Open Call - Ksar Hellal Street Festival, Tunisia


Open Call Participations of Artists to participate in Festival.

Apollon Artistic and Cultural Association based in Tunisia calls the professional Artists from all Mediterranean countries could make workshop with youth in this following disciplines: Circus, Street Theater,

Music, Dance, Cinema, Interactive Workshop and Animations, Graffiti and Visual Arts....

To submit their proposal to participate in the 4th edition of the Street Arts Festival in Ksar Hellal city, that will be organized in July 2015. All proposals should be sending to the international leadership of the festival at this E-mail address:

Under Title: Suggest Participation Festival 2015 and with : Short CV and examples of work as photos or videos.



Art Moves Africa relaunches calls for mobility grants - Deadline : 15/10/2014


If you would like more information about the call for mobility grants of Art Moves Africa (AMA) visit their website at


These grants are for mobility of African artists and cultural operators within Africa.


CEC ArtsLink - Deadline : 15/10/2014


CEC Arts Link, partner organisation of the coalition of independent mobility funds with RCF, is launching an open call for residencies in the US for artists from 37 eligible countries. To find our more visit their website


Culture Action Europe Annual Public Conference 9-11 October 2014, Newcastle-Gateshead


Culture Action Europe is the political platform for the arts and culture in Europe. It federates through its member organisations over 80 000 artists and cultural actors from the civil society sector in Europe. the Roberto Cimetta Fund is member of the Executive Committee of Culture Action Europe. For more information on the conference or if you would like to register, click here


Backstreet Festival - Deadline 15/09/2014


BACKSTREET FESTIVAL "THE JOY PROJECT"16-22 October 2014Alexandria- Egypt
TRAINING PROGRAMMECALL FOR PARTICIPATIONDEADLINE: MONDAY THE 15TH OF SEPTEMBER 2014.  The International Association for Creation and Training (I-act) is organizing the 2nd edition of the Backstreet Festival “The Joy Project” and in the context of its training component, the following three training workshops will be organized: Contemporary Circus (Denmark)“Basic techniques and devising methods”Conductors: Gry Lambertsen & Rune Andersen19-20 October 2014 Puppet Manipulation (Germany)“The technique of stomach theatre: Create your performance on a wooden board”Conductors: Pauline Drünert & Etta Streicher20-22 October 2014 Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship (UK)Conductors: Sian Prime & Adrian De La Court18-20 October 2014  For interested applicants, kindly check the enclosed application forms for each training separately. You can fill your form in Arabic or in English. For queries, please contact the coordinator of the training prorgamme Ms Shaden Meleas and/or Ms Amina Abodoma notes:  Applicants should mention the name of the workshop they wish to join in the subject of the email.Applicants are allowed to apply for one workshop only.


Valletta 2018 - Euro-Med International Conference


The Valletta 2018 Foundation shall be holding its first annual international conference on cultural relations in Europe and the Mediterranean titled “Dialogue in the Med: exploring identity through networks” on the 4th & 5th September 2014 at the University of Malta, Valletta Campus.


The conference thematic areas include capacity building through networks; overcoming challenges to mobility; (re)defining cultural identity in the Mediterranean; and diplomacy through dialogue. Keynote speeches will be delivered by Professor Henry Frendo and Professor Mostafa Hassani Idrissi. The conference shall also be addressed by Hon. Evarist Bartolo, Minister for Education and Hon. Owen Bonnici, Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government. RCF's Chairman, Ferdinand Richard will be making a presentation at this conference.

For more information : 


RCF opens a new mobility funding line with the Iraqi Ministry of Culture


The Roberto Cimetta Fund (RCF) and the Ministry of Culture of Iraq are collaborating on an initiative to favour artistic exchanges and mobility of Iraqi artists and cultural operators and artists/cultural operators from the Euro-Arab geographical zone to Iraq in all art sectors. Candidates should already have a well-defined art or cultural project and have chosen a destination that can enrich and develop their project.


This initiative will see a series of open calls for travel grants being offered from 2014 onward; artists and cultural operators living and working in the Euro-Arab geographical region who wish to prepare collaborative art and cultural projects, take part in a training session or residency, attend a seminar or conference and who satisfy the criteria below, are invited to apply.


In the region, artists are often confronted with obstacles to their mobility (lack of funding, lack of information, tight visa and border controls). This Fund will support travel that allows a committed and motivated artist or operator to find the opportunities and means to set up his or her personal or collective project; thus promoting networking, exchange of experiences and cultural and artistic cooperation. Travel grants will be provided to selected candidates coming from or going to Iraq.


The first open call will be launched on 1st September 2014 until 30th September 2014. Successful candidates will be notified on 1st December 2014. Funding is provided once the grantee has returned from his or her travel and has provided the copies of travel tickets, boarding passes, etc. as well as a report on his or her trip and the benefits obtained. In certain circumstances, 50% of the sum can be provided in advance.


Applications can be made in Arabic, English or French.


The following specific criteria apply to the fund: 

i)    Priority will be given to the following art forms: literature, especially travel for authors’ meetings, writing workshops, poetry; cultural management programmes; contemporary performing arts including new theatrical forms, new writing for theatre, dramaturgy, contemporary dance, circus, street performances in situ, puppet theatre and inter-disciplinary projects; visual arts including photography, film, digital arts, video arts.

ii)   Priority will be given to trips that contribute to cultural development at local level between Iraq and the Balkan countries.


For more details: and or contact:

If you want to apply please visit this website from 1st September 2014 onwards, click on “Apply for a travel grant”, fill in the information required. If your request is considered eligible you will receive a link to the online application form that you will have to fill in and submit before the deadline (30/09/2014). 



ACEC - 13-15/11/2014


The African Creative Economy Conference (ACEC) is an annual gathering that highlights the role of culture in sustainable development. Co-hosted by the Association Racines/ Arterial Network Morocco, the 4th edition of the ACEC will take place in Rabat, at the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco, from 13 to 15 November 2014.


RCF - Eligible Candidates - Session 1 2014


The Roberto Cimetta Fund has received 80 requests for the first session 2014. The office of the Fund has checked the eligibility of the requests. This eligibility simply means that the request can be evaluated by the experts because the eligibility criteria has been respected. Eligibility does not imply that the travel grant has been given.

For the first session 2014, eligible candidates to the RCF/Conseil Général des Bouches du Rhône funding line are :

Fidaa Ataya, Peressini Ayelen, Roded Tamar, Rami T.M. AbuSalah, Azmi Azmi, Liron Meyuhas, Carmen Torrent,  Spela Vodeb, Sol Vazquez, Matias Marre Medina, Noa Mamrud, Marre Medina Matias Ernesto, Aya Chebbi, Karama Chibani, Imen Adhimi, Adnen Jendoubi, Deborah Benveniste, Jérôme Coffy, Fatima Zohra Lahouitar, Othman Sellami, Andrea Graziosi, Pakinam Kamal, Seddik Meslem, Constance Meffre, Marco Barbon, Florence Le Bourg, Haifa Tekouti, Lusine Hovhannisyan, Lynda Rahal, Pascal Jourdana, Emilie Petit, Marta Ferraté Torra, Chiara Cosima D’Ostuni, Nesrine Chaabouni

 جوزيف عوض دقماق

 زرد أريج

 عادل واسيلى

جوان خلف



Eligibile candidates to the RCF/Conseil Régional Nord-Pas de Calais and RCF/Ministry of Culture of Croatia funding lines are:

Maja Petric, Josip Visković, Irena Čurik, Davor Branimir Vince, Carla Genchi, Louie O’Grady, Jessica Mautner, Jagoda Szmytka, Diego Maggioni, Alfredo Chiarappa, Ivan Marušić, Valentina Lacmanovic, Darko Fritz, Antonio Fruscella, Rony Efrat, Ariella Abramoff, Giulia Menegatti, Merouan Talbi, Edith Henry, Richard Grolleau

If you sent your request  but your name is not on this list, your request has perhaps been considered non-eligible (travel outside geographical zone, lack of explanation on your long-term projects and reasons for travel, destination or amount not indicated….).

If your request was considered non-eligible you should have already been notified.


This list will only appear on the website until 22nd July to respect privacy.



The Canary Islands Declaration on artistic and cultural mobility


On 19th and 20th June 2014 six independent* cultural mobility funds from different parts of the world met in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands).


The idea of the meeting was initiated by the Roberto Cimetta Fund, in partnership with the Association of Cultural Managers of the Canary Islands. The Government of the Island of Tenerife and the Government of the Canary Islands backed the initiative as well as the Gulbenkian Foundation.


The international mobility actors present were the Safar Fund (Arab world), Art Moves Africa (Africa), CEC ArtsLink (USA), the Russian Theatre Union (Russia), Arts Network Asia (Asia) and the Roberto Cimetta Fund (Euro-Arab zone). All these organisations:


1)            Underline that artistic and cultural mobility is an integral part of cultural rights as stated in international treaties of human rights and should be considered a public responsibility.


2)            Assert that mobility contributes to artists’ and cultural operators’ freedom of expression and freedom of choice.


3)            Aim to provide travel grants for individual artists and cultural activists as a way of protecting the diversity of cultural and artistic expression.


4)            Affirm that facilitating face to face encounters is necessary to set up long term partnerships or alliances based on trust, reciprocity and fair exchange.


5)            Believe that supporting the mobility of artists and cultural operators serves the public interest and local development.


6)            Believe that artistic and cultural mobility provides creative learning opportunities that are crucial for the healthy growth of individuals and communities.


7)            Consider that in addition to long-distance mobility, local and regional mobility initiatives (intercity, regional, cross-border) contribute to enhancing a shared sense of humanity.


8)            Seek to address global imbalances, be they artistic, geographic or directional, and the many obstacles to mobility by enabling connections between cultural practitioners and the wider community.



To advance this agenda the above-mentioned organisations have agreed to work as a coalition and advocate and encourage the dissemination of these principles.


