RSS - Text by Jumana Al Yasiri


 RCF would like to share an excellent article with you. “The World as a Battlefield: The Migration of Syrian Contemporary Art and the Prospects of Continuity in Hosting Countries” study conducted by researcher Jumana Al-Yasiri is part of this year’s “Cultural Priorities in Syria” project, which was launched by Ettijahat: Independent Culture in 2012. To read it click here


RCF - Eligible applicants - upholding grants


RSS - Call - Marc de Montalembert Foundation - deadline : 15/11/2015


The Marc de Montalembert Foundation is offering grants of 7000€ to young nationals from the countries of the Mediterranean, under 28 years of age, to develop a project of their own in the field of culture or arts and aimed at discovering other cultures in the region. For more information click here.



RCF - Fund to support project and organisation restructure and sustainability - Deadline : 30/09/2015


Within the context of supporting international mobility and exchange of artists and cultural operators, the Roberto Cimetta Fund is running a fund to support project and organisation restructure and sustainability with the aim of rooting initiatives lead by Arab artists and cultural operators who are working on projects in their region (venues, networks, platforms).


This fund aims to create a leverage effect that could contribute modestly to restoring a balance between Arab and European components in the exchange, as well as Arab-Arab exchange. The maximum amount for each grant is 3000€ and can, if necessary, be part of a co-financing effort. Only artists and cultural operators from the Arab world can apply to this fund. The expert and management committees of the Roberto Cimetta Fund will monitor the selected projects during their implementation.


This call for applications is open from 1st August 2015 for two months until 30th September 2015. The evaluation and selection processes will take place during the months of October and November 2015. The results will be announced on 1st December 2015. Four projects at least will be selected. The grant lease lasts for two years, unless agreed otherwise.


A Steering Committee composed of representatives of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and the Roberto Cimetta Fund will meet to evaluate this “experimental” phase and decide if it should be continued or re-defined.


The Roberto Cimetta Fund and the French Ministry of Culture and Communication hope that this fund can serve to strengthen projects that emerge following the benefits of a travel grant and at the same time support the financial autonomy of local independent cultural initiatives.


Applications can be made in Arabic, English and French. Visit the Support programme on this website to view the eligibility critiera and then click on "apply for a grant" (support grant) to make your online request.



RSS - Call - Creating Territorialities - UNIDEE - deadline: 13/09/2015


Open call for applications for Creating Territorialites, one week research residencies in Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, Italie

For : visual artists, designers, architects, curators, writers, etc.

For more information visit their website here or their blog here



RSS - Call - African Artists - deadline : 30/09


Applications for the 2015 Artists In Residency (AIR) Programme are now open!


Each year, the Africa Centre, provides artists with the unique opportunity to spend four to six weeks fully dedicated to developing their craft.


This year through partnerships with residency programmes in Australia, Brazil, India, Italy, Kenya, Spain, Tanzania and the United States we are proud to offer thirteen unique residencies for our 2015 AIR programme.


AIR is seeking applications from high caliber African artists who are provocative, innovative, socially engaged and stretching the boundaries of their artistic practice.


The AIR partners select an artist from a short list provided by the Africa Centre, for one of their 2015 or 2016 residencies. The costs of the residency and round-trip airfare are included in each residency award made.The residencies are available to artists in different stages of their career development  (from emerging to late career) across all disciplines: visual arts, performing arts; creative & literary arts; film; music & curatorial practice.  Each residency offers a distinct structure, set of requirements and duration.


To apply or to find out more about the thirteen residency opportunities, please go to
Deadline for application submissions is the 30th September 2015.


RCF - Independent mobility funds in the Mediterranean and Central America - Lisboa, 18-19/06/2015


The Roberto Cimetta Fund, the Gulbenkian Foundation and the Municipality of Lisbon co-organised a Meeting of Independent Artistic and Cultural Mobility Funds in the Mediterranean and Central America on 18th and 19th June 2015 at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon, Portugal. 


The programme, presentation of speakers and written contributions can be found on RCF’s blog: 


The meeting grouped together cultural operators from 21 different countries of Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East and the Mediterranean region (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Venezuela, Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon and Morocco as well as representatives of Ministries of Culture of Iraq and France). 


Discussions highlighted the similarities in both regions such as needs and rights of artists and cultural operators to flexible procedures of support which respect freedom of expression, timeframe of the creative process as well as the creative processes themselves, needs for places to meet and talk freely, needs and rights to build up local markets and have more consideration for the changemaker role of artists in society. Artists and cultural operators in both regions require courage to be mobile and to be civil society actors as well as determination to uphold their own culture in their own country.During the course of the debate, it was underlined that networks and independent mobility funds could indeed be useful glocal tools for these two regions because both tools are managed in non-hierarchical ways through interconnecting.On a different level, the participants suggested that cultural policy should be considered as part of public policy which concerns local inhabitants as much as the diaspora elsewhere. In fact cultural policy could be the most important binding factor between all public policies.The participants firmly advocated that artists and intellectuals isolated in Syria or Iraq should not be left alone. We must connect with them since neither they nor we are alone in facing terrorism. The oppression and instable political situations in places like Palestine and Venezuela were also strongly voiced during the debate.At the same time, all the participants agreed that artistic and cultural mobility builds spaces, pathways and trust-building that are essential for interconnected societal dynamics. In this sense, we need to move beyond the catastrophe narrative of migration, uprooting and cultural assimilation to the artists’ stories, the quality of exchange and concrete civic demands. 


