Festival.


Ezgi Kilinçasian, freelance visual artist living in Berlin, former RCF grantee, will travel from Berlin to Beirut in September to take part in the Niemeyer International Art Competition at the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum in Alita/Byblos. Her installation work is based on the life of Elizabeth Kechegian, a second generation survivor of the Armenian diaspora and revolves around the themes of interruption and fracture. Her work is resistance to passive acceptance of what is happening in Turkey and Lebanon.


Mujeeb Ghallab, cultural manager, travelled from Casablanca to Tabsa, Algeria in April to take part in the First Global Forum on Media Education in a Changing World  Reality and Future Aspirations organized by the Faculty of Humanities and Social sciences, Arabi University of Tebessa. He hopes to promote concepts and behaviour of civil culture and democratic practices that serve the concepts of partnership and citizenship and the rejection of violence, extremism and terrorism.


Lina Laraki, video artist, travelled from Casablanca to Paris in April to work on her  experimental art work with the ETNA collective for a 4 month residency at the Cité internationale des Arts in Paris. On her return she will continue to work with ETNA particularly around 16 mm film, rarely used in Morocco, and run workshops to help children build their own wooden cameras.


Nicolas Henri Stanislas Cantillon, dancer, travelled from Geneva to Tehran in May to run a dance workshop in Tehran together with Sina Saberi and the dancers of the MaHa collective. The aim is to show the piece produced in Switzerland and to tour internationally.


Redouane Aouameur, musician, travelled to Helsinki in June to take part in the Modern Heavy Metal conference. On his return to Algeria he hopes to develop understanding of this music culture and further ties with Finland.


Mohamed Ech Charquaouy, dancer, former RCF grantee, travelled from Fès to Paris in May to take part in a research workshop at the Théâtre de Gennevilliers as part of his work supported by Nacera Belaza.


Romain Rivalan, photographer, and Youri Cayron, visual artist, former RCF grantees for the same project, will travel from Marseille to Ramallah in September to continue their research project « Ask the birds » on identity, urbanism and architecture in Israel.


Andjelka Nikolic, theatre maker, travelled from Belgrade to Oldenburg to take part in the ASSITEJ seminar for youth theatre, to meet other theatre makers on the theme of « roads and crossroads », a key theme considering the Balkan route of refugees.


Guillaume Vergé, photographer, travelled from Barcelona to Algiers in May to develop his project « Fragments d’Algérie ».


Alexandre Paulikevitch, dancer, travelled from Beirut to Paris in April and Nancy Naous, choreographer, will travel from Paris to Beirut in November as part of the same project « Dresse-le pour moi », on masculinity and how it is envisaged in the Middle-East.


Megumi Matsubara, visual artist living between Fès and Tokyo, will travel to Tunis in October for her exhibition « Remember to Remember » in the framework of Kerkennah Festival organized by Kind of Art on the theme of youth. She knows Morocco, has made ties between Japanese and Moroccan artists and would like to go to the island of Kerkennah to start understanding Tunisia.


Mariette Auvray, digital artist, will travel from Paris to Acre, Israel in February 2018 to develop a web series called « Palestinniennes », to make known the Palestine underground scene.


Safaa Erruas, visual artist, will travel from Tangiers to Tunis mid-July to take part in the Kerkennah Festival also in the Remember to Remember exhibition relating to women in the island. Although this is a second grant for Kerkennah Festival, such a project needs support in an almost abandoned part of the country.


Dorsal Houari, film maker, will travel from Paris to Tunis in July for the Chouftouhonna International Feminist Art Festival in Tunis. He will develop ties with the Festival there and feature the winners of the festival in Paris for a 2 day off festival.


Rabbi Brahim, professional actor, travelled from Genova to Tunis by car in April. They needed to bring back the sets and props of the performance « El Aers - the wedding project » in order to make an adaptation of the work in Tunis within the collective « corps citoyen » during the Jaou Festival.


Darine Yamani Hotait, writer and film director, will travel from Beirut to Rotterdam in September to participate in the 6th Arab Film Festival and a filmmakers residency. She will collaborate with other artists on a film project during the workshop and incubator period and screen the video installation in October.


Adil Chadli, circus artist, founder of the Accroches company and also Parkour performer has travelled from Casablanca to St. Etienne since 8th June to take part in Trax and the Cratères Festival in Alès in July.


Arjuna Neuman, artist, filmmaker and writer, and Laure de Selys, artist, videographer and researcher travelled from Geneva to Beirut in April to present their screening of « Black Code/Code Noir and Multicultural Dread » supported by Ashkal Alwan and presented at Mansion. The film analyses shared modes of cultural resistance across London, Palestine, Lebanon and works towards trans-regional solidarity.


Martine Yordanova, cultural manager, will travel from Sofia to Rome in July to gain new insight into curating contemporary art during the summer school organized by Goldsmiths University London.


Amer Shomali, independent artist, travelled from Amman to Kassel in June to take part in the Documenta not only to improve his own network of international contacts, but to develop his work as a curator in Palestine, currently with the Museum of Ramallah Municipality.


Dominique Chouchani, designer, will travel to Valletta in September to develop her project Common Fest where art installations are created through multidimensional experience with other artists. The project in Valletta will contribute to a sculpture park in Malta. The aim is to build bridges between Lebanon and Malta which share common ground (history and language).


Annegret Sachse, documentary, fiction and experimental cinematographer, travelled to Istanbul in April to prepare a short fiction film directed by Turkish director Zeynep Köprülü about two young Turkish girls one of whom will leave to travel abroad and study. What does it mean to seek a better future in a foreign country ? The whole project is a German Turkish collaboration.


Mohamed Fouad, dancer, will travel from Paris to Alexandria in December to work on a performance together with the Centre Rézodanse. He will run workshops and work with the group Silsilah. This work is a process started in Lyon in February with Bérengère Valour.


Naz Cuguoglu Cacekli, cultural manager is travelling this July from Istanbul to London on a scholarship for the Tate Intensive Curatorial Programme. This experience will give her the opportunity to extend her efforts in establishing artistic exchanges with the USA, Sweden, and Russia. It will also give her the possibility to discuss the question of censorship in her country and how to deal with this as an art gallery.


We would like to congratulate them and wish them success. 


RCF - Grantees of the RCF/Creative Tracks' call


The RCF team has the pleasure to announce the selection of twenty grantees for a mobility grant on the RCF/Creative Tracks funding line.


The grantees of this session are : 


Sam’a Abdelhadi, 26 year old Jordanian sound engineer and musician is currently starting-up a music publishing house. She will travel from Ramallah to Katowice to attend the Womex international music fair in October. Sam'a started to help include Arab music in media and film productions since 2009 and her publishing house will be the first of its kind in her region. Meeting international publishing professionals will help build collaborations and present new opportunities to independent Arab artists in the worldwide markets.


Cemil Batur Gokceer, 36 year old Turkish photographer and Ozgur Atlagan, 32 year old videographer and researcher are currently setting up an independent publishing initiative within an artists collective called Torun in Ankara. One will travel to Arles in July to take part in Cosmos Arles Books and the other to Gazebook Festival in Sicily in September to develop their knowledge on economic models of publishing houses and to support local artists, writers, photographers in Ankara who are working with the print medium.


Talal Almuhanna, 48 year old Kuwaiti film producer and director of Linked Productions traveled to Malta to take part in the Valletta Film Festival this June and met local operators to learn about Malta’s film policy which could be adapted to Kuwait, a country that is the same size as Malta and shares other similarities.


Shahrzad Irannejad, 31 year old Iranian history researcher and Setareh Fatejhi, 33 year old Iranian choreographer will travel from Teheran to Edinburgh to take part in Brimes annual conference in July. They will present their artistic project «Bodiless heads» which questions perceptions of the body as cultural constructs and notions of embodiment. Both practitioners conceive their cultural entreprise as interdisciplinary network building, empowering practitioners from dance, research, new media, visual arts, literature and medicine through concrete performance production and workshops. They aim to contribute to the fast developing creative scene in Teheran through their individual endeavors.


Fatima Albatoul, 34 year old Jordanian cultural activist works on projects that link art with environmental concerns. She will travel to Tunis this summer to meet a network of environmental actors (civil society, government institutions, factories, etc.) to gain information that will help her build a similar network in Jordan to implement change in managing waste through recycling of objects into works of art and other art projects to honor cleanliness.