Independent mobility funds are re-granting organisations set up by cultural operators. These funds re-grant funding received from private foundations or public institutions to individual artists and cultural operators.



Conversations on mobility - Tenerife, 19-20/06/2014


The Roberto Cimetta Fund has decided to organise a meeting in 2014 of the independent artistic and cultural mobility funds that exist worldwide, to put “mobility” concerns at the heart of the global political and artistic debates.


Mobility is a global policy issue as well as a cultural policy issue. It must be understood as a round trip concept, directly linked to local cultural development at the starting point.


Thanks to our hosts, the Association of Professional Cultural managers of the Canary Islands, and with the support of the Gulbenkian Foundation, this event will take place on Thursday 19th & Friday 20th June 2014 in Tenerife. The Canary Islands is a perfect venue for a mobility conference, the islands being at the same time the “unavoidable starting point” as well as the “crossroads” of countless “mobility routes” for local and international artists between Africa, Latin America and Europe.


The meeting will group together participants from Africa, the Arab world, Asia, Europe, Russia and the USA as well as cultural managers of the Canary Islands. Existing artistic and cultural mobility funds will present their work, the challenges they face and the strategies they are developing. Collectively the participants will seek to analyse how accessible their own models are, which international mobility routes are not funded and why. By providing an international platform for independent Artistic and Cultural Mobility Funds to meet, exchange and maximise their visibility, we can address together the global issues at stake. By working bottom-up, we can identify together the places artists have defined as the best to enrich their own projects and shape our funding schemes closer to these needs. Finally, as interface organisations that act between funders and individual artists we aim to contribute to the implementation of afair exchange” based on connections with and from the “majority of the world”.


A Public Conference will take place on “The social, cultural, political and economical importance of mobility in Arts and Culture” from 19h30 to 20h30 on Friday 20th June, introducing the public to the question of artistic and cultural mobility and addressing the global issues related to this topic such as valuing the dignity of local producers of art, protecting artists and cultural expressions, ensuring artistic freedom, promoting cultural rights…



RCF - Open call - Deadline : 30/06/2014


The Roberto Cimetta Fund is launching the first 2014 open call for travel grants from 1st to 30th June 2014. Artists and cultural operators living and working in the Euro-Arab geographical region can apply in Arabic, English or French. Priority is given to mobility from the South and East of these regions.


The open call only concerns travel from the cities and regions that are partners of the Conseil Général des Bouches du Rhône, as well as travel from the Arab world to the partner regions of the Regional Council Nord-Pas de Calais and travel from or to Croatia.


The following general criteria of RCF apply to this fund:

1) The aim of your trip must directly or indirectly show potential for a constructive and long-term impact on the arts sector in the Euro-Arab geographical region. This means that your travel must contribute to your own capacity building, which in turn can be shared in a “networking” fashion that will benefit connecting artists and operators in your own country or region so as to maintain, renew and develop contemporary arts.

2) Your trip can take place as soon as the call opens but in this case you run the risk of buying your ticket without knowing if the application is successful or not.

3) Applicant’s profile

-     No nationality or age criteria: Applicant lives or works in the Euro-Arab region.

-     Profession: performers, creators, teachers, cultural organisers, administrators, project leaders.

-     Financial means: applicants who are unable to find the financial resources themselves.

4) Applications must be made by individuals not organisations. Only 3 members of a group can apply for a grant concerning the same project. A grant holder can only reapply twice. Applicants must choose the cheapest form of transport and can only apply for one international return travel ticket and visa costs (local transport, per diems and accommodation costs are not reimbursed).


The results are announced as follows:

1st September 2014 (Deadline for receiving applications: 30/06/2014)


The online questionnaire can be filled in in the "apply for a travel grant" section on this website.



Campus in Marrakech, call for participants from MARSEILLES. 8-27 September


The Union APARE-CME will organize, with the support of the City of Marseilles, a campus in Marrakech from 8 to September 27: "The eye of young Mediterranean on Marrakech." 


A multidisciplinary team of young people form Marseilles and Marrakesh framed by local professionals will be responsible for developing a guide to discover the city of Marrakech giving "the point of view of young people".


They are looking for young people from Marseilles to participate in this campus; students, young professionals or passionates in the following profiles: architecture, heritage , tourism, cultural mediation, communication / design.


The complete description of the campus , the conditions of registration and application form are available on the website www.apare - ( Section CAMPUS Euromed ).


European research and mobility grants for European studies Charles V European Award - José Manuel Durão Barroso: "History, memory and European integration from the point of view of EU transatlantic relations"


The European Academy of Yuste Foundation announces its European Research and Mobility Grants for European Studies'Charles V European Award-José Manuel Durão Barroso' and its 'VII Summer Doctoral Seminar inContemporary European Multidisciplinary Studies' with the academic supportof SEGEI (Socio-Economic Governance and European Identity) Research Network,and the University of Extremadura, to take place at the Royal Monastery ofYuste (Extremadura, Spain) in the second semester of 2014. The grants are supported by the European Commission through the Europe for CitizensEuropean Programme. To qualify for these grants candidates should be European or American students in the process of writing a Ph.D. dissertation on the topic of "History, memory and European integration from the point of view of EUtransatlantic relations". Candidates should not have obtained a similar Charles V Award grant from the European Academy of Yuste Foundation or from the SEGEI Network in previous editions.

Applications for a grant should be submitted by the 30th June 2014.


Interview with Ferdinand Richard, President of the Roberto Cimetta Fund - by Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio


Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio, expert of the Roberto Cimetta Fund, has interviewed the Chairman of the association, Ferdinand Richard, exploring the concept and role of "cultural mobility" in the euro-arab geographical zone.


You will find the full text of the interview here.


Call for residence - Goethe Institute and Camargo Foundation. Deadline: 30/05/2014


The Goethe Institute and the Camargo Foundation has launched a call for residence about the issue of artistic interventions in public space. The topics include art in public space, architecture, projects and facilities in-situ planning. 

This call is open to teams of 1 to 4 people, one of them to be based in Germany. The selected team will be welcomed for one month at he Camargo Foundation in Cassis,  in the fall of 2014 or early 2015.


The deadline for applications is 30 May 2014. 

You can find further information here.


Call for applications - Summer Jazz Academy, Groznjan, Croatia. Deadline: 1/07/2014


Summer Jazz Academy is held together with theinternational jazz festival ‘JAZZ IS BACK BP’, whichreceived the Best European Small Festival Award in 2008 (European Jazz Award Committee). All the participants will have opportunity to spendevenings listening to concerts of their professionalcolleges as part of the ”JAZZ IS BACK BP” festival and also have the opportunity to perform (individuallyand in the groups) in the festival program.


Main themes of Summer Jazz School in Grožnjan are:

1. Big Band & small bands (combo)

2. Individual classes: Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone,Double Bass, Drums, Piano, Bass, Guitar

3. Vocal class

4. Function of the good rhythm section

5. Improvisation techniques

6. Jazz theory /harmony, reading, arrangements…./


Working hours: every day from 9 am till noon, and from 4 pm - 7 pm. One day off for leisure time spent on the beaches of beautiful Croatian coast of Istria.


You can find further information here


Exchange platform - Arab world - Balkans


87 participants from 8 Arab countries (Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria, Syria, Morocco, Palestine,), 9 CEI countries (Serbia, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland) and from Irak, Turkey, France, Spain, Portugal, Malta and Greece discussed networking, advocacy and regional models of cooperation from 8th to 9th May 2014 at POGON, Centre for Independent Culture and Youth, Zagreb with the support of the Croatian Ministry of Culture, the City of Zagreb, the Central European Initiative, the Anna Lindh Foundation, the French Institute of Belgrade and the Kultura Nova Foundation. To download the programme, click here; to download the list of participants click here.


For performers, directors, choreographers, dancers and actors


International Stage Directors Labdepartment promoting and supporting aspiring artists from all over the world
inviting choreographers, directors, dancers, actors and performers from different countries
to join the practical training sessions at the repertory drama theater in Russiain summer-autumn season 2014:
9 weeks

4 weeks

3 weeks

The working language for the international participants is English.

Find out about dates, location, programme, conditions and application on



Istikshaf Online Petition, Policy Agenda


The Roberto Cimetta Fund would like to thank all those who have signed the petition and supported the Istikshaf policy agenda, which can be viewed by clicking on this link. To this day, the initiative has reached 257 signatures, from 47 differents countries. Your support is crucial in order to improve and promote artistic and cultural mobility in the euro-Mediterranean, as a fundamental element for intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding between different countries.We invite you to keep on supporting this cause, and to share the petition on your social network / official websites. 


Thank you for your interest !


Balkan-Arab Exchange Platform, 8th-9th May 2014


The Roberto Cimetta Fund (RCF) provides its expertise to develop Euro-Arab relations that directly benefits local artists working at international level.


With the support of the Croatian Ministry of Culture, the City of Zagreb, the Central European Initiative, the Anna Lindh Foundation and Kultura Nova Foundation, RCF will be organising an exchange platform entitled “Enlightening hidden passes: the reality of cultural mobilities between the Balkans, Europe and the Arab world”. The meeting will be held at POGON, Zagreb Centre for Independent Culture and Youth, on the 8th and 9th May 2014.


The aim of the exchange platform is to explore the current situation of artistic and cultural mobility between the two regions (Balkans and Arab world). More specifically, the Zagreb Meeting will be the ideal continuation of the RCF Belgrade workshop[1] which was organised on 11/09/2013. This follow-up meeting in Zagreb, Croatia provides the opportunity to continue to make headway through networking and advocacy to formulate solutions for cultural cooperation. Our meetings aim to build the capacities of the artists and cultural managers we support so that they can structure and develop, on a longer term, cross-border cooperation, networks and art projects. Mobility should be seen as a return trip bringing back potential to the starting point of the journey; potential in terms of multilateral partnerships that require specific know-how.