RSS- Doc(K) Artistic Residency


Doc(K) is an artist residency focusing on the idea of using documentation as an art form. The residency is addressed to artists from all art forms, fne art, theatre, music, dance, graphic or media. Doc(k) will introduce participating artists to the Athenian art scene and at the same time we will create together the metadata of their projects.


The selected artists will have the chance to live and work in Athens and to participate in weekly activities such as talks, meetings with curators, exhibition tours and workshops. 


More information here 


RSS- Tandem Shaml New Call for Applications


Tandem Shaml supports experimental collaborations between cultural change makers from the Arab Region and Europe.

For the upcoming round, Tandem Shaml offers 16 cultural organisations, 8 from Europe and 8 from the Arab Region, the unique opportunity to establish cross-border cooperation links.


Tandem Shaml is designed to strengthen participants’ skills in the field of cross-cultural collaboration and organisational management. The programme addresses both young and experienced cultural managers and project coordinators with good command of English that represent independent cultural organisations that are well connected and active in their local communities.


Application deadline is end-of-day 22 June, 2015


More information here


RCF - results of the first call for sustaining support grants


The Roberto Cimetta Fund (RCF) is pleased to announce the results of the first call for applications for the funding line to support sustainability. This funding line aims to promote cultural and artistic initiatives lead by Arab artists and cultural operators developing local projects (venues, networks, platforms).


The call received 380 online requests in two months (December 2014 – January 2015) and 125 written applications (34 in English, 37 in Arabic and 54 in French). 47 applications out of 125 were considered eligible having complied with the aims and criteria of the call. The evaluation of the applications was made by the Expert Committee of RCF and took place from February to March 2015. The final selection was approved by the Steering Committee and the Board of Directors of RCF in April 2015.


The selected projects are:

1) Ettijahat (Syria/Lebanon) a project run by confirmed cultural actors. Ettijahat will receive funding to sustain the urgent work undertaken for the benefit of Syrian artists. The funding will concern equipment and salaries. This project allows for networking between artists and operators and more specifically for solidarity with artists in conflict situations in Syria.


2) Mansion (Lebanon) is an initiative entirely run on a voluntary basis by a collective of artists. The mansion is a historic building in Beirut currently resisting against attempts by real estate to illegally tear down the building for gains in market shares.  Supporting this project is a way of responding to this urgency as well as promoting an open vision of culture and arts in daily and direct contact with local inhabitants.


3) Ayanken Production (Tunisia) is based in the rural area of Sidi Bouzid. Ridha Tlili set up his production house in 2012 in order to explore all forms of filmmaking with young people of the region. He runs workshops and helps them to produce their first films. Ayanken will receive funding to employ a person in charge of communication to promote the films made and develop their website.


4) 18 (Morocco) based in Marrakech is run by an experienced cultural operator working closely with local inhabitants while being open to all artistic disciplines and initiatives in the region and beyond. The venue was set up in 2013 in the medina of Marrakech. The funding will be provided to renovate the venue and to buy equipment.

The four projects will run through June to December 2015 and also beginning of 2016 for some of them.


The countries where the actions of the 47 eligible projects took place are as follows: Egypt (8), Israël (1), Lebanon (1), Morocco (17), Palestine (4), Sudan (1), Syria (1), Tunisia (8), Yemen (1). 8 projects took place in rural areas only, 23 in urban areas and 13 in a mix of rural and urbain areas. The average age of project leaders was 32 years old. 13 project leaders were women and 34 were men. The artistic disciplines involved were : music (7), visual arts(2), visual arts mosaic (1), visual arts illustrations (1), theatre (4), puppet theatre (1), multidisciplinary (13), dance (4), cinema (5), photography (2), live arts (2), writing (1), literature (1).


A new call for applications for the sustaining of projects fund will be launched in July 2015. The Roberto Cimetta Fund and the French Ministry of Culture and Communication hope that this fund can serve to support the financial autonomy of local independent cultural initiatives



RSS-Visa For Music (One extra month to apply)


Deadline to apply have been postponed !

Send in your files on or before MAY 15, 2015. 

4 calls have been send out for this second edition of Visa For Music :

 - Call for artists application

 - Call for DJ's/VJ's

 - Call for music film submissions

 - Call for music video submissions


24 artists (bands), 6 music documentaries, and 10 videoclips will be choosen by specialised jurys. The selection will be presented to over 1.000 professionals from all over the world.


For more informations :


Contact :

 + 212 5 28 84 51 51



Bejaia Film Meetings 2015 CALL FOR ENTRIES IS NOW OPEN


Every year since  2003,  the Project'heurts Association celebrates cinema in all its forms through a selection of short and feature films of Fiction, Documentary, Animation and Experimental. The Festival is a place to discover  unique and diverse stories  that doubts and question society and the individual, all rooted in a spirit of debate, sharing and love for cinema.

We invite Producers and Filmmakers to submit their films to our 13th annual Bejaia Film Meetings, September 07-11 2015 in Bejaia (Algeria).

 To participate, send a video link of your film (eg Vimeo) to:


Or By mail (DVD copy of the film) to:


Association Project'heurts
Maison de la culture de Bejaia.
Boulevard Krim Belkacem Bejaia 06000



Deadline: : July 4th 2015.



Open call for travel grants


The Roberto Cimetta Fund is launching the second 2015 open call for travel grants from 1st to 30th April 2015. Artists and cultural operators living and working in the Euro-Arab geographical region can apply in Arabic, English or French. Priority is given to mobility from the South and East of these regions.

The open call concerns two separate mobility fundsthe RCF/Valletta 2018 Fund,  and the RCF/Conseil Général Bouches-du-Rhône Fund. This call is therefore open for travel related to specific criteria of Valletta 2018 (indicated on RCF’s website), as well as travel from or to the Bouches-du-Rhône and from the cooperation zones of this county (indicated on  RCF's website).