Eliza Collin, 23 year old British fashion designer at Art School London. She will travel to Beit Ummar in Palestine in July to initiate a collaboration and summer school with women c. Her aim is to launch a collection putting the artisan in touch with the consumer by branding each garment with the name of the artisan and relating her story. On her return to London she will organise a exhibition to sell the garments and provide income to the Palestinian women.  Her research to prepare this trip has taken into consideration the economic and environmental impact of the project in Palestine as well as the intercultural and economical dynamic that could be created between the UK and Palestine.


Oumou Sy, 28 year old economist and music lover has designed a music training center in Nouakchott as well as an annual festival called Culture Métisse. She will travel to Oujda in October to meet potential partners and organise musical residencies for musicians to improve collaboration and exchange of artists between the two music centers and festivals.


Stefanie Van de Peer, 38 year old Belgian Film festival coordinator will travel to Cairo in November to develop her programming towards the Arab film industry, with particular focus on emerging film makers and films adapted to the multicultural audience in Belgium.


Georgi Bonev is a 35 year old Bulgarian freelance photographer specialized in environmental portrait photography. He will travel from Bucarest to Teheran in August to organize an exhibition of his work « Vanishing World » and develop his network to promote common projects. 


Mercedes Rodrigo Garcia, 44 year old Spanish independent cultural operator will travel to Assa in Morocco to work on a project that questions western approaches to learning. She will run workshops there in October on how knowledge systems are formed and on her return to Barcelona she will publish the outcomes of the workshops and connect this to other initiatives through a hub/cluster linking Europe, Japan and Brazil.


Mohamed El Baaly, 40 year old Egyptian editor, already funded once by RCF, has developed a publishing house in Cairo called Sefsafa. He has traveled to Istanbul in May to attend the Istanbul Tanpınar Literature Festival to develop partnerships. His project will aim to develop translation of works from Turkish to Arabic, or to buy rights for publishing and improve cultural ties between the two countries.  


Iman Kamel, 53 year old Egyptian independent film maker traveled from Cairo to New Delhi in May to take part in the Women’s Economic Forum. Her presence as speaker gave her the opportunity to present her endeavor to create the Nomad’s Home Foundation and seek mentorship during the event. 


Elie Dagher, 31 year old Lebanese visual artist will travel from Beirut to Turin in November to take part in the Film Lab to present his film. It will help his to develop her project in Lebanon and consequently influence the film scene in Beirut for the benefit of Lebanese and Arab films.


Amanda Abi Khalil, 31 year old Lebanese art curator and founding-director of the Temporary Art Platform will travel from Beirut to Venise this summer to attend the Venise Biennale. She will be able to develop the public art projects of her organisation and further discourse around contemporary art in public spaces as well as bring international artists in residence to the National Museum of Beirut.


Gwendolenn Sharp, 36 year old French cultural operator and founder of « Green Room » linking art, culture and sustainable development. She will travel from Nantes to Agadir in September to take part in the Climate Chance Summit to develop multi-stakeholder partnership particularly with African actors. 


Nisrine Chiba, 27 year old Moroccan-French cultural operator will travel from Casablanca to Athens this June to take part in the Marcel Hicter training course to develop her collaborative Euro-Mediterranean project grouping together partners from Morocco, Spain, Egypt, France and Bosnia to develop contemporary dance in the public space.


El Mehdi Azdem, 29 year old Moroccan cultural operator will travel from Casablanca to Beirut this June to develop the project Marsad for his organisation Racines. Marsad is a research project for c that encompasses all the countries of the region and which aims to map cultural policies. 


Nouba Ben Yebdri, 28 year old Algerian curator will travel from Tangiers to Algiers in October to take part in a residency Madrassa. She will develop ties between artists and cultural operators in the two countries through her space called Mahal Art and the promotion of their works through exhibitions, workshops and residencies. 


We would like to congratulate them and wish them success. 



RSS - OpenCall for residencies at the Camargo Foundation


The Camargo Foundation is launching two calls for residencies in Cassis. 

Art residency : Deadline 21/06/17

Since 2014, the Goethe-Institut Marseille and the Camargo Foundation invite individual artists or teams of up to four artists and scholars from Germany and the Mediterranean region to apply for a residency at the Camargo Foundation with each year a specific focus.

In 2017, the call focuses on Europe and the water, inviting artists and scholars in the Euro-Mediterranean region to think about Europe from perspectives off the map. What does it mean to think Europe from the water, from the coast, as well as from the rivers, streams and rivulets?


Art & Science residency : Deadline 22/06/17

The Pythéas Research Institute, the Calanques National Park, and the Camargo Foundation invite artists to submit applications for an art & science residency, in order to think, create and work on the Human/Nature relationship. Eight international artists or collectives will be hosted at the Camargo Foundation for a one month residency in January-February 2018.

Accompanied by researchers, officers and users of the Calanques National Park, selected artists will be invited to re-invent links between the nature and the inhabitants of the Marseille metropolitan area. 


For further informations, click here



RSS - Open call for exchange programme - Deadline : 15/06/17


The Anna Lindh Foundation has launched a call for youth mobility and exchange opportunities in the Mediterranean.


The Euro-Med Exchange Programme is giving young talents and key actors, such as members of civil society organisations, exchange/traineeship opportunities across 42 Euro-Mediterranean countries, aiming to support knowledge exchange, strengthen dialogue and intercultural cooperation that are crucial for the stable and sustainable development in the Region. 


The programme is designed to support synergies, cross-disciplinary activities and innovative project ideas related to intercultural dialogue (ICD), involving young actors from both shores of the Mediterranean, giving them the spaces to gain new perspectives on how to drive positive change.


The deadline is 15th June 2017


For further informations, click here 



RCF - Eligible candidates for the RCF/Creative Tracks call



The Roberto Cimetta Fund received 350 requests online and 82 applications for the Creative Tracks/RCF funding line. 33 candidates were considered eligible.


Eligible candidates are:


Abdelhadi Sam'a

Abdulnabi Mohamed Alaradi Nada

Abi Khalil Amanda

Albatoul Sbahi Fatima

Arame Traore

Atiyah Jbara Al-Darraji Ali

Atlagan Özgür

Belchev Neno

Ben Baya Nur Allh

Bonev Georgi

Collin Eliza

Dagher Elie

Daghmoussi Fatima

Elbaaly Mohamed

Fatejhi Setareh

Gökçeer Cemil Batur

Green Portland

Gumusayak Huri Gonca

Jazouli Meryem

Koushki Jasmine Khaatoon

Makki Farah

Maljković Sanja

Mercedes Rodrigo Garcia

Meštrovac Amela

Metahni Mohamed Amine

Mohammed Mahmoud Ayisha

Ozdemir Umit

Rok Avbar

Semaan Amani

Shahrzad Irannejad

Sharp Gwendolenn

Sy Oumou

Van de Peer Stephanie


The expert Committee will evaluate these applications and the final result will be announced on our website the 7th June 2017.




RSS - Call for papers - Deadline : 15/05/17


The International Alliance of Independent Publishers launch a call for papers for its co-published review, Bibliodiversity. 


This issue will focuse on the question of self publishing as a vector of bibliodiversity and will approach the current stakes in the publishing sector.


It will be coordinated by Sylvie Bosser (Université Paris 8, CEMTI).


The deadline to send an abstract (4000 signs) is 15th May 2017.


For further informations, please click here.



RCF - Eligibility of RCF/Valletta 2018 travel grant requests


The Roberto Cimetta Fund received twenty grant requests for the Valletta 2018/RCF funding line. Thirteen requests were considered eligible.


Eligible candidates are:

Yasmine Modestine

Angelique Muller

Didier Boujard

Elsa Gomis

Azahara Cerezo

Kareim Kdash

Matteo Graziano

Keren Rosenberg

Mateja Stanislava Rot

Farah Makki

Charlie Prince

Philippe Cartelli

Mariangela Ciccarello


This list will be deleted from the site on 21st April.


If your request is not on this list, it has been considered non-eligible for one or more of the following reasons :

-       the sum requested is too high

-       the travel requested is outside of the eligible zone

-       your travel plan or project is not precise and clear enough to be evaluated

-       the date of travel is not eligible.


The evaluation and selection will start on 15th April until 30th May. The results will be announced on 1st June.


A second session for travel grants will be launched on 1st June.



RCF - Seminar in Paris - 7/03/2017


The Roberto Cimetta Fund organised the Creative Tracks seminar in Paris on the subject of “Independent cultural entrepreneurs driving artistic creation”.


This one-day event was held at the French Ministry of Culture and Communication on 7th March and grouped together over 60 cultural entrepreneurs and analysts from 16 countries (Belgium, Burkina Faso, China, the Congo, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, the Netherlands, Spain, Syria). 