Because artists and cultural managers have a vital role to play in society-building (through critical processes, community activism, remembrance, diversity of cultural productions) we believe that their travel between the Balkans and the Arab world is essential and needs to be highlighted and supported. By bringing these actors together we want to advocate for recognition of the importance of these connexions and allow for real encounters to take place, which foster the trust and affiliations necessary for sustainable partnerships.


Speakers from EU, Arab and CEI countries who have regional network-building experience will provide knowledge and skills and will insist on concrete result-making plenary sessions and speed or slow dating discussions. We hope this will serve to build real Balkan-Balkan, Euro-Balkan-Arab and Arab-Balkan networks and sustainable models of international cooperation through mutualisation of artistic practice focusing on promotion of minority cultures, intercultural dialogue, conflict resolution through culture and arts, local micro-funding and international fundraising.



Call for residence - Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture. Deadline 28/03/2014


- Application Period: Friday, 28 February -Friday, 28 March 2014 (By Korean time 24:00)

- Application Field: Visual Artist
- Residency

1) Korean Artists

- The whole fields of visual arts: 9 artists (artist teams)

- Based on Community & Research: 2 artists (artist teams)

- Technology based on Media arts: 1 artist (artist teams)

2) International Artists

- The whole fields of visual arts: 13 artists (artist teams)

- Participate in Community & Research Project exhibition: 2 artists (artist teams)


Exhibition will be held in November


You can find further information here.



Call for entries - 36e Cinemed


Dates of the 36th Cinemed: 24 October-1 November 2014. 

Online submission of films to be selected for the different competition or panorama sections is available from 17 February to 31 August 2014 on the website 

Participation is open to films completed since 1 July 2013. The subject and handling of the films must contribute to the cinematic representation of the Mediterranean and the director must be from one of the states in the Mediterranean Basin, the Black Sea states, Portugal or Armenia.

Deadlines for registration: 

- Fiction features: 31 August 2014 

- Fiction shorts: 15 July 2014 

- Documentaries: 15 July 2014

- Development Grant: 15 July 2014 

Conditions of participation: see Submission 


Call for applications - Scholarships for for professional dancers, choreographers, actors and circus performers, "ArtUniverse"


Project Title: 
International Physical Theatre Laboratory 2014

Project Dates and Location:
May 16-24 - Tuscany, Italy

For the Lab in Italy each scholarship grant covers up to 300,00 EUR of the total participation fee.

July 7-12 - Styria, Austria

For the Lab in Austria each scholarship grant covers up to 400,00 EUR of the total participation fee.

Selection Criteria and Eligibility
Who can apply?dancers, choreographers, actors (dance theatre, physical theatre, drama theatre, musical theatre), contemporary circus performers


You can find further information here.


Call for applications - Prix for Young Curators. Deadline 14/03/2014


Museum de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo (MARCO), Fonds régional d’art contemporain de Lorraine (FRAC) and Sogn of Fjordane Kunstmuseum(SFKM) are now accepting submissions for the 2014 edition of their Award for Young Curators. Participants will have the chance to propose and develop an original project in the exhibition venues at MARCO, FRAC and SFKM.

For more information and to submit, please click here. 


Call for applications - Artistic residence in New York City. Deadline 1/04/2014


The International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) and Edge of Arabia in partnership with Art Jameel announce an open call for artists currently living and working full time in the Middle East and North Africa. One or two artists will be selected to undertake a three- to six-month residency.


For more information and to apply, please click here


ENCATC International Study Tour, Shangai, 9-12 April 2014


ENCATC, the leading European network on arts and cultural management and policy education, is organising the 2nd ENCATC International Study Tour to take place in Shanghai, China from 9-12 April 2014.

Researchers, academics, cultural managers, artists, policy makers, and students are invited to attend the International Study Tour in Shanghai, one of Asia’s fastest-growing cities with an innovative and expanding art scene. The Tour will be enhanced by lectures and study visits that will reveal the inner workings of this vibrant city and its rich cultural offer.


You can find further information here.


Call for applications - International Award UCLG – MEXICO City – Culture21. Deadline 31/03/2014


The objective of the “International Award UCLG - Mexico City - Culture21”, promoted by Mexico City and the Culture Committee, is to recognize leading cities and people that have distinguished themselves through their contribution to culture as a dimension of sustainable development. The Award is also expected to contribute to the dissemination and implementation of Agenda 21 for culture. The Award proves the leadership of Mexico City in the area of culture and sustainable development. 


The Award has two categories. 


This category will award a city, local or regional government whose cultural policy has contributed significantly to linking the values of culture (heritage, diversity, creativity and transmission of knowledge) with democratic governance, citizen participation and sustainable development.  The award will be given to the local or regional government candidate that wins a competitive call process, open to UCLG (direct or indirect) members.This award will recognize an original policy, programme or project that explicitly includes the principles of Agenda 21 for culture. The action awarded should count on, at least, two years of execution and have documented proof of the impact and the successes achieved.The winning city will receive the amount of 50,000 euros, which will be used for the international promotion of the project (the publication of a book, participation in forums, international visibility) and to strengthen the local implementation of the Agenda 21 for culture.All the good submissions will be highlighted in our website, and they will be promoted as “good practices on culture in sustainable development”.


This category will award an internationally renowned person who has made a fundamental contribution to the relationship between culture and development.This award will be designated by the Jury, without an open competition process. The organisers invite all the members of UCLG (direct or indirect) to make spontaneous nominations of a personality.The selected personality will receive the amount of 25,000 euros.


The deadline for submission of projects is 31st March 2014.


You can download the information brochure, the rules and the application form in the website and contact the Committee on Culture of UCLG for requests and more information:


The Political Manifesto of Culture Action Europe for the european elections 2014


The european cultural network Culture Action Europe published a political manifesto for the next European elections, to be held in May. Culture Action Europe is presenting its vision for the European project and made ​​a number of demands to the future parliament. This document was sent to the parties, MEPs and all political groups.


Please publish this manifesto on your websites and social media and help CAE to disseminate it to national political parties and ideally to candidates in your country.


Istikshaf Coalition Survey


The Roberto Cimetta Fund is a member of the Istikshaf Policy Coalition, which has compiled a survey that you are invited to fill in before Thursday 27th February 2014. It will not take more than 10 minutes to fill in the survey. This online research (survey) covers all regions and countries in order to gather important data needed to assist our efforts in understanding the positive impact of mobility. The objective of this survey is to understand the barriers that artists and socials entrepreneurs are facing and the impact of travel and crossing borders on people’s knowledge and skills, as well as the impact on society and macro economy. 


Please click on one of the following links to fill in the survey :


The English survey link.


The Arabic survey link.


 The survey will gather this data in order to design a set of recommendations related to information, processes, visa applications and constraints, as stated in the Regional Mobility and Freedom of Movement Policy Agenda.


To read the policy agenda click here


Call for applications - emerging artists. Franklin Furnace Fund. Deadline 1/04/2014


Every year, the Franklin Furnace Fund awards grants support emerging artists to produce major performance art works. International artists are invited to apply and, if selected, to present their work in New York. Grants range between $2,000 and $10,000. Franklin Furnace has no curator, but a panel of artists that review all applications. Deadline for applications: 1 April 2014.


Call for applications: Young Curators' Workshop, Berlin Biennale. Deadline 28/02/2014


The Young Curators' Workshop takes place during Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art : it is a space of reflection about the exhibition as an active political space, open to negotiation and experimentation. 10 to 12 international young curators will be selected for this workshop.


Deadline for applications: 28 February 2014.

Further information here.


Young Arab Theatre Fund (YATF) - Calls for production and touring


The Young Arab Theatre Fund (YATF) is an international organization designed to serve independent young artists living and working in the Arab World. The long term goal of YATF is to encourage the sustainability of the independent artistic scene in the Arab World and to nurture and sustain its development. Deadlines: three fixed deadlines per year, on the 1st of January, 1st of May and 1st of September.


You can find further information here


Call for applications. Art Residency Paris. Deadline 25/03/2014


The residency  proposed is organized with the support of the City of Paris within its residenciesʼ program at the Cité internationale des Arts.
Choreographer artists, video directors, plasticiens, circassiens, performer, all creator of new expression forms. Artists from the relation to the other who develop an approach in relation to human contexts, social and economic.


Click here for further information


Call for application for visual artists: Gallery Villa del Arte. Deadline 10/03/2014


The gallery, founded in 1996, represents more than 30 national and international artists, both established and emerging, working in painting, photography and sculpture. Villa del Arte promotes the artists' works locally and internationally through exhibitions held in the gallery and our participation in numerous well-known art fairs around the world. 


This call for proposals aims to offer a platform to professional visual artists for exhibiting and selling work of promising quality and recognizable merit. This opportunity, open to all artists worldwide, contributes to advance their career on the international art scene. 


Click here for further information.


Call for applications: 36th Cinemed


The International Mediterranean Film Festival of Montpellier 2014 will take place from 24th October to the 1st November.


Movies online registration for the selection in different competitions and panoramas is open from February 17th to August 31st on the official  website.

Participation is open to films completed since 1 July 2013. The subject and handling of the films must contribute to the cinematic representation of the Mediterranean and the director must be from one of the states in the
Mediterranean Basin, the Black Sea states, Portugal or Armenia. 


Deadline for registration:
- Feature film fictions: August 31st, 2014
- Short feature fictions: July 15th, 2014
- Documentaries: July 15th, 2014
- Development grants: July 15th, 2014


Further information on Submissions.


Global Art Forum 2014 - Dubai and Doha


Art Dubai announced its Global Art Forum 2014 featuring participants from the worlds of art, architecture, film, literature, history, theatre and commentary.  This year’s forum is supported by AFAC and is taking place over five days—March 15-16 in Doha and March 19-21 in Dubai.

More information about the forum here


Call for applications: Arab Documentary Photography Programme. Deadline 15/04/2014


The Arab Fund for Art and Culture and the Prince Claus Fund in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in partnership with the Magnum Foundation in New York, USA, are launching the Arab Documentary Photography Program (ADPP). The ADPP is a program jointly funded by AFAC and PCF and will run from 2014 to 2016, targeting creative documentary photographers in the Arab region. A jurors’ committee comprised of Arab and international experts will select up to 10 grantees to receive financial and professional support to complete their proposed photography projects.