The results will be announced on:

1st July 2015 (Deadline for receiving applications: 30/04/2015)

The online questionnaire will become active on 1st April. We invite you to visit our website as from 1st April 2015.


The following general criteria apply to the fund:

i.         The aim of the travel must show potential for a constructive and long-term impact on the arts sector in a concrete, localised context in the Euro-Arab geographical region;

ii.         This means that travel must contribute to the applicant’s professional development, which in turn can be shared in a “networking” fashion that will benefit connecting artists and operators in the applicant’s own country or region so as to maintain, renew and develop contemporary arts practise;

iii.         Travel can take place as soon as the call opens but in this case the applicant runs the risk of paying for travel without guarantee of the success of the application;

iv.         No nationality or age criteria apply to the fund; however the applicant must live or work in the Euro-Arab geographical region;

v.         The applicant’s profession must be one of the following; administrator in the cultural field, artist, creator, cultural organiser, performer, project leader in the cultural field, or teacher;

vi.         The call aims to give financial support to applicants who do not have the financial resources to engage in the mobility being funded;

vii.         Individuals rather than organisations must make applications. Only three members of a group can apply separately for a grant concerning the same project;

viii.         The fund will only be granted to any one individual three times in total;

ix.         Applicants must choose the cheapest form of transport and can only apply for one international return travel ticket and visa costs per application and per session;

x.         Local transport, per diems and accommodation costs are not covered by the fund.



Global Week For Syria -April 18-22


This coming April, Syrian musicians alongside more than two hundred international musicians, visual and performing artists, cultural activists, philosophers and other European, American and Middle Eastern intellectuals will join in the Global Week for Syria, a multi-disciplinary call for peace and reconciliation in Syria.


Where: Beirut (LB), Amsterdam and The Hague (NL), Paris (FR), Madrid (SP), Vienna (AT), Prague (CZ)


Facebook page:

Event page:




Euro-Arab relations and local cultural development


In collaboration with the Region of Nord-Pas de Calais and the Institut du monde arabe, a seminar entitled “Euro-Arab relations and local cultural development” was held on Friday 27th February 2015 from 13h30 to 17h30 at the Nord-Pas de Calais Europe office, 14 rue de la Science in Brussels, Belgium.


This seminar was organised thanks to the sponsorship of Ms. Catherine Genisson, Vice-Chairman of the Regional Council Nord-Pas de Calais in charge of Culture.


60 participants from 14 pays were present (Belgium, Morocco, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Jordan, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Malta, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark) and discussed the specificities of the decentralized cultural partnership between Europe and the Arab world and how dynamics can be developed.


The written contributions of speakers are available at the following blog:


A summary of the discussions will be compiled and sent to the participants of the seminar.


In his introduction Ferdinand Richard, president of the Roberto Cimetta Fund suggested 5 concrete actions so that local authorities can fully play their part in the framework of this partnership. Alain Ruche, Senior Advisor on cultural matters, Office of the EEAS (European Eternal Action Service) Secretary General, gave indications that enabled participants to understand the new guidelines that the EEAS foresee for culture and cultural action. Marietje Schaake, MEP, presented her contribution to favouring Euro-Arab relations in a short video. She insisted that cultural cooperation is essential to connect with the younger generation in the Arab region. Arab cultural operators took part from  Racines, (Morocco), Arab Education Forum (Jordan), Jumana Al Yasiri from Syria, l’Institut français in Tunis. Other experts notably, Dr. Karsten Xuereb, coordinator of Valletta, European Capital of Culture 2018, Chrystelle Lucas, from the European Commission’s General Directorate NEAR and Jean-Baptiste Cuzin, Director of the International and Multilateral affairs department of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication provided valuable information on the specificities of the Euro-Arab cultural partnership.


If you would like more information on this event, please write to



Public debate « Being young and citizen in Mediterranean »


The Euromed Network France (REF) and its partners are pleased to invite you to the public debate "Being young citizens in the Mediterranean" Wednesday, February 18, 2015, from 18h to 20h at Villa Mediterranean Marseille.


This debate will be held as part of the week course "Citizenship and strengthening associative capabilities."


Free admission. If you would like more information, please contact REF: or go on the REF website:




Digital Choc Award/ Chroniques des Mondes Possibles


This award will allow a Japanese artist under 36 years of producing an artwork as part of a 2 months of residence at the Friche Belle de Mai in Marseille responding to the theme proposed in the next FestivalChroniques des Mondes possibles in 2015.


The award recognizes an artwork that uses new technologies.


Deadline : 15 April 2015


All terms :



ONDA is recruiting « an attached to information »


ONDA is recruiting « an attached to information »

French speaking.


Applications sent before 23/02/2015: Madam Director, Onda

More information on the website of the ONDA:



Eligibility of mobility fund applications, 1st session 2015


The Roberto Cimetta Fund has received 95 requests for the first session 2015. The office of the Fund has checked the eligibility of the requests. This eligibility simply means that the request can be evaluated by the experts because the eligibility criteria has been respected. Eligibility does not imply that the travel grant has been given.


For the first session 2015, eligible candidates to the RCF/Conseil Régional Ile de France funding line are :

Gardini Francesca, Schwartz Florent, Serfass William, Sablonnières Pascale, Taffanel Maxime, Ben Slimene Sofiene, Metairie Julie, Cogez Laurent, Pulicani Nelly, Tabari Ula, Kichah Sonia, Mouldouira Omar

Belguermi Anna, Selmi Othman, Bonnin Julien, Morales Lolita, Avon Maxime.