Two major issues for the development of cultural entrepreneurs worldwide highlighted the debate: 

- cultural business or funding models based on innovation and technology on the one hand,

 - and the importance of international cultural cooperation, mobility, exchange, joint projects as tools for their development on the other.

To quote the participants, it was « An amazing meeting of some of the most dynamic and influential cultural actors today » (Hanan Kassab Hassan), « allowing us to touch the reality of different countries » (Rossella Tarantino)... Many thanks to all the participants and we hope they will keep in touch and work together in the future to « develop and invigorate the cultural field in their countries » (El Mehdi Azdem).


RSS - Open Call for artists in exil - ACCR-Europe


Artists, researchers or cultural operators in exil in France, apply for an artist residency!


The Nora program, launched by the ACCR-Europe, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Communication, aim to develop artistic projects with cultural actors in cooperation with Cultural Centers in France. 


The deadline is 02/04/17.


For further informations about the process, click here


RCF - Open Call for cultural entrepreneurs - Deadline 7/04/2017


If you are a cultural entrepreneur working in the euro-arab zone, apply to the call.



Within the framework of Creative Tracks, the Roberto Cimetta Fund is launching an open call for travel grants from 7th March to 7th April 2017


The aim of the project is to contribute to the development of a cultural dymanic on a local level. Once the candidate has returned in his/her region, he/she has to enable initiatives that foster cultural and artistic networking.


For further informations, click on "Funding line - Creative Tracks"





RSS -E-mapping of participatory governance practices in culture - Deadline : 1/03/2017


Kultural Nova Foundation in Croatia is looking for cultural spaces & venues that are based on participatory governance of diverse stakeholders (public authorities, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, private associations, artists, local community organizations etc.).

To take part in the survey click here

The survey for e-mapping is open until March 1st 2017.


Kultura Nova Foundation (Zagreb, Croatia) is pursuing the e-mapping within the project "Approaches to Participatory Governance of Cultural Institutions", supported by UNESCO International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD). It is a two year project started in March 2016, focusing on the emerging models of innovative cultural institutions that are developing around creative spaces based on participatory governance and some form of civil-public partnership. Project activities include: research of participatory governance models and institutional frameworks, knowledge sharing and capacity building sessions, publication about participatory governance in culture and international conference about participatory governance in culture.



RSS - Call for proposal / Change of Scene - International artistic cooperation . Deadline: 17.02.2016.


Change of Scene – International artistic cooperations for the Performing Arts - helps to initiate and develop international artistic projects that are the result of direct collaboration between the cooperating partners. For up to two years, artists will gain the time and space to meet each other as well as have opportunity for intensive exchange. Existing contacts can be deepened further or built up afresh. 


This Call for Proposals is directed at civic and state theateres as well as independent companies from the German-speaking realm (Germany, Austria or Switzerland) who wish to develop a new artistic project with a partner from North Africa or Eastern Europe that address prevailing social themes and change and manifest them in a joint artistic response. 

Change of Scene is open to all sectors of the performing arts. There should be one public presentation of the sponsored projects in both countries, or, at least, in the German-speaking partner country.  


The jury chooses about 10 cooperation projects, each to receive a subsidy of up to 15.000 Euros.  


Applications can be submitted until 15 February 2017 online in German and English. Partners from North African or Eastern European countries should submit their application together with a partner from the German-speaking realm. 


For further information, please go to:www.szenenwechsel.org/en



RSS - IFEX Special Report on Kurdish Theatre situation in Turkey.


IFEX, the global network for freedom of expression has published a special report: "Turkey's state of emergency puts Kurdish theatre in a chokehold".


To read or download it, click here.



RSS - Call for applications - The Voice of Arabia


Talpa Middle East, creator and producer of The Voice of Arabia and The Voice of Arabia Kids, is looking for talents for the 4th Season of The Voice of Arabia and 2nd season of The Voice Kids.

For The Voice Adults, variety of genres, original acts and established talents are key.For The Voice Kids, talents from 7 to 14 years old, who want to personally participate in the show and experience such an adventure are invited to apply. 

If you want to find out more or apply, contact Fady Gemayel  fgemayel@talpa-me.tv 


RSS - IFEX report on Arts in Turkey


IFEX, the global network for freedom of expression has published a report on the situation of artists in Turkey. To read or download it, click here.


RSS - Call for participation - Hackatons - Deadline : 15/01/2017


In the framework of a project called "Li Tgal Yddar", Racines in Casablanca Morrocco is launching a call for proposals to use the web to create a buzz about the question of accountability. To find out more and apply, click here.


RCF - TAMTEEN Grantees 2016


The Roberto Cimetta Fund (RCF) is pleased to announce the results of the third call for applications for Tamteen Grant. This funding line aims to promote cultural and artistic initiatives lead by Arab artists and cultural operators developing local projects (venues, networks, platforms).


The call received 575 online requests and 98 written applications. 68 applications out of 98 were considered eligible. The evaluation of the applications was made by the Expert Committee of RCF and took place from October to November 2016. The final selection was approved by the Board of Directors of RCF in December 2016.


The grantees are:


- Tiyatro Medresesi, Izmir, Turkey 

- Darak Group, Al Qanater, Egypt

- Goozor, Sinaï, Egypt 

- Bethlehem Strings, Bethlehem, Palestine 

- Shajar Groupe, Al Arroub Camp - Hebron, Palestine 

- MedeArts, Irbid, Jordan

- Tarkib Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq 

- Sheherazade Cultural Association, Sanaa, Yemen 

- Bikas wa Balas Theatre Group, Alexandria, Egypt

- Rou'a - Visions Association, Rafah - Gaza - Palestine


The Roberto Cimetta Team wishes them all the best!


RSS- Call for application: Nine Dots Prize Essay- Writing Contest. Deadline: 15.01.2017.


The Nine Dots Prize is an international competition that seeks to reward original and creative thinking tackling contemporary societal issues.


For its new prize, now open for applications, the inaugural question is: “Are digital technologies making politics impossible?”


The winner will be awarded US $100,000 to write a short book of between 25,000 and 40,000 words expanding on their ideas.


All those aged 18 and over are welcome to enter, but responses and the resulting book must be in English. The prize board is looking for innovative thinking, whether this comes from new voices or from experienced authors. The prize’s heartland is in the social sciences, but responses that draw on all disciplines and cross-discipline thinking are welcome. Joint responses from multiple authors will be considered, although proposals that put forward a number of authors who are all contributing to single sections (such as an edited collection) will not be accepted.


To apply online, please click here


Entrants are asked to respond to the Nine Dots Prize question in a 3,000-word summary. The summary should cover the main arguments that the proposed book will set out, the previous research or ideas on which it draws and the key conclusions it will reach. An outline structure of this short book, including provisional chapter headings, can also be submitted, as well as a justification of your ability to complete the book in the time given (approximately nine months).


The submission deadline is 31 January 2017.


The winner will be announced in May 2017, and the winner’s book will be published in May 2018.

For more information, please click here, read the submission guidelines for applicants here, read the prize rules here or send an email to questions@ninedotsprize.org.


The Nine Dots Prize is sponsored by the Kadas Prize Foundation, with support from the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Press. The aim of the prize is to promote, encourage and engage innovative thinking to address the problems facing the modern world. The name of the prize references the nine-dots puzzle – a lateral-thinking puzzle that can only be solved by thinking outside the box.



RSS - Call for residencies. JIWAR/ Barcelona. Deadline: 15.01.2017.


Xabaca Project seeks to empower female artists as a source of social transformation and defense of Human Rights and to enhance art and creativity as means to combat gender discrimination, censorship and social injustice.


This will be achieved by an empowerment artistic process of four female Arab artists staying at Jiwar (Barcelona) for 1 month. 


The call is now open.


●      Open Call for Arab female artists living and working in Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon and Palestine.

●      Open to all the disciplines (visual arts, literature, music, performance, etc.)

●      Residency from the 1st of March to the 31st of March 2017. 

●      4 full scholarships covering 100% the cost of the residence (travel + accommodation), including 400 euros per diem and artist

●      Artistic material covered

●      Send your application to jiwar@jiwarbarcelona.com

●      DEADLINE: 15th of January 2017

●      Applications can be send in ENGLISH, FRENCH and ARABIC. 


For more information about how to apply and other details, please click here


Xabaca project is a collaboration between Jiwar, Novact and AL Fanar.


Illustration credits: Jana Trabulsi.