Timeline of the 2014 call

Close call: April 15th 2014
Announcement of grantees: June 15th 2014
First Workshop: July 21st 2014
Second Workshop: January 15th 2015


You can find further information here.


Open forums report analysis


Halfway through the first year of work, four open forums have broadened the Paideia 4D approach to a wide public in each department. 656 people (politicians, officers of the General Council, partners and inhabitants) came together to share their conception of cultural rights, their inclusion in professional practice and, more broadly, in the development and implementation of public policies. 

Soon, here, the analysis report of these four forums.


Call for Applications: Singapore Fringe Festival. Deadline 7/03/2014


The M1 Singapore Fringe Festival is an annual festival of theatre, dance, music, visual arts and mixed media created and presented by Singaporean and international artists. Themed differently each year, the Festival aims to bring the best of contemporary, cutting-edge and socially-engaged works to the Singapore audience. The M1 Singapore Fringe Festival is set to be a creative centre, with a twin-purpose of innovation and discussion.

The theme for M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2015 is Art and Loss. They are looking for works in all disciplines that will fall within that theme. They accept applications from professional Singapore and international artists / companies.


You can find further information here.


Call for applications: Programme "Acting for Equality", France-Turkey, Deadline 23/02/2014


Humanity in Action (HIA) France offers training projects to students, so they can develop an approach the theme of "diversity", through an historical and comparative point of view, aware of the ground realities. Despite their diversity, these new players in public life have one thing in common: the desire to strengthen social cohesion in France and fight against discrimination.  At the end of this phase of meetings and exchanges, the program will end in Istanbul with the organization of an international conference from 26 June to 30 June 2014. French students will have the opportunity to meet participants from other summer programs organized by associations in the United States and five other European countries (Germany, Bosnia, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland).


You can find further information here.


Call for applications: Project "Agence A vous Agir". Deadline 9/02/2014


The manifestos and programs of European Parties for the European Parliament elections next May, will be analyzed by a transnational working group on an issue of their choice ( i.e., proposals for youth employment) and using a methodology that will be discussed at a meeting in Lyon on 22 and 23 February 2014. This comparative analysis will be the foundation for a large participatory discussion, to be held in Lyon in April,  it will therefore stimulate debate for a confrontation of ideas with candidates for the European Parliament elections in May. Transport and accommodation charges for 5 European participants will be covered by European Alternatives. If you want to be part of the transnational group of participants send a short motivational text (in French or in English, stating your language level) to with the reference "Project Agence A vous d'Agir" before February the 9th.


Call for Applications: CSAV Artists Research Laboratory. Date limite 31/03/2014


30th June - 24th July 2014


Tacita Dean - Comoggardising: the benefits of creative indolence

CSAV – Artists Research Laboratory is a project where dialogue and exchange among artists of different generations and nationalities stand at the heart of a unique artistic and learning experience. The lab is open to fifteen young artists of all nationalities, selected among the applicants by a jury. The programme lasts twenty-four days during which the participants attend a daily workshop activity and theoretical seminars run by the invited artist, the director, the curator and guest lecturers, as well as conferences held by artists, critics and experts of other disciplines.


You can find further information here


The ALF Rethinking the Role of Citizens in the Arab Awakening


The Anna Lindh Foundation is organising a Consultation Meeting about ‘The role of Citizens in building Open and Plural Societies’. The meeting, which take place in Tunis from the 29th to the 31st of January, is organised in collaboration with the ALF Head of Network in Tunisia “We Love Sousse” and the Foundation for the Future and with the support of the European Union.
Read more about it on the new website.


Call for Applications: Sundance Institute. Deadline 1/07/2014


The Sundance Institute invites artists to create a unique, compelling, and personal Short Film that explores an empowering person or an optimistic story about individuals and communities who are overcoming poverty and hunger, combating disease, or improving health. The aim is to use the power of independent film and collective creativity to inspire a global conversation around innovative solutions that real people are using to conquer these challenges (10 000$ prize available). More information on the official website.


Call for Residency. Deadline 15/03/2014


The École de danse contemporaine de Montréal is recognized for the rigorous training it provides its students. It prepares professional and versatile dancers through quality instruction as well astechnical, artistic and personal development tools, thus opening the door to a career in today’s world of contemporary dance.


EDCM will welcome one choreographer for a four-month residency, from the 1st of September to the 20th of December 2014. The aim of this project is to create a choreographic work of a length of 30 minutes for a group of 15 to 20 dancers.


More information / How to apply?


Call for Applications: International Summer School on Performer's physicality


International Summer School on Performer's Physicality


- physical theatre

- performer's physicality

- from training to performance


theatre practitioners from all over the world!professional dancers, actors, choreographers, versatile curious performers

dates:7/07 - 12/07

geographical location: southeast of Austria


You can find further information here


Launch of an Arab-Balkan virtual platform


The Roberto Cimetta Fund organised the “Arab-Balkan - platform for exchange” on 11th September 2013 in Belgrade in the framework of the YUropa conference coordinated by the Serbian Cultural Contact Point.


Over 90 artists, operators, journalists, institutional representatives, experts and Board members of RCF and regional members of the Istikshaf platform from 14 countries (Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, France, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey) took part. 


You will read the final report by clicking here.


The Roberto Cimetta Fund is pleased to announce that a knowledge sharing forum will be set up by the beginning of April 2014 in a spirit of international collaboration and generosity.


The network of artists initiated by the Roberto Cimetta Fund all from the Arab world and the wider Europe. The main objectives are to share knowledge on the conditions in which the participants of the forum are working particularly in the Arab and Balkan regions, to communicate the similarities and dissimilarities of these conditions, to identify the specific and shared problems or challenges faced by the members, to collectively search for solutions that can be implemented (reciprocally or effectively) and elaborate realistic strategies through collective actions or support through members’ own communities or countries.


If you are interested by this initiative please contact the RCF to receive more information:


Call for Applications: Transdisciplinary residence. Deadline 14/02/2014


Nature, adversity, etc. – A call for proposals for a transdisciplinary residency at Utopiana (Geneva, Switzerland). 
The propositions may be comprised of artistic projects in different media, workshops, or other forms of interventions. Utopiana is developing its activities around three axes: artist residencies, “Plantopic” – a research and gardening project – and a public event entitled “The Beast and Adversity,” the latter to be held in 2015. 


For further information, visit the website


Call for Applications: New travel grants for arab youth


In the framework of Istikshaf, Safar Fund and "Tammey for Youth Development" present new travel grants between Arab States for Arab youth, 15-35 years old, who are interested or working in arts. For further information, visit


Call for Applications: Sharjah Foundation Production Programme. Deadline: 31/01/14


The Sharjah Art Foundation (SAF) Production Programme broadens the possibilities for the production of art in the MENASA region through a commitment to support innovation and excellence in artistic practice by encouraging risk and experimentation. 

Arts practitioners are invited to propose imaginative, ambitious and inspirational projects that will transform our understanding of what art is and how it can be experienced. 

You can find more information here



Call for Applications: International Residential Workshop, Italy, May 16-24



From 16th to 24th May 2014


The International Residential Workshop, Italy, is inviting participants from different countries and performing arts disciplines -
dancers, actors, choreographers, multidisciplinary performers, performing arts teachers and senior students of dance, theatre and circus,
to join the intensive week of practical creative research of the contemporary performance making and training practice.

The workshop will take place in Tuscany in the Province of Massa and Carrara, famous for the legendary white Carrara marble, Apuan Alps and the sky-blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The organizers provide accommodation and meals for the group at the seaside resort with private beach.
The territory of the hotel is surrounded with the pine forest.

Participants will enjoy the freshness of the sea air and the natural beauty of the local landscape.
Each day before breakfast will begin with the outdoor warm-up in fresh air. The programme of practical physical training will run full day with breaks for lunch and dinner.
In the evening participants will share and discuss their ideas, relevant topics and questions and will discover some additional creative tasks.

To book the spot in the group and to find out more about the practical programme and details,
please visit the web site


Apply Now - Extended Deadline : 22/01/14


Tandem / Shaml offers eight cultural organisations based in Germany and other European countries (incl. Turkey) a unique opportunity to establish long-term cooperation links with partner organisations from the Arab countries across the Mediterranean. 

For more information


Djart 6-15/11/14 Algiers


Transcultural dialogues will be organizing Djart in Algiers from 6th to 15th November.  A cultural mobility panel discussion regarding experiences that can shape future impact on policy makers and availability of guidelines, moderated by the team will take place during the festival.

Stay tuned if you are interested:



Culture Action Europe reacts to Mr. Juncker's proposal for a new European Commission


Culture Action Europe has just published a statement concerning the project of a new European Commission presented by the President Juncker. Auditions of new Commissioners in front of the European Parliament are taking place beginning of October, particularly the new Commissioner for Culture, Education, Youth and Citizenship. To download this statement, click here or visit Culture Action Europe's website



Festival Guelmin - Call for short films


The 5th Edition of the Festival of short films in Guelmin Morocco is looking for short films by young creative talents.


To fill in the registration form click here


For more information contact : 

E-mail :

Tel : 0673506058 / 0646149186 / 0623769966


Mobilizing memory - women witnessing", Istanbul 5/09 - 3/10/2014


The surveillance device was broken on that particular day; it did not record, nor save any of the data that would show the violent incident that happened in front of its mechanical eye. The only remaining witnesses are human, who are “biased”, “emotional”, and whose accounts cannot be considered as “facts”.

How many humans’ witnessing would be equal to one properly working camera? If my words are not sufficient proof of the “facts,” can anyone stop me from remembering what I experienced? For more information on this exhibition at Depo Istanbul visit Isin Onol's website



Marsam 301 - Open Call - Deadline : 20/10/2014


From and to Bethlehem - a program for hosting art in the city of Bethlehem


This program is open to all artists around the world. "From and to Bethlehem" opens its doors to receive requests from activist artists to deliver their art activities in public spaces in the city, by hosting them for a period of time ranging between one month to three months maximum, starting from November 2014.