Candidates who have sent their applications in Arabic will be informed as of the 1st April if their applications are not eligible.


Eligible candidates to the RCF/Ministry of Culture of Iraq funding line are:

Salman Mahdi, Abu-Qamachi Alaa Hussein lateef, Mewis Hella, Lateef Akram Isam Lateef, Raduszyńska Katarzyna Anna, Janikowska-Szylak Aneta.



Eligible candidates to the RCF/Valetta 2018 funding line are:

Grech Joyce Ann, Calleja Charlene, Sayar Halil Vecdi, Abdelnour Walid, Bethlenfalvy Adam, Ferrer Guy, Petit de Meurville Sylvie, Pondruel Denis, Ciuchta Jagienka, Cerezo Cerezo Azahara.



If you sent your request  but your name is not on this list, your request has perhaps been considered non-eligible (travel outside geographical zone, lack of explanation on your long-term projects and reasons for travel, destination or amount not indicated….).

If your request was considered non-eligible you should have already been notified.


This list will only appear on the website until 21nd February to respect privacy.



International encounters :" Human being facing himself in performing arts."


International reflexion encounters, organized in the frame of the CSD 3 program, supported by European Union and Republic of Turkey (, “Contemplations” project (, directed by CRT St. Blaise (Paris)  (http://ideogramarts. com) and GÖRSEM (Ortahisar- Turkey).


In the « Contemplations » project (Civil society Dialogue UE-Turkey), international reflexion encounters will take place in Cappadocia (Turkey) the 21-22-23 August 2015.

A call for participation is open for performing arts professionals and specialists to share their observations and their questions around the theme of human achievement in the arts.

Contribution papers (250 words maximum) must be submitted in French, Turkish or English with a short individual presentation (5 lines maximum) before 15.03.2015 to



From Negotiated Order to Freedom Proper


Vahid Evazzadeh is an RCF expert living in Copenhagen of Iranian nationality. He is a filmmaker, theatre director, performers' trainer, writer and cinematographer. He is also Chairman of the Counter Institute and CEO of the film production company doublExpose, Ltd.

RCF would like to share with you a text he has brilliantly written on the role of the Roberto Cimetta Fund within what he names "Negotiated Order", allowing "Freedom Proper".

Please take the time to read this excellent document here (all rights reserved).



Ferdinand Richard, Chair of RCF in Baghdad


Ferdinand Richard, Chair of the Roberto Cimetta Fund, traveled to Baghdad from 15th to 22nd December 2014 on the invitation of the Iraqi Ministry of  Culture. He met many Iraqian artists (see photo below) and other artists working in Baghdad.  


The RCF/Iraqi Ministry of Culture partnership is the first that RCF has set up with an Arab institution. In order to consolidate this partnership, Ferdinand Richard went to Baghdad to officially sign the agreement with the Iraqi Minister of Culture, his excellence Mr. Faryad Raondzi. 



RCF launches a new mobility funding line with Valletta 2018


The Roberto Cimetta Fund and the Valletta 2018 Foundation, responsible for the implementation of Valletta’s title of European Capital of Culture 2018 are collaborating on an initiative to improve and increase mobility of artists in the Euro-Mediterranean region and more widely through the Euro-Arab territory.


This initiative will see a series of open calls for travel grants being offered from 2015 to 2018; artists and cultural operators living and working in the Euro-Arab region who wish to undertake collaborative projects satisfying the criteria indicated in the "mobility programme" section of this website are invited to apply.


Both the Roberto Cimetta Fund and Valletta 2018 see freedom of mobility as essential to the development of the arts and strongly support the right of the artist to travel freely. In the context of Valletta’s title of European Capital of Culture 2018, where Valletta is physically and culturally a crossroads and meeting point in the centre of the Mediterranean, this fund aims to aid mobility, communication, collaboration and exchange between diverse cultures and to contribute to local, community participation in the arts in the broader context of the Euro-Arab zone.


The first open call opened on 1st January 2015 for one month; the Cimetta Fund will programme a series of calls up until December 2018.


Applications can be made in Maltese, Arabic, English or French.



Open Call - deadline : 15/01/2015


Maroc Artists Meeting - intercultural exchange within all art fields - 6 to 26/04/2015

MAM - Maroc Artist Meeting is an encounter open to professional artists, both Moroccan and international, seeking to engage with their lived environments and artistic practice in a critical way. All artists will work, experiment, live, discuss and network for a period of two weeks in Marrakech.

To apply or to request further information contact :




RCF - Open call for travel grants. Deadline : 31/01/2015


The Roberto Cimetta Fund (RCF) is launching the first 2015 open call for travel grants from 1st to 31 st January 2015.


Artists and cultural operators living and working in the Euro-Arab geographical region can apply in Arabic, English or French. Priority is given to mobility from the South and East of these regions.


The open call concerns three separate mobility funds

- the NEW RCF/Valletta 2018 Fund,  - the RCF/Ministry of Culture of Iraq Fund, and

- the RCF/Conseil Régional Ile-de-France Fund. 


This call is therefore open for travel related to specific criteria of Valletta 2018 (information is currently available in the section mobility programme of this website), as well as travel from or to Iraq, and finally from or to the Ile-de-France Region. 




98 weeks - Call for Communication and Administration assistant


An ideal candidate would have an interest in contemporary arts, proficiency in communication tools (facebook, twitter, instagram, back-end website and newsletter), general administration (book keeping, professional correspondence, organizational emailing, weekly reporting, archiving, dropbox) and event management (overseeing event needs like documentation, supplies, equipment and space setup). 