RSS - A legal research project e-publication on Arts and Public Spaces in Lebanon. Temporary . Art. Platform.


T.A.P ( Temporary Art Platform) in collaboration with Naylal Geagea, Attornew at law has launched its new e-publication : 


A Few Things You Need to Know When Creating an Art Project in a Public Space in Lebanon Art in public spaces in Lebanon: A research project and tool guide on the legal and administrative challenges and opportunities.


This research was made possible through the support of Mophradat and AFAC.


To Download the document, please Click here.


RCF - Joint conference - A.M.I./RCF - 16-17.03.2016 Marseille, France


Incubinc/AMI & Roberto Cimetta Fund

Joint conference16th & 17th March 2016 at the Villa Méditerranée / Marseilles


In partnership with the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Region, the Villa Méditerranée / AViTeM


With the support from the French Institutes in Lebanon and Morocco and the French Embassy in South Africa.
Live streaming & realisation of the videos by Urban Prod.


RCF - Grantees of TAMTEEN call 2017


The Roberto Cimetta Fund is pleased to announce the results of TAMTEEN call 2017 to support sustainability.  The final beneficiaries are:


Biet Hawadet, Egypt

Nowhereonline platform, Egypt

HayyouRaqs, Tunisia

Karavan Art, Tunisia

Tabadoul, Morocco

Kissaria, Morocco

Badira, Morocco

Amplify.ma, Morocco

Waraq, Lebanon

Temporary Art Platform, Lebanon

Nowat Theatre, Palestine

Atabet Fann, Palestine

Fanouse, Iran

Va Independent Art Space and Residency, Iran

Balende Baran, Iraq

Loading, Turkey


RSS - OpenCall for a residence by the HALLE 14 in Leipzig - Deadline : 06/12/17


Within the framework of the upcoming exhibition “Requiem for a Failed State” (April 14 – August 5, 2018), the HALLE 14, centre for contemporary art in Leipzig (Germany), will be awarding a residency fellowship (February 1 – April 30, 2018) to a visual artist. The exhibition asks about the long-term consequences of the GDR, which ceased to exist in 1990, as well as the time of the political changes and afterward, which reach into the present day and to a degree unconsciously determine our actions today.


The programme invites artists from around the world to send their applications  to HALLE 14. A jury of independent art experts will meet to select the fellowship recipient from the applications. The fellowship recipient will receive a monthly stipend of 1,000 Euros, a one-time material fee of 500 Euros, travel expenses up to 500 Euros, a studio space. 


Deadline : December 6, 2017


For further informations click here 


RSS - Open call for Art Fellows : Training program at European art institutions for young Arab arts professionals



Mophradat is launching its new program, ART FELLOWS, for young Arab curators, arts managers, arts producers, and arts administrators living in Brussels, Glasgow, Madrid or Munich. Art Fellows program is an eight-week full-time or twelve-week part-time paid training program at European art institutions for young Arab arts professionals, helping them develop their knowledge, skills, and professional networks.


Applications must be sent directly to the participating institutions based on their open calls this month:


The Beursschouwburg, Brussels (by December 3)

CCA: Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow (by November 29)

Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (CA2M), Madrid (by November 24)

Münchner Kammerspiele, Munich (by November 30)

WIELS | Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels (by November 30)


The selected fellow will have been living in one of the cities where the program is running for no less than a year and be from the Arab diaspora (migrants and refugees are welcome to apply). 


For more information about each institution, eligibility criteria, and the application process, please see here.


RSS - OpenCall for artists residency in Tunis - Deadline : 01/12/17



L’Art Rue is an Tunisian organisation leading innovating projects for citizens in the public space in cooperation with the territory. It intends to democratize contemporary art by working closer with communities. 


In the framework of its artistic residency programme, l’Art Rue launches its call for application for 2018. Musicians, dancers, plastic artist, designer, photographer, actors, directors living in Tunisia can apply. 


Public space and work with populations will be central issues. The residencies are from two to three month during 2018. The artists in residence will have access to a work space, housing, expertise from L’Art Rue and a budget to develop their artistic approach in public spaces with the residents of the Tunis Medina. 


Deadline : 1st December 2017 


For further information in Arabic or French, click here




RSS - Online workshop on Cultural Practices and Strategies in the Digital Realm



The University of British Columbia organises an online workshop on Cultural Practices and Strategies in the Digital realm


This online workshop focuses on the integration of new technologies and online tools in the arts and culture sector. It examines changes and challenges in international cultural practices spurred the digital era. The workshop includes topics related to the specificity of the digital realm, digitalization of arts and cultural heritage, digital entrepreneurship in the arts, online business models, online marketing techniques, digital audiences and their influence on arts products, copyright challenges as a result of digitalization, digital partnership strategies, and policy support for digitalization in the cultural sector. The workshop places a special emphasis on the connection between cultural policy, organizational strategy, artistic creation, and ongoing audience involvement in the context of the digital realm. 


Three scheduled online sessions : 22nd and 29th November and 6th December.


Registration closes 11th November 2017


For further informations, click here 


RSS - Event Kick Start: Cardiff - From 16-19 October 2107



As part of a series of events produced for Creative Tracks, aimed at connecting creative entrepreneurs worldwide, Visiting Arts will host Kick Start: Cardiff - a special exchange and networking event in Wales from 16-19 October 2017 - linking with SWN Festival, celebrations for Creative Cardiff's Second Birthday, and the launch of the European Network EASTN 2.


Kick-Start: Cardiff aims to be a catalyst event bringing together emerging international creative voices with the thriving arts and creative industries scene in Wales to explore their value and role in regeneration. The programme will focus on key themes of urbanisation, workspaces and new ways of working, and how the arts and creative industries are driving regional/ rural economies. A cohort of 30 Welsh and international delegates will be announced at the beginning of October to participate in the exchange programme.


To discover the programme of the event, click here 


RSS - b.creative event in Shanghai - KEA



b.creative – the global event for creative entrepreneurship – will be held in Shanghai on 15 November 2017 in the context of the High Level People to People (HPPD) Summit between the European Union and China. The conference, which will focus on ‘Creative entrepreneurship and urban challenges’, is organised in the scope of the EU co-funded project Creative Tracks, supporting young creative entrepreneurs worldwide and encouraging cross-cultural collaborations.

The city of Shanghai is home to more than 100 Creative Clusters, over 4,000 innovative design-related agencies and institutions. On 13-15 November, it will host the HPPD Summit, the highest level of diplomatic engagement between the EU and China on Education, Youth and Culture.


All information about the programme available here.



RSS - Open call for the Marc de Montalembert Foundation's grant - Deadline 15/11/17



The Fondation Marc de Montalembert contributes to developing a better knowledge of the cultures of the Mediterranean world as well as their dissemination, particularly among the young people of that region.


The foundation is launching its annual call for proposition. To be considered the candidate must:

- come from a country bordering on the Mediterranean,

 - be less than 28 years old the year of the grant’s award,

 - manifest a genuine vocation in a specific cultural field or one linked to the development of a particular craft,

 - present a project related to that vocation which shall be realized in one or more countries of the Mediterranean as long as different from the applicant’s origin country.


Planning : 

- Deadline for a short proposal : 15th November 2017.

- For valid candidates, deadline for the final proposal : 31st December 2017.

- Announcement of the result : late March 2018. 


For further informations, click here


RSS - Call for contribution for the building of the African Fund for Art and Culture



Arterial Network launches a fund-raising campaign for the building of the African Fund for Art and Culture (Fonds Arterial).


FONDS ARTERIAL is the first African fund for art and culture set up by Arterial Network. Beyond professionalization and mobility, the fund will promote cultural and artistic rights across Africa and its diaspora, targeting all cultural actors and artists in order to celebrate their diversity. Special attention will be given to young people and women.


The African Fund for Art and Culture will be officially launched in Abidjan on November 13, 2017. As the great African artists who have already contributed, Arterial Network calls on African cultural institutions, arts professionals, cultural actors, philanthropists and financial partners to join us in building this unique fund.


Contact : info@arterialnetwork.org


RSS - Open Call for application for Sundance Institute Theatre Lab - Deadline : 01/11/17



The Sundance Institute Theatre Program provides a unique catalytic process of artistic engagement for independent theatre-makers in the U.S. and globally through a range of artist-driven developmental opportunities that connect, support and sustain artists across their careers.


The annual Theatre Lab, traditionally held in Utah each summer, is returning to Fellah Hotel in partnership with Dar al-Ma'mûn, an artist residency outside of Marrakech, Morocco. 