Applicants can be actors and activists in artistic researching, cultural journalism, and directors. 


In order to open the door of communication and sharing, exchange and dialogue to break the siege of the occupational apartheid wall on the  three sides of the city, we also strive to provide an atmosphere of exchange between local artists from outside the area of Bethlehem, Arab and international artists to visit Bethlehem and reside there.


We aim to contribute to enriching the artistic mobility, and building an open space between Palestine and both Arab and International world. 


Accordingly, Marsam 301 announces that we opened the door for receiving applications for the next phase, for a number of two art activists, starting from the date of 20 \ 9 \ 2014 until 20 \ 10 \ 2014, while marsam 301 will ensure the provision of the following:


- A residence place at marsam 301 - Logistic services. 

- helping the resident in assisting and coordinating with local and government institutions, and the local community 

- Issuing a visiting permit to the Arab residents. 

- Helping to hold workshops and promote ideas with the local community.


Terms of submission:

- the staying term/length.

- The reasons for the visit.

- Contribute to the cultural and social interaction in Palestine

- the CV. 

- Previous work or writings or movies for participants

- travel costs and personal expenses are on the resident.

Send your application to :



Dancing on the Edge - Call for entries - Deadline 6/10/2014


For the fifth edition of the Dancing on the Edge Festival, to take place in November 2015 in a number of Dutch cities, we are looking for contemporary dance and theater performances as well as (multimedia) installations/art works from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The multidisciplinary and contemporary festival focusing on (exchange with) the MENA region, is a platform for artists from the region to show what moves them. An extensive context program and other activities complement and enrich the artistic program. For more information click here.


Call - Fondation Liban Cinéma - Deadline: 30/09/2014


Fondation Liban Cinema is organizing a fiction feature films script rewriting workshop. for more information contact



RCF Open Call for Travel Grants - deadline : 30/09/2014


The Roberto Cimetta Fund is launching the second 2014 open call for travel grants from 1st to 30th September 2014. Artists and cultural operators living and working in the Euro-Arab geographical region can apply in Arabic, English or French. Priority is given to mobility from the South and East of these regions.


The open call concerns three separate mobility funds: the RCF/Conseil Général des Bouches du Rhône Fund, a new funding line RCF/Ministry of Culture of Iraq Fund, and another new funding line RCF/Conseil Régional Ile-de-France Fund. This call is therefore open for travel from or to the cities and regions that are partners of the Conseil Général des Bouches du Rhône, as well as travel from or to Iraq, and finally from or to the Ile-de-France Region.


The following general criteria of RCF apply to this fund:

1) The aim of your trip must directly or indirectly show potential for a constructive and long-term impact on the arts sector in the Euro-Arab geographical region. This means that your travel must contribute to your own capacity building, which in turn can be shared in a “networking” fashion that will benefit connecting artists and operators in your own country or region so as to maintain, renew and develop contemporary arts.

2) Your trip can take place as soon as the call opens but in this case you run the risk of buying your ticket without knowing if the application is successful or not.

3) Applicant’s profile

-     No nationality or age criteria: Applicant lives or works in the Euro-Arab geographical region.

-     Profession: performers, creators, art teachers, cultural organisers, art administrators, cultural project leaders.

-     Financial means: applicants who are unable to find the financial resources themselves.

4) Applications must be made by individuals not organisations. Only 3 members of a group can apply for a grant concerning the same project. A grant holder can only reapply twice. Applicants must choose the cheapest form of transport and can only apply for one international return travel ticket and visa costs (local transport, per diems and accommodation costs are not reimbursed).


The results will be announced on :

1st December 2014 (Deadline for receiving applications: 30/09/2014)


The online questionnaire will become active on 1st September. 



RCF opens a new Mobility fund for Mediterranean and Ile de France based artists to promote cultural diversity


The Roberto Cimetta Fund and the Regional Council Ile-de-France are opening an artistic and cultural mobility funding ine between the Ile-de-France region (City of Paris and surrounding region in France) and the following countries: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestinian territories, Tunisia, Turkey and Syria.


A series of open calls will be launched as from 1st September 2014 every three months until the funding has been provided. The trips of the grantees must take place before end of 2017. Artists and operators living and working in the Euro-Arab geographical region can candidate for a travel grant if they respect the criteria below.


The Roberto Cimetta Fund and the Regional Council Ile-de-France aim to promote initiatives lead by Arab youth and contribute to the renewal of Arab culture in Arab societies through learning and the sharing of experiences.


Applicants should have a well-prepared travel plan and chose a destination that can enrich their work in one of the eligible regions (Ile-de-France, Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, Turkey and Syria. Arab applicants who wish to travel to Ile-de-France can be hosted in residence, take part in a tour or other artistic production. The hosting organisation must not be funded by the Regional Council Ile-de-France. The artistic results of the trip should be visible in the Ile-de-France region. Grants will be directly transferd on the bank accounts of the selected artists on their return and on presentation of a report.


The aim of the applicant’s project must promote cultural diversity in one way or another. Cultural diversity is an ethical imperative to respect other cultures despite cultural differences. Supporting cultural diversity means accepting difference based on common cultural values and references. It also means supporting freedom of expression where the confrontation of ideas is promoted to further mutual understanding.


The first open call for travel grants will open on 1st September 2014 until 30th September. A second call will be launched on 1st December 2014 and a third call on 1st March 2015, and so on until all the funds have been allocated.


Applications can be made in Arabic, French and English.


The following specific criteria apply to the fund:


i)    The artistic results of the trip must be visible in the Ile-de-France region in one way or another (exhibition, performance, publication, workshop, etc.).

ii)   Cultural diversity must be supported. This implies that the trip must lead to preparing, producing, or researching about a cultural or art project that is open to all cultural expressions and promotes exchange between cultures.


For more details: and the website of the Regional Council Ile-de-France or contact:

If you want to apply please visit this website from 1st September 2014 onwards, click on “Apply for a travel grant”, fill in the information required. If your request is considered eligible you will receive a link to the online application form that you will have to fill in and submit before the deadline (30/09/2014). 



Open call for residency in Lebanon,Temporary Art Platform Deadline:15/06/2014 


An open call for a residency taking place this summer in the village of Meziara,Lebanon. 

This call is eligible for artists of all disciplines, writers, architects, designers, urban planners and other cultural practitioners.

More information can be found here:!open-call/c164h.



Open call for Applications for the Development of Documentary Films by Southern Mediterranean Filmmakers Deadline:20/08/2014 


This open call is eligible for citizens or residents in one of the countries:
Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria ,Tunisia & Turkey.

More information can be found here:



Open call for International video-art, photography, installation and performing art festival in Istanbul. Deadline 18/06/14


International ArtExpo is selecting all interesting photo works, video/short films, installations and performing art works to include in the next 2014 exhibitions:
It will be held at Mixer gallery in Istanbul (Turkey), from the 1st to the 10th of July 2014.
This call is eligible for photography, video art, installation and performing art.

More information can be found here:



Debate - 18/06/14 - Brussels


Human mobility v. border control : what is at stake for the EU migration policy in the Mediterranean ?

This debate is organised by the MEDEA Institute. For more information :


MyMed - Mobility of Youth - 7th June 2014


The projet MyMED, is a culture and citizenship project run by three dynamic French students to foster more interaction between youth in Europe and the Arab countries around the Mediterranean. They will be organising a workshop on mobility of young people in the Mediterranean in Paris on 7th June.

For more information : 

MyMED: Marie-Gabrielle Gaulard-Castello, Tiphaine Guérin, et Marion Maestripieri

+33 (0)6 31 45 63 68

Site internet : (FR/EN) / Facebook : MyMED project / Contact :


Call for projects: Young Tunisian artists for an artistic training in public space. Deadline 6/06/2014


“Conflicts and Resistance: The Artist Citizen & the Tunisian Public Space”

 Call for projects open to young Tunisian artists for a three-week artistic training in public space
Five candidates will be shortlisted.

November 10th to 28th, 2014 in Tunis
 The FAI-AR, European centre for artistic training in public space, and L’ART RUE association, initiator of the Dream City biennial of contemporary art in Tunis, join forces in order to carry out a 3 weeks long Euro-Mediterranean artistic training on the theme of “Conflicts and Resistance: The Artist Citizen & the Tunisian Public Space”.
From November 10th to 28th, 2014, a group of students mentored by an educational team from the FAI-AR centre are moving to Tunis to work on the challenges of citizenship in the Tunisian political and cultural context. They will be joined by Tunisian interns invited to take part to this training time.
This module falls under the “Fundamentals” of the higher training proposed by FAI-AR. These are sequences of three weeks each, based on the learning of certain skills specific to street art and their site-specific implementation. Constructed upon a precise theme, they are moderated by artists and pedagogues who open up their tool box to transmit their knowledge and experience to the learners. The Fundamentals are complemented by a cycle of conferences, called the research salons, inviting specialists to enlarge the focus of the research and to put in perspective the questions of the training.
Since 2007, L’ART RUE, local partner of this module, has become through the Dream City biennial of contemporary art in public space an unprecedented movement compounded by artists from all horizons gathered to “dream their city and society”. Dream City is a space of artistic inspiration and committed citizenship. It is a tool of mobilisation of the imagination at the service of public liberties, a space of reflection on the role of artists in post-revolutionary Tunisia.

Selma and Sofiane OUISSI, L’ART RUE / DREAM CITY Tunis 


Selma & Sofiane OUISSI: Body and movement in public space

Hela AMMAR: Pictures and images in public space

Sonia KALLEL: Materials, society and public space

Alia SELLAMI: Voice, sounds and public space

Souad BEN SLIMANE: Dramatic writing and staging in public space


 DATES: From November 10th to 28th, 2014 

LOCATION: Medina of Tunis 

APPLICATION DOCUMENTS: CV, Cover letter exposing your motivations for working on public space, portfolio of your artistic career


INFORMATION: Saloua BEN SALAH, coordinator: + 216 29 212 003 




Prospects of Arab Cinema


Prospects of Arab Cinema

Launch of the Prospects of Arab Cinema (PAC) as a parallel program to the 36th Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF), 2014.