English and Arabic fluency 

98weeks Research Project is an artists’ organization founded by Marwa Arsanios and Mirene Arsanios in 2007.

It is conceived as a research project that shifts its attention to a new topic every 98 weeks. Combining theory and practice, 98weeks understands research as an open-ended activity, involving collaboration and an inter-disciplinary approach to art marking.

98weeks’ projects take multiple forms such as workshops, talks, screenings, seminars, reading groups, publications and exhibitions.  

Please send a cover letter about why you are interested in applying for the position and your CV to
Deadline: January 5, 2015


RCF launches a Fund to support strengthening and sustainability of organisations and projects


In the context of international mobility and exchange of artists and cultural operators, the Roberto Cimetta Fund is launching a funding line to support strengthening and sustainability of organisations and projects. This funding line aims to promote cultural and artistic initiatives lead by Arab artists and cultural operators developing local projects (venues, networks, platforms). We hope through this fund to create a leverage effect that could contribute modestly to rebalancing forces between Arab and European components in the exchange, as well as strengthening and sustaining cultural exchange between Arab regions. The grants provided will not exceed 3000€ and can be considered as co-funding depending on the projects selected. Only artists and cultural operators from the Arab world can apply to this fund. The experts and Board members of the Roberto Cimetta Fund will monitor the selected projects during their implementation. For more information go to the Support Programme section of this website.



Travel grants, Prince Claus Foundation


The Prince Claus Fund’s Ticket Fund supports the cross-cultural exchange of artists and cultural practitioners.  By covering travel costs, such as economy class plane or train tickets, the Ticket Fund assists in the professional growth and networking abilities of those it supports. The Ticket Fund is open throughout the year to receive applications. It is specifically intended for artists and cultural practitioners living in Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, non-EU Balkans and non-EU Eastern Europe who wish to travel within these areas.Please note, the Ticket Fund does not include accommodation, visa or per diem costs. 


Please find further information on the official website.


New UN resolution on Culture and Development


The UN General Assembly adopted by consensus on 12 December 2013 a third resolution on Culture and Development. Building on the recognition of the role of culture for development acknowledged in the previous resolutions, this new resolution represents an important breakthrough on the development agenda as it explicitly recognizes the direct linkages between culture and the 3 pillars of sustainable development (economic, social and environmental) as well as peace and security.


RSS - Camargo Foundation - Call for applications - Deadline: 8.11.2015


The Camargo Foundation, located in Cassis, France is a residential centre in the humanities and the arts for artists, scholars and thinkers from all countries, of all nationalities and all levels of career to work on projects or specific research.


For six, eight or eleven weeks artists, scholars and leading thinkers can work on cross-cultural studies or new creative art works. 


This call is for two residency periods: one in Fall 2016 (2-month period from September 13 to November 8, 2016) and one in Winter/Spring 2017 (applicants may choose six, eight or eleven weeks beginning February 21, 2017).


For more information you can visit the Foundation’s website (, or download the detailed guidelines here.


RSS - Call - Lab Theatre Sundance Institute - Deadline of preselection : 15/10/2015


Projects will be selected from both US and MENA theatre artists. This is an innovation of our centerpiece Theatre Lab that directly champions our notion of community. We are now offering a single Lab that brings together artists from the United States and the MENA region. For more informations click here


The Counter Institute\'s Workshop in Istanbul


Köşe (Istanbul) & The Counter Institute (Copenhagen) present a workshop and a residency in the framework of A Corner In the World (first edition - International Festival for performing arts). 


The Counter Institute will develop and present a work-in-progress of THE MAIDS project during this residency together with a selected number of the participants from the workshop. 





Çati Çağdaş Dans Sanatçıları Derneği 

28th September – 4th October 2015 

09:00 to 18:00 (including a 90 mins lunch break) 

Price: 300 TL (concession 240 TL)

Deadline to register: 22th September 2015



5th– 18th October 2015

09:00 to 18:00

Public Performances during the last week

Performers’ selection for the residency will take place during the workshop. 


For more information,click here


For more informations visit the Facebook page event or the Counter Institute website. 



RSS - Call - SouthMedCV - deadline : 02/11/2015


Deadline for submissions: 2nd November 2015 at 21:00 (GMT)  

SouthMed CV is looking to support innovative, creative and outstanding cultural and artistic projects focusing on the role of culture in a diversity of contexts carried out in cooperation with other stakeholders.


Projects should aim at having an impact on public space, and at strengthening the managerial and institutional capacities of cultural operators and artistic organisations in the Southern Mediterranean[1].


The present call contains two lots. Applications under this call may be submitted in one of the following two:
Lot 1. Projects contributing at strengthening the role of culture at local, national and regional level, in cooperation with other stakeholders in the public sphere (e.g. organisations active in the social, educational or environmental fields, youth and cultural centres, schools, universities, libraries, local authorities, etc.). [2]

Lot 2. Projects aiming to enhance the institutional and managerial capacities of cultural operators and artistic organisations, and promote their visibility and role in public space at the local, national and regional levels.

Grants requested under this call must fall between the minimum and maximum amounts:
Lot 1: minimum 10.000 and maximum 30.000 Euros
Lot 2: minimum 5.000 and maximum 20.000 Euros


Applicants cannot submit more than one application. The indicative amount available for the 2 lots is 500.000,00 euros


SouthMed CV reserves the right not to award all available funds if submitted applications do not fulfill the selection criteria.