If you are a playwright, a director, a composer or a librettist from the US or MENA, apply now. 


For further information on the application and the guidelines : here



RSS - ArtsLink Residencies - Deadline : 15/10/17



CEC ArtsLink supports and produces programs that encourage the exchange of visual and performing artists and cultural managers in the United States and 37 countries overseas. 


ArtsLink Residencies offers artists and arts managers from eligible overseas countries a five-week residency at an established, non-profit arts organization in the US. The program is designed to create opportunities for artists and communities across the US to share artistic practices with artists and arts managers from abroad and engage in dialogue that advances understanding across cultures.


Eligible countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mongolia, Moldova, Montenegro, Palestine, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.


Application and Guidelines 



RCF - Grantees of the RCF/Valletta 2018 second call


The Roberto Cimetta team is pleased to announce the final selection of the grantees for the RCF/Valletta 2018 second call. 


The second call for the RCF/Valletta 2018 mobility line received 21 applications of which 19 were considered eligible. The experts examined the applications that matched the eligibility and the specific funding line criteria. 10 applicants were selected : 


Meltem Senturk Asildeveci, a 34 year old Turkish urban designer, will attend the international conference Living Cities, Liveable Spaces in Valletta in November. This meeting will be an opportunity for her to present her research and once she returns she will organise similar meetings in Turkey on the subject.


Philippe Wozniak, a 31 year old German musician and interdisciplinary artist, will travel in January 2018, from Berlin to Gozo to compile an electroacoustic composition based on local sounds on the island, then performed by local musicians. His journey will allow him to initiate cultural exchanges by inviting Maltese artists to Berlin.


Shareef Sarhan, a 41 year old Palestinian visual artist, will travel from Gaza to Valletta in September for a residence. His project, « Immigrant Pain Road Map », will record stories of refugees and create a multimedia map of them.


Bettina Hutschek, a 40 year old visual artist, filmmaker and curator who lives and works between Malta and Berlin, travelled from Valletta to Istanbul in September to foster exchanges between Turkish and Maltese artists. She took part in the Mahalla Festival where artists supported by RCF’s Fil Manfa programme presented their works.


Carlos Kong, a 24 year old art historian and writer, travelled from Berlin to Malta in August. He has attended the Curatorial School. Through the local culture of Malta, he questions how the issues of the Euro-Arab region are translated into contemporary art and curatorial practices.


Liliana Mendes do Nascimento, co-funder of the Noite do Fogo, association for literature and story telling, travelled from Óbido to Valletta in August to participate in the Valletta Curatorial School. She intends to diversify local engagement, share knowledge between generations and develop the work of her organisation on an international level.


Nikolaou Kosmas, a 32 year old Greek visual artist will travel from Athens to Valletta for the BIitz Residency. Nikolaou is preparing a multi-site exhibition entitled Transformer which includes Maltese artists in a vast array of European artists. At the same time this trip will be a personal and enriching learning experience.


Tugce Karatas, a 27 year old Turkish designer and curator, will travel from Izmir to Valletta in November. She will be a speaker at the international conference on cultural relations in Europe and the Mediterranean, aiming to explore the interplay between cultural diplomacy, place branding and liveability, particularly in light of large public events such as the European Capital of Culture.


Nicolas Bertrand, administrator of the Image Aiguë Theatre Company, will travel from Lyon to Valletta in November to meet Teatru Malta, his partner on the Ghetto Project, for youngsters from disadvantaged areas. He wants to strengthen the links with his Maltese partner in order to share practises and experiences.


Azzedine El Ouafi, a 47 year old filmmaker and writer, travelled in August from Tangiers to Valletta to collect videos for his documentary on Ibn Uthmân and meet Maltese partners to invite them to the next edition of the film festival Cap Spartel which he will organise in April 2018 in Tangiers.


We wish them a lot of success during their trip !


RCF - Publication of the report on cultural entrepreneurs - Creative Tracks



In the framework of the European project Creative Tracks, the Roberto Cimetta Fund organized an international seminar entitled Independent cultural entrepreneurs driving artistic creation, at the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, on the 7th March 2017. 


This meeting welcomed cultural entrepreneurs and analysts from 17 countries. The Roberto Cimetta fund publishes the summary of this debate to broadcast its expertise on international mobility for cultural entrepreneurs. 


Download the documents : 

General summary of the seminar

Introduction on current trends of global cultural market


To find out more about the Creative Tracks project, click here



RSS - Open Call: The Fifth Edition of the Research Programme - Deadline : 27/08/17


Ettijahat- Independent Culture launches the new edition of Research: To Strengthen the Culture of Knowledge for Syrian and Palestinian-Syrian young researchers (22-40 years old).


This capacity-building programme aims to provide an opportunity for full-time commitment to research within the field of cultural studies. The programme seeks to enhance the researchers’ skills, giving them guidance and access to accomplish their research project (the programme will probably be their first such venture following their academic studies). 


The programme will focus on current topics in cultural research that are relevant to the situation in Syria, especially changes in the perspectives of Syrian artists with regard to their relationship with society and the transformations it is witnessing.


For further informations, click here



RSS - Opportunity for mobility with ASEF - Deadline : 15/09/17



The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) is launching Mobility First!, a new fund to support the travel of Asian and European artists and cultural professionals between Asia and Europe. 


Individuals and arts organisations can apply at least 10 weeks in advance of the event for which mobility support is being sought. Selection is through competitive open calls.


The application process is on a rolling basis. A total of up to 10 selected artists, cultural professionals, and organisations will be announced every first week of the month from May until October 2017 (6 rounds).

The deadline for 2017 applications is 15 September 2017.


For more information, please read the call for applications here


RSS - Call for papers - Harbour of Culture - Deadline : 10/09/17


Trieste Contemporanea launches an open call and invites art curators, artists, experts from other disciplines and free-thinkers to imagine an Harbour for Cultures and submit their own answers to the six questions below. 


The most genuinely innovative and provocative thinking collected by this call will feature in a publication/outcome of the whole project. 


1.  What would make you feel “arriving home” at an H/C?

2.  What kind of “goods” would you bring to an H/C?

3.  Which kind of “profit” would be useful for you in order to be part of / to contribute to the H/C?

4.  How could you “ensure” your culture, while also enriching it at an H/C?

5.  How could your risk-taking enhance an H/C?

6.  How could you produce “social capital” within the framework of an H/C? 

>  other (your ideas and comments on the topic, crucial or imaginative)   


Please send your text (per question: max 500 words) that includes 5 key words, your contact information, a brief biography (50 words) and the title/position that you want to be written beside your name to info@triestecontemporanea.it 


The deadline : September 10, 2017.


For further informations, click here


RSS - Call for submission about the Muslim Ban




In the USA the Supreme Court’s reinstatement of the Ban restricted nationals of six predominantly Muslim countries and refugees–unless they can prove they’ve got a “bona fide relationship” with the United States. The AAWW wants to ask "what is a bona fide relationship, anyway ?


The AAWW is calling writers to send stories, poems, essays, and interviews that answer this question and engage with the Muslim Ban while also offering creative openings from which to imagine new narratives. What does it mean to have a bona fide relationship to a country? Or to have your bona fide relationship to your family defined by the state? What bona fide relationships do you want to have?


The themes expected are exclusion, identity, and marginalization through this vehicle of examining the Supreme Court’s language. The genres can be speculative fiction, journalism, visual art, comics, and stand-up. Priority will be given to writers from Muslim communities and refugee populations, but we welcome submissions from all.


To submit, click here



RSS - Call for proposal from SouthMed WiA - Deadline : 15/09/17


SouthMed WiA, a project funded by the European Union, has launched its first call for proposal for gender equality in the film sector. 



The overall objective of SouthMed WiA is to strengthen the capacities of the audiovisual operators in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia. It aims to contribute to sustainable development and cultural diversity, by promoting gender equality and enhancing the image of women in the film sector.


In this framework, the objective of this call for applicants is to support projects addressing weaknesses and issues related to gender equality and the under-representation of women in the audiovisual sector, both on the screen and behind the camera, including the perpetuation of stereotypes relating to the image of women in Arab societies, with the ultimate goal of influencing widespread cultural attitudes and public opinion.


SouthMed WiA will support the beneficiaries of the grants during the implementation of the projects by providing capacity building activities and continuous coaching.


Deadline for submission: 15 September at 21:00 (GMT)


For further informations, click here.