The call has been opened for submission of films for the Prospects of Arab Cinema (PAC), a program organized by the Egyptian Filmmakers Syndicate, parallel the 36th Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF), 2014. PAC will be supervised by screenwriter Sayed Fouad and film critic Sherif Awad. Started on March 1, 2014, the submission will continue until September 9, 2014 for Arab films having the following criteria:

1. The film should be produced in 2013 or 2014, exceeding a runtime of 60 minutes.

2. The film should not be screened before in Egypt.

3. The film should not be broadcast before in any medium.

This tradition is the first of its kind in Egyptian festival as leading film critic Samir Farid, CIFF president, decided that the Egyptian Filmmakers Syndicate organizes PAC following a signed agreement with Moussaad Fouda, president of the syndicate. Underway is selecting the jury consisting of three members and choosing the three honorees filmmakers from the Arab world, as well as the side selection, a book on Arab cinema between 2013-2014 and round table on problems of film financing and distribution in the Arab world. 


Residency Programmes Forum, Zagreb, 5-6 June. Deadline 26/05/2014


Forum will explore practices of organising and supporting residency programmes, examining their role as hubs for inter-local and inter-cultural exchange. It will gather cultural professionals and artists from different fields of contemporary art, as well as decision-makers and experts. It will provide an opportunity to discuss and critically reflect on current practices and support models, to learn from each other and to share ideas on how residency programmes can be improved in order to resonate better with current and future cultural and social dynamics. Forum aims to contribute to the development of cultural policies that would provide an adequate support for such programmes in Croatia and other European countries that share similar challenges. Programme of the Forum consists of working sessions, panel discussions, conversations and presentations.



Registration is required due to the limited number of places. Registration is open until available places are full and no later than 26th of May 2014.  


You will find further information here.



Call for applications - Visa For Music, Deadline 15/05/2014


 1st edition of Visa For Music (VFM), Africa and Middle East Music Meeting, from November 12th to 15th 2014

Rabat – Morocco    


As the first professional music meeting gathering Africa and the Middle East, Visa For Music establishes itself as the unique international marketplace for World and New Music of these regions, and as the interprofessional platform for the music industry in Morocco and countries of the South.        Visa For Music will be punctuated by many activities, such as the showcases whose goal is to put the spotlight on major talents from Africa and the Middle-East but also conferences and documentary films projections, professional trainings, speed meeting, networking, professional sittings…


 Call for applications close on the 15th of May, so don’t waste time, you still have 15 days to apply!


You will find further information here.


Go vote! Bring a friend


Here's a very simple message European cultural networks and organisations want to circulate to encourage citizens to use their right to vote and influence the future of Europe. All of them are concerned by the high rates of abstention during European elections and the recent rise of extremism across Europe. These elections will – perhaps more than any previous EU elections – help decide the future direction of Europe. Some 350 million voters will have a say over how the EU should be governed for the next five years, including deciding who will become the next President of the European Commission. Cultural networks wish to contribute to the European debates and policies, defend democratic values and raise citizens' awareness of their power of decision. 


Read more and spread


Human Library of Mobility, Lille


Saturday, May 24 from 2 PM to 6 PM in Lille: numerous testimonies and events about mobility in Europe or internationally. 

Do you want to go abroad? Do you want to escape, to travel, study or work abroad? The CRIJ Nord-Pas de Calais  invites you to the Human Library of Mobility! You can meet people who have had an experience beyond our borders and want to share their stories with you!


You can find further information here.


Open call: submission of mobile phone footage of everyday - Europe and MENA region


This is an open call for submissions of short clips of the everyday from Europe and the MENA(Middle-East & North Africa) Region. 

Artist Sulaiman Majali is creating a piece of work involving the selection and curation of the submitted material in forming a piece of work which requires the public to participate in submitting short film documents of their respective situations and surroundings at the time of recording.

This project requires participants from Europe and the MENA region, to record "everyday" footage on their mobile phones, nothing staged, out of the ordinary or scripted, but a short (no longer than 2minute) documentation of their respective situations/surroundings/environments.
By submitting a short clip, the participant and all people who feature in their clips must agree to the footage being used for the creation and public exhibition of the work. Submissions that are used in the final production of the piece will be credited online at
Footage should be sent as AIFF, MP3, MPEG, WAVE, JPEG, TIFF, M4V, or MP4* File. (*Most common format for Smartphones)

For submissions and any queries you might have e-mail


"Lettres Syriennes/Lettre d'exil", Paris, Confluences, 9th-10th April, 190 bd de Charonne


The theatrical performance Syrian Letters / exile letters of Grenier Neuf Company, established in March 2013 at the Domaine d'O in Montpellier and relaunched in late November to the Maison d'Europe et d'Orient and also to the Elles résistent festival in Montreuil, returns toParis in April! The show will take place during the Festival "A Century of Resistance 1914-2014" at CONFLUENCES, on the 9th and 10th, at 8:30 PM. This performance is the first step to reflect on the events that are currently taking place in Syria. The next project of creation of the company Grenier Neuf will focus on the same theme: a trilogy composed of texts of the young Syrian writer Mohammad Al Attar (see attached file) that explain the three years of civil war in Syria and the process of "balkanization" of Syrian society.


1st edition of Visa For Music (VFM), Africa and Middle East Music Meeting, from 12th to 15th November, 2014.


As the first professional music salon for Morocco, the Middle East and Africa, Visa For Music promises to be a unique and indispensable international marketplace for World and New Music of these regions, and a professional platform for the music industry in Morocco and countries of the South. The main mission of Visa For Music is to promote the constitution of a music marketplace in Africa and Middle East.


Today, this market is insufficient whereas the local musical creation is extremely rich and diverse. Thus, Visa For Music has the ambition of creating a platform for greater visibility as well as an environment favoring creativity and professionalization in the cultural sector.If there is one country in Africa which can  legitimately claim the right to organise this event, then it is Morocco. In recent years the country has experienced a growth in the development of its cultural and musical landscape. Its great music festivals, whose reputation are spreading worldwide, are just one obvious proof of this.


Visa For Music will gather professionals of the music industry: artists, professional organizations, and groups, independent and major labels, cultural institutions and foundations, media and distributors, managers, agents… etc. The meeting will be punctuated by many activities, such as the showcases whose goal is to put the spotlight on new talents and booming artists. In order to do so, 24 artists / bands will be selected and will have the opportunity to perform in front of professionals and a prestigious jury. A tribute will also be given to some of the figures that have left a mark on the recent music history in Morocco, on the African continent and in the Middle East. A series of others activities will animate this meeting in order to make it an event full of interactivity and exchange: conferences and documentary films projection, professional trainings, speed-meeting, networking, professional sittings…On the fringe of Visa For Music 2014 the 4th edition of the International Conference on Creative Economy in Africa will be held, an annual meeting organized by ARTerial Network. This event will gather almost 300 participants of the cultural and artistic sector from the whole continent and beyond in order to tackle current fundamental issues and to formulate development and durability strategies for a dynamic African creative sector.


Visa For Music is organized with the support of:

-   The Ministry of Culture of the Kingdom of Morocco
-   The European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals (EFWMF)
-  The Foundation HIBA


You can find further information here



Call for proposals - Arab Documentary Photography Programme. Deadline 15/04/2014


The Arab Fund for Art and Culture and the Prince Claus Fund in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in partnership with the Magnum Foundation in New York, USA, are launching the Arab Documentary Photography Programme (ADPP). The ADPP is a programme jointly funded by AFAC and PCF and will run from 2014 to 2016, targeting creative documentary photographers in the Arab region. A jurors’ committee comprised of Arab and international experts will select up to 10 grantees to receive financial and professional support to complete their proposed photography projects.


You can find further information on the official website of the Prince Claus Fund.


ACP Cultures - Results of the 2nd Call for proposals


The ACP-EU Support Programme for the ACP Cultural Sector, ACPCultures+, is funding 37 new projects for a total of €15,020,663.70.
The Secretariat of the ACP Group of States and the European Commission are pleased to announce the results of the ACPCultures+ programme’s second Call for Proposals, launched on September 20th 2012 and closed on December 20th of the same year. Following a rigorous evaluation process in compliance with the criteria of the Practical Guide to Contract Procedures for EU External Actions, 37 new projects were finally selected for funding. 23 of these are concerned with cinema and the audiovisual industry and 14 represent other cultural industries*.

These projects will be implemented in more than 60 ACP countries by 158 organisations (117 ACP and 41 European), working in partnership. The number of applicants from the Caribbean, Southern Africa and East Africa is marked by an important increase, which means that the Programme is raising more and more interest in all ACP regions.
Out of the 37 selected applicants, 19 come from ACP States and 18 from Europe. Six are established in West Africa, four in Southern Africa and four others in East Africa. The Caribbean counts 4 project beneficiaries, while the Pacific joins the beneficiary regions for the first time with one project granted.
15 Actions are related to the distribution, broadcasting and promotion of cultural goods and services, in particular through festivals and online digital platforms; 11 are concerned with the training sector; 10 are concerned with producing cinematographic and audiovisual works and one project is about strengthening regulations in the cultural sector.
Implemented by the ACP Group of States and funded by the European Union (10th European Development Fund - EDF), the ACPCultures+ programme has the overall objective of contributing to the fight against poverty by consolidating viable cultural industries in ACP countries. The specific objectives of the 2nd Call for Proposals are the following:
Strengthen the creation and production of cultural goods and services within ACP States through an approach integrated with distribution networks,Support improved access to local, regional, intra-ACP, European and international markets for ACP cultural goods and services, Building the capacities of professionals of the cultural sectors in ACP States,Improve the regulatory environment of cultural sectors within ACP countries.Further to two Calls for Proposals launched in eighteen months, the ACPCultures+ programme now counts 57 projects that are being funded under the intra-ACP line of the 10th European Development Fund for a total amount in excess of €23,270,000.