SouthMed CV is implemented by a consortium led by Interarts, Spain, in partnership with BAC Art Center, Tunisia,  Gudran for Art and Development, Egypt, Khayal Arts & Education, Lebanon, the National Center for Culture and Arts/King Hussein Foundation, Jordan, and the German Commission for UNESCO. For the purpose of the present call for proposals, Interarts will act as ‘contracting party’ on behalf of the consortium.


SouthMed CV is funded by the European Union within the framework of the regional programme Med Culture, designed to accompany partner countries in south of the Mediterranean in the development and improvement of cultural policies related to the cultural sector.


For more information :


[1]Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia.


[2] Projects funded under this category may include any art form or cultural discipline (e.g. performing arts, visual arts, music, literature, heritage, new media, etc.), or several of them simultaneously.


RCF – A model of cultural cooperation for local and regional authorities in the Euro-Arab geographical zone – the example of the Roberto Cimetta Fund


Since 2010, the County Council of the Bouches-du-Rhône and the Roberto Cimetta Fund have developed a specific partnership to support mobility from the Bouches-du-Rhône County and its cooperation zones : the City of Algiers, the City of Gyumri, the Region of Barcelona, the City of Haïfa, the Province of Genova, the City of Marrakech, the City of Bethlehem and the City of Tunis. The aim of the partnership is to allow access to mobility in between the Bouches-du-Rhône and its cooperation zones in the Euro-Arab geographical zone for cultural and artistic reasons.


We are proud to communicate the excellent results of this partnership which, we believe is an excellent model of cultural and artistic cooperation for other local and regional authorities in Europe and in the Arab world in partnership with the Roberto Cimetta Fund.


Please visit our new blog to read about the grantees who have benefited from this partnership and the results of the impact study produced in 2013. Please feel free to share your comments and questions via this blog.


If you would like to discuss this programme with us please don’t hesitate to send us an email. We hope to build up more models of mobility funding with other local and regional authorities and are open to your suggestions !


Contact : Ferdinand Richard, Président, Angie Cotte, Secrétaire Générale :





RSS - Art Angle - Open Call - deadline : 6/09/2015


OPEN CALL - Art Angle has just launched a call for submission of proposals for Collaboration Projects in Arts and Culture - COLABs. Independent cultural organisations, networks, foundations and/or associations in the Balkans are invited to submit ideas. Deadline to apply is 6 September. For more information, visit BAC (Balkan Arts and Culture Fund)'s website.



Joint Open Call- Ibn Battûta Artistic Mobility Funding Alliance – Deadline for applications: 30th June 2015


The Roberto Cimetta Fund, the 

Russian Theatre Union and Arts Network Asia are launching a joint open call for travel grants from 1st June to 30thJune 2015. This joint call aims to provide easier access to travel grants and promote mobility of artists and cultural operators for the protection of cultural diversity and the development of local art scenes. Set up in March 2015, the Ibn Battûta Artistic Alliance aims to group together funding and regranting organisations in an effort to widen the possibilities of exchange.


This first joint call is open to artists and cultural operators living and working in Russia, Asia, Europe and the Arab geographical zone who have their own projects and need to travel but cannot find the funds for their round-trip ticket and visa costs. It is launched on 1st June 2015 for one month (deadline for applications: 30th June 2015).


To apply, please read the following instructions

Only the following geographical routes are currently eligible:

Russia inbound from Asia only for the Theatre Convention in September 2015, City of Khabarovsk. To apply click here

Asia outbound from Russia only for major events in the performing arts sector only in which a Russian participant brings an input into the event (presentation, report, etc.). To apply click here

Travel within Asia1. To apply click here

Circulation from the Euro-Arab geographical zone to Malta and vice-versa, or within the Euro-Arab geographical zone for collaborative work specific to Malta. To apply go to the mobility programme page of this site and then to the section "apply for a travel grant".

Circulation from or to the County of the Bouches du Rhône (France). Circulation from Algiers, Gyumri, the Region of Barcelona, Haïfa, the Province of Genova, Marrakech, Bethlehem, Tunis to destinations within the Euro-Arab geographical zone. To apply go to the mobility programme page and then to the section "apply for a travel grant" on this site.


General eligibility criteria

The following general criteria apply to the Ibn Battûta mobility funding alliance:

 The aim of the travel must show potential for a constructive and long-term impact on the arts sector in a concrete, localised context in one of the geographical regions of the alliance;

 Applications must be made by individuals not organisations. Only one application can be made per call;

Applicants must choose the cheapest form of transport and can only apply for one international return travel ticket and visa costs2 per application.



Applicants will be advised of the results of their applications no later than two months following the close of the respective call. The first call will open on 1st June 2015 and will remain open until 30th June 2015. Applicants will be advised of the results of this call by 1st August 2015.


Administration and Evaluation

The call will be administered by the Roberto Cimetta Fund, the Russian Theatre Union and Arts Network Asia and evaluated by their respective expert committees. Funds will be released by these organisations to successful applicants after travel and upon submission of proof of travel and written report (unless otherwise noted).


Further Information

More details on the call can be found on the websites of the Russian Theatre Union and Arts Network Asia



1 – The Arts Network Asia call is open all year round

2 – RTU doesn’t cover visa costs



FIDC- call for contributions


The International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD) invests in the creative and structural foundations in developing countries - cultural policies, markets and skills. By investing in creativity, you can help transform societies.


More informations here


Rurban Arts’tructions Exhibit & Publication


RURBAN ARTS’TRUCTIONS project seeks creative individuals, artists and development advocates from around the world to reflect on the importance of sustainable development with an emphasis on SOIL. Artworks, stories, articles, and other relevant works are welcomed.


Please visit for more information and submission guidelines on RURBAN ARTSTRUCTIONS.