RSS - Jamm'Europe - Culture Action Europe


As a member organisation of Culture Action Europe, the Roberto Cimetta Fund would like to promote their ephemeral online platform called "Jamm'Europe" which will take place tomorrow, 5th July 2017 from 2 to 9 pm. If you are interested to join in, register on www.jammart.eu


The aim of the online discussion is to co-create a cultural scenario for a Europe of Culture. The five scenarios presented in the White Paper proposed by Juncker's Commission aim to spark a Europe-wide, and even beyond-Europe debate on the "Future of Europe". They offer a glimpse into the potential state of the European Union by 2025 depending on the choices we will jointly make. You can read more about the White Paper by visiting www.cultureactioneurope.org


The starting point for each scenario is that the 27 Member States move forward together as a Union. The five scenarios are illustrative in nature to provoke thinking. They are not detailed blueprints or policy prescriptions. Likewise, they deliberately make no mention of legal or institutional processes – the form will follow the function.



Rate the scenarios online during Jamm’Europe tomorrow, 5 July 2-9pm (CET). Have your say, participate, share your voice. 


Join discussions in four different rooms, addressing four questions 

1. Liberté, égalité, fraternité? Let's talk values

2. Citizens & creators: how can culture sustain the EU?

3. Creative or vulnerable: can culture drive positive globalisation?

4. Cooperate or corporate: Can we offer alternatives for economic development & the future of work?


Engage in debates, share your practical proposals. From 7-9pm (CET) tomorrow we will open the "Let's talk practice!" discussion.


Let's create Europe of Culture together!



RSS - Publishing of ARTCENA's book !


How to organize an artistic event in a public space ? Coordinated by José Rubio, this collective publication aims to be a Guide of best practices. 


ARTCENA publishes its Guide of good practices, a reference since its first edition in 2007. This new version aimed at event organizers, official representatives, municipal utilities, artists and technical managers. 


Based on experiences, this guide offers a methodoly in respect of regulation, in support of artistic creation and focused on dialogue and cooperation between all the professionals concerned.


The update of the guide was necessary in the lights of the regulation evolution, but also because of the new challenges in our society and the security problematic linked to attacks. In this context it is essential to preserve the artistic approach in the street

which foster sharing with a wide audience. 


This new version takes into account these elements but the aim remains to facilitate the the projects execution, to generate new ones,, in order to consider the public space as an essential space for artistic expression.  


To access the guide, click here



RSS - Exhibition and book publishing - Opening 27th June in Berlin


Fehras Publishing Practices, publishing house in Berlin, presents an exhibition and a book on the private library of the Arabic novelist Abd Al-Rahman Munif.


The exhibition "Disappearances. Appearances. Publishing" and the book When the Library Was Stolen is about Abd Al-Rahman Munif, one of the well known modern authors of the Arab world. His life has been influenced by exile and constant migration between a number of Arab and European cities. He spent the last 17 years of his life in Damascus, where he died in 2004.

His library’s collection goes back to the 1940s and holds over 10,000 publications from diverse fields and published by numerous publishers, of which many no longer exist.


The exhibition presents a re-reading of Munif’s library-archive through statistical interpretation and photographs, which attempt to trace its movement, holdings, and stories. 


Dates : from 27th June to 30th June

Address :  Lettrétage, Mehringdamm 61, 10961 Berlin

Facebook event 


RSS - Call for Rima Film Grant - Deadline : 22/07/17


The film grant is a great opportunity for international film amateurs to produce a film based on their personal experience of migration.


This call for proposals is addressed to non-professional film-makers, directors and producers with an active interest in short films and in themes related to exile and migration.

The selected proposal will be given a small budget allocated by RIMA/Valletta 2018.


Deadline for the application: 22 July 2017


For further informations, click here 


RCF - Open Call for travel grants - Deadline extended to 15/07/17


If you are an artist or a cultural operator working in the Euro-Arab region and you have a projet related to Malta, apply now!

The Roberto Cimetta Fund and the Valletta 2018 Foundation relaunch a call for applications to foster mobility in the Euro-MENA region. Artists and cultural operators can fill in the form until 15th July 2017.


The aim of the travel must show potential impact on the arts sector in a concrete, localised context.


To have more informations about the call and the criteria, click on "Mobility programme" on this website.



RCF - Grantees of the RCF/Valletta first call


The Roberto Cimetta Fund is pleased to announce the result of the RCF/Valletta 2018 first call.

The grantees of the March 2017 session are : 


Farrah Makki, Lebanese architect taking part in the Living cities, Liveable spaces conference in November in Valletta.
Azahara Cerezo, Spanish visual artist selected to take part in a residency in Malta on the theme of migration.
Angelique Muller, French film curator traveling from Italy to take part in the Short Film Festival and curate Maltese short films.
Elsa Gomis, French interdisciplinary artist traveling to Valletta to meet refugees to pursue her PhD on the anthropology of renewed images; representing exil in the Mediterranean since 2000.
Yasmine Modestine, French actress taking part in a Greek theatre production in Valletta
Didier Boujard, Mediatalents director, interested in developing ties for script writers in Malta and MENA region.
Mohammad Anwar, Kuwaiti Film director interested in developing projects between the two same-size states of Kuwait and Malta.


We would like to congratulate them and wish them success. 


RSS - Open Call for the programme "Courant du monde" - Deadline : 20/06/17


The French Ministry of Culture and Communication is launching a call for applications for the programme "Courant du monde".


The programme is composed of : 


- Collective seminars of 10 days : cultural politics and administration, funding and economy of culture, digital arts and news challenges for digital creation arts ; storage of library and digitalization of collections ; cultural institution for territorial developpement.


- 10 days residence one-on-one on every artistic disciplines, as visual arts, design, patrimony, performing art.


For further informations, click here.


RCF - Eligible candidates for the General Fund call


The Roberto Cimetta Fund received 556 requests online and 279 applications for the General Fund. 198 candidates were considered eligible.


Eligible candidates are:


Mohmmad Ezzat Ahmaro Mohammad 

Bar Or Osnat

Mejdi Rim

J Witt Jonathan 

Szőke Timea

Caruana Caroline

Špačková Lucie

Nada Abdulnabi Mohamed 

Fiala Souzana

Fanizza Giuseppe

Yordanova Martina 

de Miguel Simón Adrián

Pakzad Afshar Yalda

Avetisyan Armine

Karayazi Ihsan

Elshanawany Mohamed fouad

Al Khasawneh Noura

Boelling Danielle

Evie Demetriou

Demneri Kejdi

Bogaert Tom

Sehl Christoph

Annegret Sachse

Sherabayani Mazin

Alramli hadil hassan A

Daccache Soline

Espvall Wafa'