In this way, the Secretariat of the ACP Group of States and the European Commission are confirming their commitment to cultural professionals in ACP States to work together side by side to protect cultural diversity and to develop ACP cultural and creative industries.


Call for Applications: "Artworks and Landmarks" workshop. Deadline 1/04/2014


The Seminar Artworks & landmarks intends to approach the cross-disciplinary/inter-media practices of contemporary artworks, with the intention to breakdown its boundaries by studying and interrogating its cultural contexts  rather than its disciplinary practices.Artworks & Landmarks are the two main subjects that inform and frame the activities, discourse and development process of the Seminar.The overall objective of the seminar is to invite a small group of participants to question and expand the notion of contemporary art practices related to the concept of displacement in different cultural contexts of the Mediterranean area. The program is based on applied artistic fieldwork research throughout a mobility period in the rural area of Tahanout (Marrakesh, Morocco), Barcelona (Spain) and Marseille (France).The Seminar also provides a critical framework for contemporary practice that is concerned more with ideas of process, mobility, flow, displacement and transmission, than with form, object, materials, and techniques. Therefore its program seeks to provide an understanding that can reflect, position, or map the shifting role of artwork in contemporary culture.


You can find further information here.


Questionnaire on new Agenda 21 for culture


The Agenda 21 for culture was approved in 2004 by UCLG. Today, it has accumulated 10 years of specific practices and meaningful experiences. We need to update it; we need a new charter on cities, culture and sustainable development, a new Agenda 21 for culture. 

We have prepared a QUESTIONNAIRE. We kindly ask you to devote a maximum of 10 minutes of your time to answer some questions so that we can learn from your experience and your expectations. We would also appreciate if you could disseminate this questionnaire to your networks. 
Should you require any additional information on the new Agenda 21 for culture, please visit the and do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat of the 


Call for applications - EXPOSURE photography competition. Deadline 13/03/2014


Powered by See.Me, the fifth annual EXPOSURE photography competition is an international call for image-makers of all backgrounds who speak in the language of lenses and aperture. Share your best photos and earn over $100,000 in awards, including a New York City Gallery Exhibition.


For more information and to submit, please click here


Call for applications - Travel Grants Mawa3eed. Deadline 20/03/2014


Applications are now being accepted for the Mawa3eed Travel Grant.  Mawa3eed was launched in 2006 to help cover the travel expenses for artists and cultural directors so that they could present their works or participate in artistic and cultural activities and events throughout the Arab world. Designed to support cultural and artistic exchange between artists and independent theaters, galleries, institutes and other cultural organizations, the Mawa3eed programmed offers Arab artists an important opportunity to circulate and disseminate their creative output throughout the region, as well as to exchange knowledge and expertise with their peers.


For more information and to apply, please click here.


Call for project proposals - Tunisian visual artists. Deadline 15/03/2014


The curators of the Parisian collective Glassbox and Kasbah Nova launched a call for project proposals to select 6 young Tunisian visual artists. Selected artists will benefits of training programmes during the residence and of an exposition in Paris and Tunis. Glassbox plans to establish a long-term sharing of experiences on the renewal of forms of the artistic object. The presentation of the works is every time considered after a dialogue with curators and external personalities. Kasbah Nova and Glassbox want this program to increase and emphisize the visibility of emerging Tunisian artists. 


For more information, click on the application form and visit the official website.


President of Tunisia, Moncef Marzouki, inaugurates the Forum for Education for intercultural citizenship


In the presence of His Excellency Moncef Marzouki, President of Tunisia, the Anna Lindh foundation in cooperation with the UNESCO club Bardo, launched the Arab Forum for Education for intercultural citizenship in the Tunisian capital, Tunis, in the framework of the Dawrak Programme.


To read the full story on the forum, please visit the website.



Call for Applications: Artistic Residences. Mediterranean Dance Center. Deadline 10/03/2014


 The Mediterranean Dance Center is a new space for residencies located in San Vincenti, Istria Region, Croatia. They have just announced an open call inviting artists from Croatia and abroad to apply for artistic residencies in San Vincenti.


In 2014, from July - October, they are planning 2 residencies in San Vincenti. The duration of a single residential stay is normally 8 – 15 days. 


For a residency in 2014, the deadline is March 10th, 2014.
For a residency in 2015 and future programs, the deadline is December 31st, 2014


You can find more information here.


Call for applications: the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture


The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) was established in 2007 by local cultural lobbyists as an independent initiative that funds individuals and organizations in the fields of cinema, performing arts, literature, music and visual arts while facilitating cultural exchange, research and cooperation across the Arab world and globally.


Two fundamental principles guide AFAC's mode of work: transparency in the grant giving process and independence through a diversity of funding sources.


Dates when calls will be open:

- 1st February 2014 for Visual Arts and Performing Arts (deadline: 1 May 2014)

- 1st May 2014 for Cinema

- 1st June 2014 for Music and RTR (Research, Training and Regional events)


Find all details online


UNESCO: International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD): Fifth Call for Funding Request


The IFCD provides support to projects that aim to foster the emergence of a dynamic cultural sector, primarily through activities facilitating the introduction and/or elaboration of policies and strategies that have a direct effect on the creation, production, distribution of and access to the diversity of cultural expressions as well as the reinforcement of institutional infrastructures supporting viable local and regional cultural industries.


Public authorities/institutions and NGOs from developing countries that are Parties to the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, as well as international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), are eligible to apply.  


Further information on the UNESCO official website


Call for Applications - Rekontigo. Deadline 16/03/2014


The cultural association Area C | Contemporary Cultures is pleased to announce a call for artists for the first edition of ‘Renkontiĝo – Incontri tra Arte e Territorio’, a project by Leonardo Regano and Liliana Serrone, with the support of the Puglia Region. The Project ‘Renkontiĝo – Incontri tra Arte e Territorio’ consists in a path through artistic sites and site-specific artworks within the city of Trani, aiming at the promotion and enhancement of the territory and particularly of its peculiar places, using contemporary art to give them new vital stimula.


Four artists will be selected for the project and they will be staying in the territory of Trani for one month, while they will be asked to make two works, the first one by themselves, in complete autonomy, and the second one through workshop, involving different local actors and social realities such as elementary schools, art institutes, recreational and community centres for elderly people, associations for disability.


Deadline for applications: 16 March 2014.

Find all the details online.



The Arab Image Foundation is seeking a Head of Collections. Deadline 31/03/2014


Since its establishment in 1997, the Arab Image Foundation has been collecting, preserving and studying photography in the Middle East and beyond. The AIF now seeks its first Head of Collections to oversee the development, study and dissemination of its growing collection.


The ideal candidate should have a post-graduate degree or a PhD in art history, history of photography, visual anthropology, or related fields, or demonstrate equivalent experience.Research interests must include history, art history, history of photography, theory of photography and contemporary art, both within and outside the region. Applicants must have conducted research within the region, and must have published relevant articles, essays or books on relevant topics. Applicants must have professional experience in project conception and implementation (including exhibitions, publications, conferences, etc).Applicants must have vision and leadership, yet must be excellent team players. Candidates should master English and Arabic - knowledge of French is desirable. 


Further information here


Mashrek Youth Dialogue with Local Authorities


Anna Lindh Foundation organises a forum on the participation of young people in local public life in Beirut, from 17 to 22 February, in cooperation with the Bureau of United Cities and Local Governments (Technical Office of Lebanese Cities) and the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO, the head of the Anna Lindh Network in Lebanon, in the framework of Dawrak - Citizens for Dialogue programme.
Read more about the forum here


Call for applications: IFA 2014. Deadline postponed to 25/02/2014


The residential program of research and professional training, promoted and founded in 2006 by Inteatro, that gives the opportunity to young performers to work with established artists of the international theatre and dance scene for the development of their practice and the creation of new artistic work. 


The program has a maximum of 15 vacancies for young artists/performers aged between 18 and 35 years, of different nationalities.The selection is primarily addressed to dancers, choreographers, performers with experience in dance / physical theatre / circus.


You can find further information here.


Call for applications: Atelier for Young Festival Managers. Deadline 15/04/2014


The Festival Academy (initiative by the European Festivals Association) and Malta Festival Poznan are delighted to launch the Open Call for Applications for the next Atelier for Young Festival Managers from 20-27 October 2014 in Poznan, Poland.


The Atelier for Young Festival Managers is an intense and rigorous 7-day training platform addressed at emerging artistic festival directors or those who have ambitions to become involved in programming or in programming-related departments within a festival. It is all about sharing experiences and passing on knowledge to a next generation of festival makers: knowledge about programming a festival, while focusing on the very essence of art festivals: the arts and the artist.


The Atelier will select 45 young festival managers from all over the world.

All information on the Atelier, selection criteria, application procedure and application form can be found on the Atelier website. 


Call for volunteers: International conference on the Creative Economy. Deadline 15/04/2014


The Racines Association for Cultural Development in Morocco and Africa is seeking volunteers for the annual organization of the 4th International Conference on the Creative Economy in Africa, to be held in Rabat, Morocco, from November 13th to November 15th 2014.


Our objective is to strengthen the organization and preparation ahead of the ACEC particularly at the level of communication, logistics and coordination of all activities that will take place before and during this event.



• First level (option1): from September 15th to November 15th, 2014.
• Second level (option 2): from November 10th to November 15th, 2014.


Applications must be sent before April 15th, 2014 to the following email: Please include a resume and a cover letter (5 to 10 sentences), while specifying your choice (option 1 or 2) inside your email.


You can find further information here.



The Media Project

13.02.2014 aims to be a One Stop Shop for information related to culture in the Post-2015 Development Agenda.