Deadline: June 5, 2015



RSS- Call for applications African Arts Institute (AFAI)


Cultural Entrepreneurship training course: 

Eligibility: Cultural Entrepreneurs from English-speaking African countries

Training place: Cape Town, South Africa

Training date: 15 - 24 June 2015


For more information:

contact or call 021 465 9027.


You can visit to download the application form, or email to be sent an application form directly.


MADRASSA- Call for applications


Regional program of meetings and training

for curators (North Africa / Middle East)

Casablanca, 5-9 October 2015


L’Atelier de l’Observatoire is pleased to launch the call for applications for the first session of its regional program of meetings and trainings, MADRASSA, to be held in Casablanca from 5 to 9 October 2015.

More informations here.


To acces to the online registration form, please click here



SEAAA Alliance - Athens 30 & 31/03/2015


Although the efforts of the Roberto Cimetta Fund are concentrated on mobility needs between Europe and the neighbouring Arab/Balkans geographical zone we are looking to widen the possibilities of exchange for Arab/Balkan artists and cultural operators with other parts of the world and have therefore decided to create a mobility alliance that would enable artists and cultural operators to travel between Southern Europe/The Arab world/Asia/Australia (SEAAA). This alliance groups together international mobility funders (funding or regranting organizations) allowing them to meet, exchange and maximize their visibility in order to put “mobility” concerns at the heart of the political and artistic debates[1]. Mobility is a global policy issue as well as a cultural policy issue. It must be understood as a round trip concept, directly linked to local cultural development at the starting point[2].


A launching seminar of the alliance of mobility funders, potential funders and regranting organisations from Southern Europe, the Arab world, Asia and Australia was held from 30th to 31st March 2015 at Theatre 104 in Athens, Greece with the help of our local partner Marilli Mastrantoni, Artistic Director of Theatre Entropia. This project is supported by the programme ASEF Creative Networks Programme of the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF). It was selected for support from 39 proposals submitted through a competitive open call in 2014. The meeting grouped together 44 participants from 19 countries (list of participants) to discuss mobility needs and funding schemes existing in each of our regions and we defined the SEAAA mobility fund more precisely through agreement on common ethics and rules of implementation that will pave the way for possible reciprocal funding of mobility (programme).


The project partners are Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), Australia Council for the Arts, Korea Arts Management Service, Valletta 2018 Foundation, Regione Puglia (tbc) (as funding bodies), Arts Network Asia, The Russian Theatre Union (as regranting organisations), and Theatre Entropia (host of the launching seminar in Athens on 30th & 31st March 2015).

Potential final beneficiaries of the SEAAA mobility platform are artists and cultural operators from these regions who have their own projects (that concern at least two of the four regions mentioned) and need to travel but cannot find the funds for their round-trip ticket and visa costs. 


[1] Antonio Pinto here

Ferdinand here




« Houna aShabab »: Open Call for participation in Med Culture group of young cultural practitioners from southern Mediterranean countries


Med Culture has identified young professionals as a priority target group of the programme, hence the need to establish Houna aShabab  to take part in Med Culture activities across the region


Members of this group will have the opportunity to meet and interact on areas of common interest, participate in training sessions specifically tailored to their needs, which should contribute to the development of their personal and/ or group initiatives


Deadline for submitting applications: 5 April, 2015 


For further information about eligibilty and application process please click here





Cultural Emergency Response programme


Where cultural heritage has been adversely affected by conflict, natural or manmade disaster, the Cultural Emergency Response (CER) programme at the Prince Claus Fund can offer help. 


CER can consider funding proposals that aim to stabilise the situation in the immediate aftermath of disaster in countries within Africa, Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe or the Caribbean. 


More information on these projects is available on the CER website of the Prince Claus Fund.



RCF - Eligibility of support programme applications, 1st session 2014-2015


The Roberto Cimetta Fund has received 125 requests for the the first call for support grants 2014-2015.


The office of the Fund has checked the eligibility of the requests. This eligibility simply means that the request can be evaluated by the experts because the eligibility criteria has been respected. Eligibility does not imply that the grant has been given.


For the first session 2014-2015, eligible candidates to the support programme are :


Fariji Mohamed, Ouergli Ragheb, El Idrissi Rachid, Hamma Amine, Cyril Foucault, El Hamdi Fayçal, Anagam Youssef, Caroline Hatem, Ridha Tlili, Wassim Ghozlani, Sofia Akhmisse, Silvia Coarelli, Ahmed Nabil, Youness Atbane, Fadoua Maroub, Mathilde Vittu, Sara Taboubi, Emilie Petit, Ghassan Maasri, Laila Hida, Ines Abassi, Ayman Mghamis, Ahd al Hadi Hekmat Abunah, Dina Eldeeb, Nadia El Boubkri, Amir Nazar, Aurélien Zouki.


Candidates who have sent their applications in Arabic will be informed in a couple of days via this site if their applications are eligible.


If you sent your request but your name is not on this list, your request has been considered non-eligible (co-production request without sustainability, lack of information concerning expenses that are linked to the sustainable nature of the project….).


If your request was considered non-eligible you will be notified before the end of the month of February.


This list will only appear on the website until 21st February to respect privacy.



Barcelona Dance Award/Dance Grand Prix Europe 2015


4 days of Dance, Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop and each other kind of dance art, Dance Team Showcases & International dance performance competition.


Dance Competitions for Dance Schools, Companies and Groups from all over the World.


Barcelona Dance Award  Easter Spring Time from 2 to 6 April.