Abdallah Mohamed

Agdas Murat

Mahmoud Yousri Helmi Mostafa Bassem

Ahmed Mostafa

El Dessouky Khadija

Musleh Jaber Sally


Gümüsayak Huri Gonca 

Rudolph Josepha

Glymitsa Ourania 

Pavlos Vryonidis

Abdulla Mohamed

Eivazi Simin

Gohar Mohamed

Genckal Mehmet Fatih

Wallenböck Gudrun

Aria Mohammad

Dunne Bryony


Nadia Antonello

Paolo Ghezzi

Ramzi Jubeh Ramzi

Michal Glikson


Jardaneh Ayah

Cremona Rebecca 

Giuseppina Ragosa

Azrak Frah

Erel Tuce

Davor Konjikusic

Rita Pranca

Mateja Stanislava Rot

Mohamed Yousry Fathy Saleh Mohamed

Golan Noga

Bouaissa Malikka

Cankaya Ipek

Saba Youmna

Heidelbach Jule

Alkadhi Rheim

Antanaviciute Rasa

Robert Sebastien

Rietveld Arjan 

El-Darsa Ali


Cuguoglu Cacekli Naz

Michail Venizelos Alexandros

Krajku Malbore

Refahi Leila

Pöhlmann Antonia Lilly Maria

Gökdemir Emrah

Adnan Hashem

Traboulsi Jana

Mahmedian Esfahani Azar 

Dabsoub Victoria 

Roberto Lacarbonara 

Dumarie Saje

Khelfaoui Rahima

Larini Nadia Lydia

Zabret Valerija

Fetmouche Omar

Wa'el AbuRub Abdallah

Weis Sadie

Chouchani Dominique

Saberi Sina

Nuaimi Sireen

Fakhouri Saja

Wolf Jack

Koutsomichalis Marinos

Dganit Enso Elyakim  

Hassan Kinda

Ruzyak Pavel

Shereen Nadeem Zoumot 

Hashemi Samira

Elnaschie Shareen

Mousa Hadia

Tubutyte Daiva

Heidelbach Jule Johanna Elisabeth

Khatamian Sevda

Marco Alessio Monfredini

Valentina De Luca

Sogol Mabadi

Spasova Maja

Bereta Andrej

Al-Mubaidin Razan

Kılınçaslan Ezgi

Mohmaed  Y. Shika

Pugliese Rossella

Rabia Salfiti

Raffier Joel

Chadli Adil

Ghallab Mujeeb

Zamoum Fatma Zohra

Elsayed Nora

Laraki  Lina 

Djeddaoui Mohamed Lazare Saïd

Cantillon Nicolas Henri Stanislas

Mouhssine Said 

Aouameur Redouane

Tazi Jalal 

Luciani Claire-Lucrèce

Bezzat Yahya

Entwistle Sarah Isobel Beatrice 

Mohammed Abdullah Rosht

Ech Charquaouy Mohammed

Robichez Pierre

Gabrieli Simona

Charabeh Rim 

Arinc Burcu

Belgacem Yagoutha

Rivalan Romain

Pisano Virginia

Nikolic Andjelka

Vergé Guillaume

Grosbois Emma 

Djermane Mohamed Ali 

Abdulghafur Seivan Salim

Voiseux Maxence 

Kando Iskandar 

Sbai Sarah

Paulikevitch Alexandre

Naous Nancy

Bazin Rachid 

Matsubara Megumi 

Valour Berengere

Auvray Mariette

Marquilly Pascal 

Mouarkech Marc 

El Hilal Ahmed Maouloud

de Selys Laure

Neuman Arjuna

Aroussi Driss

Erruas Safaa

Lisbeth Lyngse

Ramel Françoise

Martin Maud

Desveronnieres Thais 

Gougat Veronique

Bahsoun Nadim

Zouari Dorsaf

Levy Wilma

Brahim Rabii

Douss Cyrinne

Thibaud Carole

Kahn Naomi

El Harati Marwa

Hotait Yamani Darine 

Giulia Angela Maria Ticozzi

Larrere Céline

Hervouët Isabelle

Ramond Nicolas

Cayron youri

Dainan Samira

بنجلون عثمان

Harfouche Jowe 

Faure Gabriel

Dupuit Florent

Koerner Rafael

Rosilio Yoram

Chiara Isadora Artico

Ammar Khodja Youven 

Saada Anis

Talhaoui Leïla

Nicoletta Favari

Hfayedh Ridha

Barbon Marco

lakhdar Zohir

Al-Darraji Ali

Maalainine Mohamed El Imame

الخطيب شريف

غلاب مجيب

Mahmoud Horchani



The expert Committee will evaluate these applications and the final result will be announced on our website the 15th June 2017.



RSS - Call for applications for the Challenge b.creative - Deadline 14/05/17


b.creative invites artists, cultural and creative entrepreneurs from all over the world to take part in the b.creative challenge 2017.


The aim of the b.creative challenge is to foster new ideas in an international endeavour to better handle issues like: growing poverty rates, social cohesion, access to education and digital literacy, mental and physical wellbeing, transport and people’s mobility, new food and sustainable agriculture, climate change and environmental protection.


The competition focuses on interdisciplinary and international collaborations between professionals in creative fields.


Deadline : 14th May 2017


To go further, click here



RSS - Call for participation Madrassa - Deadline : 05/05/17


The Atelier de l'Observatoire is launching its regional programme of residencies, meetings and trainings in contemporary curatorial practices.



Madrassa is a programme of curatorial research and practice in contemporary art. It is one of the first of its kind in the region. The programme strives to educate and connect a community of young arts professionals through training and networking opportunities.


Deadline  : 5 May 2017
Locations  : Alexandria, Algiers, Amman, Casablanca

For information : programme.madrassa@gmail.com or click here


RSS - Open Call for texts and artworks - Deadline 30/04/17


Malta: Culture in Transformation is the theme of the call launched by Interartive, platform for contemporary art.


The call is focused on the analyse the contemporary cultural development of Malta. A cultural context in transformation needs a constant examination and the contribution of new and diverse perspectives. Scholars, critics, curators and artists who work on this subject are invited to participate.


For further informations about the call, click here


RCF - Open Call for travel grants - Deadline 15/04/2017


Artists and cultural operators having a mobility project in the euro-arab zone can apply.


The Roberto Cimetta Fund is launching its annual Mobility Funding Programme for 2017. The General Fund opens from the 15th March to 15th April 2017 for all travel grant requests respecting the RCF's criteria.


The travel must contribute to the candidate capacity building, which in turn can be shared in a “networking” fashion to maintain and develop contemporary art in their region. 


For further informations about criteria, click on "Funding line - General Fund"



RCF - Open Call for travel grants - Deadline 31/03/2017


Apply now for travel grants in the Euro-Mediterranean region!

The Roberto Cimetta Fund and the Valletta 2018 Foundation relaunch a call for application to foster mobility in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Artists and cultural operators can fill in the form until 31st March 2017.


The aim of the travel must show potential impact on the arts sector in a concrete, localised context.


To have more informations about the call and the criteria, click on "Mobility programme" on this website.



RSS - National and International Cultural and Human Rights Organizations Denounce Trump's Executive Order on Immigration


New York, NY, 2/7/2017- Today, more than thirty cultural institutions and human rights organizations around the world, including international arts, curators’ and critics’ associations, organizations protecting free speech rights, as well as U.S. based performance, arts and creative freedom organizations and alliances, issued a joint statement opposing United States President Donald J. Trump’s immigration ban. Read the full statement below. 


On Friday, January 27th, President Trump signed an Executive Order to temporarily block citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States. This order bars citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen from entering the United States for 90 days. It also suspends the entry of all refugees for 120 days and bars Syrian refugees indefinitely.

The organizations express grave concern that the Executive Order will have a broad and far-reaching impact on artists’ freedom of movement and, as a result, will seriously inhibit creative freedom, collaboration, and the free flow of ideas. U.S. border regulations, the organizations argue, must only be issued after a process of deliberation which takes into account the impact such regulations would have on the core values of the country, on its cultural leadership, and on the world as a whole.

Representatives of several of the participating organizations issued additional statements on the immigration ban and its impact on writers and artists:

Helge Lunde, Executive Director of ICORN, said, “Freedom of movement is a fundamental right. Curtailing this puts vulnerable people, people at risk and those who speak out against dictators and aggressors, at an even greater risk.”

Svetlana Mintcheva, Director of Programs at the U.S. National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC), said, “In a troubled and divided world, we need more understanding, not greater divisions. It is the voices of artists that help us understand, empathize, and see the common humanity underlying the separations of political and religious differences. Silencing these voices is not likely to make us any safer.”

Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director of PEN America, said, “The immigration ban is interfering with the ability of artists and creators to pursue their work and exercise their right to free expression. In keeping with its mission to defend open expression and foster the free flow of ideas between cultures and across borders, PEN America vows to fight on behalf of the artists affected by this Executive Order.” 


Diana Ramarohetra, Project Manager of Arterial Network, said, "A limit on mobility and limits on freedom of expression has the reverse effect - to spur hate and ignorance. Artists from Somalia and Sudan play a crucial role in spreading the message to their peers about human rights, often putting themselves at great risk in countries affected by ongoing conflict. Denying them safety is to fail them in our obligation to protect and defend their rights."

Ole Reitov, Executive Director of Freemuse, said, “This is a de-facto cultural boycott, not only preventing great artists from performing, but even negatively affecting the U.S. cultural economy and its citizens rights to access important diversity of artistic expressions.”

Shawn Van Sluys, Director of Musagetes and ArtsEverywhere, said, “Musagetes/ArtsEverywhere stands in solidarity with all who protect artist rights and the freedom of mobility. It is time for bold collective actions to defend free and open inquiry around the world.”

A growing number of organizations continue to sign the statement visit this website:


The National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) is an alliance of 56 national non-profit organizations dedicated to defending freedom of thought, inquiry and expression.



February 7, 2017

Freedom of artistic expression is fundamental to a free and open society. Uninhibited creative expression catalyzes social and political engagement, stimulates the exchange of ideas and opinions, and encourages cross-cultural understanding. It fosters empathy between individuals and communities, and challenges us to confront difficult realities with compassion.

Restricting creative freedom and the free flow of ideas strikes at the heart of the core values of an open society. By inhibiting artists’ ability to move freely in the performance, exhibition, or distribution of their work, United States President Trump’s January 27 Executive Order, blocking immigration from seven countries to the United States and refusing entry to all refugees, jettisons voices which contribute to the vibrancy, quality, and diversity of US cultural wealth and promote global understanding.