The project plan was developed in recognition of the challenges the culture sector has to communicate its work to a wider audience. It aims to consolidate and distribute all information, past, present and future, related to culture and the Post-2015 Development Agenda, in order to inform and educate.


The media project is initiated by the International Institute for the Inclusive Museum (IIIM) and its Director, Professor Amareswar Galla. To setup and run for two years will cost around €9,500, or about €100 euro per week. The crowdfunding campaign ends on March 14, 2014.


For further information.



Call for applications: International Residency Programme, CCDC


Open to emerging professional artists from Egypt, the Middle East, Africa and beyond, who work in the areas of contemporary dance and performance. The Cairo Contemporary Dance Center annual residency program offers artists in residence with a working space, artistic feedback, artistic accompanyment and presentation and exchange platforms.


Calls for Residences are open all year to those interested.


- A short motivation statement

- A project description

- A short summary of your project description (max.1000 characters)

- Curriculum vitae for everyone involved in the project

All applications must include links to full length video examples of your own work. 


Application requests are sent here.


Call for applications: Bains Numerique Award. Deadline 12/02/2014


The Bains Numériques Festival is an international transdisciplinary event - a combination of concerts, screenings, live performance and installations - that takes over the town of Enghien-les-Bains for one week. Now in its 8th year, from 14 to 20 June the Festival will reveal the creative and social potential of the region via a programme of works that embraces the public space and its residents.



• The projects must be able to be adapted to the technical specifications (cf. rules);

• The submitted project must have been created and produced after September 2012 or be making its premiere at the festival;

• The works must not have been presented in Île-de-France (the greater Paris region) before the dates of the festival.



- 12 February: Final deadline for receiving applications

- 12 February - 5 March: Project selection period

- Before 5 March: Proposal of project showcase date

- 14 to 20 June: Programming of selected works

- 20 June: Award


Further information here


Job opportunities: British Council. Deadline 21/02/2014


The British Council is looking to appoint new Arts Partnerships Managers in the EU zone. The British Council’s Creative and Cultural Economy programme connects people who work in and inform the creative and cultural industries around the world with those in the UK.

You  can find more information about the vacancy here


FID Marseille 2014. Film registrations open until 17/03/2014


This year the International Film Festival is changing the process allowing people to register a FIDLab project, a film or for an accreditation.


We suggest you to read carefully the information on the website.


International Graduate Student Conference on Arts and Cultural Management, Turkey, 19-20/06/2014


Istanbul Bilgi University organizes, in cooperation with the ENCATC (European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centers), an international academic conference on the management of arts and culture on 19 and 20 June 2014 in Istanbul (Turkey). These two days will be the opportunity to take part in cultural and political challenges that the Balkans, and also Turkey, are currently facing. 
Students in arts management and cultural administration can participate by answering a call for contributions before March 3, 2014 online.


Further information here.


Call for Presentations: ArtConference, Italy, 19-22 December 2014


"Theatre between tradition and contemporaneity" is the professional multidisciplinary conference researching the bridge between tradition and modernity in performing arts.  The event is designed to foster creativity exchange, develop international network opportunities and new collaboration projects. Actors, directors, choreographers, dancers, performing arts educators, teachers, musicians, singers, composers, stage designers, lighting designers, costume designers, painters, mask makers, multimedia artists, scriptwriters, playwrights, press officers, theatre critics, journalists, theatre researchers, producers and arts managers. This meeting is the opportunity to meet potential partners from different countries!


You can find further information on submission procedure and pratical details here.


Call for Applications: International ArtExpo. Deadline 10/02/2014


International ArtExpo is selecting all interesting video/short films to include in “BORDERLAND – The entropy of identities” internationalvideo art screening which will be held in Almeria (Spain), at MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico, the 13th and the 27th of March 2014.


You can find further information here.


Call for Applications: CINARS 2014. Deadline 14/02/2014


The call for applications for the official program of the Biennale CINARS 2014 is currently underway. Recognized worldwide, this essential networking event brings together over 1,000 professionals performers from forty countries. The 16th Biennale CINARS will take place from November 17 to 22, 2014 in Montreal. 
The official program of CINARS presents performances of multidisciplinary arts / circus, dance, music and theater, in full version (maximum 90 minutes) or extracts (25 minutes). Applications from all countries are accepted. Application fee of $ 120 is required for each entry. 
To submit an application, please complete the online form. For more information visit the website.


Call for Applications: Maroc Artist Meeting. Deadline 15/02/2014


MAM Marrakech 7.-20.4.14 (artistic exchange)

MAM on the road 21.-27.4.14 (social travel)


MAM - Maroc Artist Meeting is a meeting of artists living in Morocco and the

rest of the World, who want to deal with their living environments and their

place in performing arts in a critical way.


You can find further information on the facebook page and here



Announcement: Two Internships


Name of the organisation: Roberto Cimetta Fund


Activity of the organisation: the Roberto Cimetta Fund is an international association that provides support for artistic and cultural mobility in the Euro-Arab and Mediterranean regions. It has provided 1400 travel grants to date and offers its expertise to local and regional governing bodies in the development of strategies for transnational mobility.

RCF is in touch with the emerging art scene and has a general overview of artistic and cultural projects taking shape in the Euro-Arab region.


Position: The Fund is offering two internships to work on the setting up and running of the WYCH Forum for Arab and Balkan artists and cultural operators as well as a webpage or blog.


Length of internship: 6 months (1st April to October 2014)


Place of internship: Copenhagen, Belgrade, Paris. + online communication


Number of hours weekly: flexible


Hours: 9h30 to 18h00


Compensation: no compensation


Qualifications: Student Masters, cultural or international policies, administration of cultural organisations, communication skills.


Languages required: English is obligatory. Knowledge of Arabic or Serbian is appreciated.


Technical capacities required: websites and social networks management


Applications can be sent to:



Call for Applications: International Film Festival. Deadline 19/02/2014


Applicationss for the 6th edition of FIDLab are open until 19 February 2014. 


Eligible projects

- Any fiction film or documentary project
- Projects coming from all over the world
- At every stage of production: writing, making, post-production
-  Of any length, any format
- The project must be brought in by a producer (film-makers can turn into producers)


You can find further information here.


Call for Applications: IFA 2014. Deadline 10/01/2014


IFA – InteatroFestival Academy is the residential program of research and professional training, promoted and founded in 2006 by Inteatro, that gives the opportunity to young performers to work with established artists of the international theatre and dance scene for the development of their practice. The program has a maximum of 15 vacancies for young artists/performers aged between 18 and 35 years, of different nationalities.The selection is primarily addressed to dancers, choreographers, performers with experience in dance / physical theatre / circus.For futher information, please consult the integral version of the call


Call for Applications. Deadline: 28/02/2014


The Prince Claus Fund welcomes project proposals for cultural initiatives related to culture in defiance.

The Prince Claus Fund believes that culture has the power to stimulate change. Arts and cultural expression are powerful engines for nonviolent resistance and open dialogue, where artists and critical thinkers are important witnesses in the conflicts of today and can raise awareness about the need for development and peace.

The Culture in Defiance call is aimed at projects that strive for positive change. Their impact lies in creating opportunities of freedom of speech and thought. It is focused on promoting art and culture that seek to re-imagine possibilities, by creating a space for dialogue, critical thinking and impact in their societies. For projects situated in areas subjected due to censorship, conflict or oppression.

The Prince Claus Fund supports through this call projects that strive for transformation of different realities. It seeks creative and innovative ideas that promote equality and opportunity. 

The proposed call fits with the Fund’s theme Culture and Conflict. 

The Prince Claus Fund supports projects with an average grant of 15.000 Euros.

The deadline for the submission of projects is February 28th 2014 00:00 GMT. Only applications received before the deadline will be considered.

For examples of projects funded by the Prince Claus Fund, please check here


Prince Claus Fund does not provide support to:

·         The development, scripting, production and post-production of short and full-length documentary, animation, experimental, or feature films

·         Research and writing of literary works, novels, short stories, poetry, or biographies

·         Scholarships

·         Infrastructural costs

Eligible Candidates

 ·       The Prince Claus Fund invites all parties working in the cultural and artistic spheres in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, non-EU Balkan countries and non-EU Eastern European countries to send their project proposals regardless of age, years of experience, nationality, ethnicity, religion or any other factor.

·       This includes individuals and organisations concerned with culture and development.

·    The Prince Claus Fund only considers project proposals submitted by individuals living and working in or organisations based in Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, non-EU Balkans and non-EU Eastern European countries; support is not provided to foreigners who wish to travel to these areas to establish a project.

Timeline Culture in Defiance

Opening of call 28 November 2014

Closing of call 28 February 2014

International advisory board meeting 8 - 9 May 2014

Notifications of Grantees 19 October 2014



Call for papers - Deadline 2/02/2014


The Arab Education Forum, the Roberto Cimetta Fund and the Istikshaf Coalition announce a Call for Papers for the Mobility and Freedom of Movement Conference entitled « Advocating mobility : on the frontline »March 15-17, 2014, Amman – Jordan. The deadline for submissions is 2nd February 2014. Abstracts will be accepted in Arabic, English and French, word count between 250 - 500 words.  A committee from the Istikshaf coalition will review all abstracts. Applicants whose papers have been accepted will be contacted by 9th February 2014 and will be required to submit full papers by 1st  March 2014. Please e-mail abstracts and your CV to: Areej Ghazwi Please visit the Safar Fund website for the details of the call and content of the debates


Grants for Syrian Artists Deadline : 20/01/2014


 The British Council has launched a call for proposals for grants to Syrian artists. The programme reflects the British Council’s belief in the right to free expression and in thepower of art to inspire social change. Specifically, it will look to support artistic initiatives -involving any art form - that develop new or existing networks; that raise awareness andsolidarity among refugee host communities; and that record or represent the very best of Syrian culture.

To view the eligibility criteria, click here.  


Roberto Cimetta Fund

c/o ONDA
13 bis rue Henri Monnier
75009 Paris - France


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