DanceGrandPrixEurope2015 Summer Time from 17 to 21 June.


all info on:



RCF - Seminar in Brussels - 27/02/2015


In collaboration with the Region of Nord-Pas de Calais in Brussels, we have the pleasure to announce that the Roberto Cimetta Fund is organising a seminar entitled “Euro-Arab relations for local cultural development” on Friday 27th February 2015 at the Brussels based office of the Nord-Pas de Calais Region, 14 rue de la Science (M°Trône).


This seminar has been organised thanks to the sponsorship of Ms. Catherine Genisson, Vice-Chairman of the Regional Council Nord-Pas de Calais in charge of Culture.


Representatives of local and regional authorities in Brussels will be invited to attend to meet and exchange with cultural experts from Europe and the Arab world. 


The preliminary programme can be downloaded here.

If you would like more information just send a request to


Freedom of expression


Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression: this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media regardless of frontiers.


Article 32 - League of Arab States, Arab Charter on Human Rights, May 22, 2004.

1.      The present Charter guarantees the right to information and to freedom of opinion and expression, as well as the right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any medium, regardless of geographical boundaries.

2.      Such rights and freedoms shall be exercised in conformity with the fundamental values of society and shall be subject only to such limitations as are required to ensure respect for the rights or reputation of others or the protection of national security, public order and public health or morals.



Open Call - Camargo Foundation - Deadline : 13/01/2015


Still a week for artists, scholars and researchers to apply for a residency at Camargo Foundation :



Call for applications - Deadline : 15/02/2015


The funding program Change of Scene, initiated by the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the German Centre of the International Theatre Institute, supports international cooperation projects in the performing arts with partners from Eastern Europe and North Africa. 


The program is looking for projects which take up recent tendencies and changes in societies and make them visible in the mutual artistic reflection.


The program’s main purpose is to support the preparation and development of new artistic projects that are created together in a time period up to two years. Existing contacts can be expanded as well as new ones initiated.


The collaborations should put new accents on proven ways of expression and present new working methods in their projects. Particularly, the initiation and development of international artistic projects which are created through cooperation of two partners are supported by Change of Scene. 


The call for applications is intended for theater and independent theater groups from all areas of the performing arts such as drama, children and youth theater, dance, musical theater, puppet theater and performance from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The supported projects should be presented in the German-speaking country; however a presentation in the partner country is equally desirable. 10-12 international cooperation projects, chosen by an independent jury, will be supported with up to 15,000 Euro.


The jurors are Tilmann Broszat (director Festival SPIELART München), Annette Dabs (director Puppet Theater Festival FIDENA), Stefan Schmidtke (curator Wiener Festwochen), Branko Šimic (director KRASS Festival) and Elisabeth Wellershaus (cultural journalist). 


Application deadline: February 15, 2015.


For further information on the grant program and on submitting applicationsplease visit


MyMed - New website


The team My Med has launched a new website. To visit it click here 


Likhachev Foundation


CEC ArtsLink is pleased to share with you the request for fellowship applications by their Russian colleagues at the Likhachev Foundation. If you are interested in applying, review the information below and respond directly to the competition coordinator, Elena Vitenberg, at and


The subject line should read “Application for the Fellowship”. Please note that CEC ArtsLink does not administer this program and has no hand in the selection process. 

The Likhachev Foundation (St. Petersburg, Russia) and the Fund of the First Russian President Boris N. Yeltsin (Moscow, Russia), with support of the Committee on External Relations of St. Petersburg, announce a competition for 2-week cultural fellowships in St. Petersburg on  May 11-24, 2015. The application deadline is February 1, 2015.  The Likhachev Foundation will accept applications from the US and European professionals in the fields of culture, history and arts who are working on creative projects related to Russian culture or history. Command of the Russian language is very helpful but not required. Students are not eligible. Working languages of the program are English and Russian. Creative project could be a museum exhibition, a theater performance, a film, photo exhibition, preparation of fiction or research books, etc. related to Russian culture or history. Creative project should be conceived in the USA or Europe for a broad American or European audience. Residence in Russia should serve as an important stage in the realization of the applicant’s cultural project. The Likhachev Foundation will prepare individual programs for the fellows according to their projects’ specifics, to help them achieve maximum results during their fellowships. These programs will include meetings with Russian colleagues, possibilities to work at St. Petersburg museums, libraries, archives and other organizations. Ten two-week fellowships will be organized on May 11-24, 2015 in St. Petersburg, Russia.Deadline for submitted applications is February 1, 2015.Applicants will be notified by March 1, 2015. Application should include: 
CV (including information on Russian language skills, previous creative projects related to Russia and previous visits to Russia).Description of creative project (up to 3 pages) such as museum or exhibition project, theater performance, film, preparation of fiction or research book and other types of cultural projects related to Russian culture or history. It should contain, in particular, a paragraph on how a residency in St. Petersburg will benefit the applicant’s creative project and which cultural organizations in St. Petersburg the applicant would like to work with. Email your application in Russian or English to the competition coordinator Elena Vitenberg at and with subject line «application for the fellowship».   
The D. S. Likhachev International Charitable
B. Yeltsin Presidential
Committee on External Relations of Saint Petersburg


TRANKAT EPISODE #1. An itinerant exhibition in Morocco throughout 2014


Rendezvous in Marrakech from February 27, 2014! Then in Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes, El Jadida, Oujda and finally, Tetouan!  


Produced by the French Institute in Morocco as part of the France-Morocco 2014 Cultural Season, and project partner of the Marrakech Biennale, the exhibition is presenting works by residents TRANKAT in 2013 and offers various readings of contemporary Morocco , its territories, zones of influence, cultural and social constructions.


You can find further information here.


Roberto Cimetta Fund

c/o ONDA
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