The Executive Order threatens the United States safe havens for artists who are at risk in their home countries, in many cases for daring to challenge repressive regimes. It will deprive those artists of crucial platforms for expression and thus deprive all of us of our best hopes for creating mutual understanding in a divided world. It will also damage global cultural economies, including the cultural economy of the United States.

Art has the power to transcend historical divisions and socio-cultural differences. It conveys essential, alternative perspectives on the world. The voices of cultural workers coming from every part of the world - writers, visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, and performers - are more vital than ever today, at a time when we must listen to others in the search for unity and global understanding, when we need, more than anything else, to imagine creative solutions to the crises of our time.

As cultural or human rights organizations, we urge the United States government to take into consideration all these serious concerns and to adopt any regulations of United States borders only after a process of deliberation, which takes into account the impact such regulations would have on the core values of the country, on its cultural leadership, as well as on the world as a whole.

African Arts Institute (South Africa)

Aide aux Musiques Innovatrices (AMI) (France)

Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts (USA)

Arterial (Africa)

Artistic Freedom Initiative (USA)

ArtsEverywhere (Canada)

Association of Art Museum Curators and Association of Art Museum Curators Foundation

Association Racines (Morocco)

Bamboo Curtain Studio (Taiwan)

Cartoonists Rights Network International

Cedilla & Co. (USA)

Culture Resource - Al Mawred Al Thaqafy (Lebanon)

International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art (CIMAM)

College Art Association (USA)

European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA)

European Council of Artists

Freemuse: Freedom of Expression for Musicians

Index on Censorship: Defending Free Expression Worldwide

Independent Curators International

International Arts Critics Association

 International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts

The International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN)

Levy Delval Gallery (Belgium)

Geneva Ethnography Museum (Switzerland)

National Coalition Against Censorship (USA)

New School for Drama Arts Integrity Initiative (USA)

Observatoire de la Liberté de Création (France)

On the Move | Cultural Mobility Information Network

PEN America (USA)

Roberto Cimetta Fund

San Francisco Art Institute (USA)

Stage Directors and Choreographers Society (SDC) (USA)

Tamizdat (USA)

Vera List Center for Art and Politics, New School (USA)





RSS - Arab Arts Focus - Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Call for proposals - Deadline : 24/01/2017


Arab Art Focus is looking for new Arab works to programme at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. If you are interested, you can apply here.


RSS - Call for application // Program Courants Du Monde. paris. Deadline: 31.01.2017.


An international seminar entitled « Cultural institutions for urban and territorial development » will be held in Paris in the framework of the Programme Courants du Monde 2017, from Monday 20th to Thursday 30th March 2017.


This bilingual seminar is being offered by the Ministry of Culture and Communication (General Secretariat, Division of legal and international affairs) within the framework of its visitors programmes, implemented by the Maison des Cultures du Monde.

Fifteen experienced cultural managers working in the fields of cultural development, territorial action and/or the management of cultural, heritage and non-heritage structures will come together in Paris and in the provinces.. The purpose of this seminar is to familiarize the participants with the French context and to facilitate the development of professional networks between France and the countries concerned and amongst the participants. They will thus be able to share their knowledge, practices and projects on issues of cultural institutions and urban and territorial development, through presentations, round table discussions, professional meetings and visits.


The seminar will be in English only.


Deadline for submission : 31st January 2017.

For criteria, conditions and application, please click here.

For any other information: isabelle.hurdubae@culture.gouv.fr


RSS - Call for application // Beirut Cinema Platform. Deadline: 07.01.2017.


Submissions are now open for the second edition of Beirut Cinema Platform, a platform implemented by the Lebanese Beirut DC association for Arab independent filmmakers/producers working on their first or second feature-length documentary or fiction films, whose projects are in development or in post-production.


This platform is designed to bring together Arab independent filmmakers with Arab and international industry professionals, with the aim of encouraging co-productions, collaborations and partnerships.


To apply, please click here to fill in the application form (in English or in Arabic), and send it to lab@beirutdc.org.


Please note that the following documents should be sent for projects in development:

A short synopsis (100 words maximum), a long synopsis, a visual treatment (or, if available, a script), a director’s statement, a photo plus biography of the director (75 words maximum), a photo plus biography of the producer (75 words maximum), a logo plus description of the production company (75 words maximum), a development budget and financing plan, previous works by the director (if available), and a trailer or visual material (if available).


Please note that the following documents should be sent for projects in the final stage of production:

A short synopsis (100 words maximum), a long synopsis, a visual treatment (for documentaries), a script (for fiction films), a technical list, a cast and crew list, a director’s statement, a biography and filmography of the director (75 words maximum), a biography and filmography of the producer (75 words maximum), a logo and description of the production company (75 words maximum), a full budget and financing plan of the post-production, previous works by the director (if available), and a rough cut or scene selection of 30 minutes minimum (via link).


Please note that documents can be sent in English, French or Arabic, but should the project be selected, the files must be translated into English within one week of the selection notification email sent to the filmmaker.


The submission deadline is 7 January 2017.

For more information, please click here or send an email to lab@beirutdc.org.


BJCEM - call for applications. Deadline: 15.01.2017


BJCEM and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Albania announce the launch of Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale, an international multidisciplinary event, that takes place in Tirana and Durrës, Albania, from May 4th to May 9th 2017.


The call is open to all creative - visual artists, filmmakers, writers, performers, musicians and designers from 18 to 34 years old (born from January 1st 1982). Selected artists will be hosted in Tirana – Durrës from May 4th until May 9th 2017 included. During these days their works and performances will be displayed in specic venues of the cities. The deadline for applications is January 15th 2017, midnight (CEST Italian time). For Turkey only the deadline is December 30th 2016.


For further information, click here.


RSS - Call for application/ FAM Sciences Po. Paris. Deadline: 06.03.2017


FAM is a unique programme conceived by Sciences Po Paris, addressed to young women from the South Mediterranean region. 

This program is supported by the French Ministry of Foreign affairs and international development as well as the French Ministry of social affairs, health and Women rights. It aims at accompanying those distinguished women in their professional career, promoting man-woman equality and developing an euro-mediterranean network concerned by that topic.


 The third edition will take place from the 9th till the 19th of May 2017 and will host women with different profiles, active within the civil society, the political sphere, enterprise, cultural sector, or public sector.

To apply and for me information on criteria and conditions, please click here.


Deadline for application submission : 03 March 2017.

For more general information about the program, contact: femmes.mediterranee@sciencespo.fr


RSS - Cultural fellowships for Russia. Likhachev Foundation. St-Petersburg. Deadline: 15.02.2017.


The Likhachev Foundation (St. Petersburg, Russia) and The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center (Moscow, Russia), with support of the Committee on External Relations of St. Petersburg, announce a competition for cultural fellowships in St. Petersburg on  May 15 - May 28, 2017. 

The Likhachev Foundation will accept applications from artists, scholars, writers, managers of museums, theatres, and festivals. Students are not eligible. Command of the Russian language is very helpful but not required. Working languages of the program are English and Russian. 


The Likhachev Foundation will prepare individual programs for the fellows according to their projects’ specifics, to help them achieve maximum results during their fellowships. These programs will include meetings with Russian colleagues, possibilities to work at St. Petersburg museums, libraries, archives and other organizations. Airfare and accommodations will be covered by the organizers.


Ten fellowships will take place on May 15-28, 2017 in St. Petersburg, Russia.


Application deadline: February 15, 2017.

Applicants will be notified by March 15, 2017.

Contact:vitenberg@lfond.spb.ru and elenavitenberg@gmail.com with the subject line “Application for the Fellowship”. 

For more information about the program, please click here.  


RSS - Professor Position. University of the Arts. Berlin. Deadline: 23.01.2017.


The following position is vacant at the Berlin University of the Arts,at the Inter-University Centre for Dance [HZT]:

Professor at a University of Art - Salary group W 2 - Part-time professorshipwith half of the regular teaching commitment, for a limited period of 5 years with the option of extension or removal of the time limit.

The professorship is to be regulated with an employment contract.

Teaching area: Theory of dance, choreography, performance.

Teaching responsibilities: 6 course hours


Please submit your written application in English, specifying the reference no. by 23 January 2017 per post to Universität der Künste Berlin - ZSD 1 -, Postfach 12 05 44, 10595 Berlin.


Find more information, click here or check 




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