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TAMTEEN Grantees



- Amplify, Casablanca, Morocco

- Atabet Fann for Arts, Media and Training, Ramallah and Al-Bireh, Palestine

- Badira, Rabat, Morocco

- Balende Baran, Suleimaniyeh, Iraq

- Beit Hawadet, Alexandria, Egypt

- Fanouse Honar, Tehran, Iran

- Hayyou'Raqs, Tunis, Tunisia

- Kissaria, Tangiers, Morocco

- Loading Independent Art Space, Diyarbakir, Turkey

- Me'zaf, Beirut, Lebanon

- Nowat, Al Arroub Camp, Palestine

- Nowhere online platform, Alexandria, Egypt

- Tabadoul, Tangiers, Morocco

- Temporary Art Platform,Beirut, Lebanon

- Va Independent Art Space and Residency, Isfahan, Iran

- Waraq, Beirut, Lebanon



- Tiyatro Medresesi, Izmir, Turkey 

- Darak Group, Al Qanater, Egypt

- Goozor, Sinaï, Egypt 

- Bethlehem Strings, Bethlehem, Palestine 

- Shajar Groupe, Al Arroub Camp - Hebron, Palestine 

- MedeArts, Irbid, Jordan

- Tarkib Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq 

- Sheherazade Cultural Association, Sanaa, Yemen 

- Bikas wa Balas Theatre Group, Alexandria, Egypt

- Rou'a - Visions Association, Rafah - Gaza - Palestine



Studio 8, Jordan

- Association Chrysalide, Algeria

Medrar for Contemporary Art, Egypt

- Momken - Espace des possibles/ Nassim El Raqs Festival, Egypt

- Danseurs - Citoyens, Tunisia



Ayanken, Tunisia

Ettijahat - Independant Culture, Lebanon

Le 18 - Riad culturel pluridisciplinaire, Morroco

The Mansion, Lebanon


Presentation of some of TAMTEEN grantees 


Le 18 - Morroco 



Le 18 based in Marrakech is run by an experienced cultural operator working closely with local inhabitants while being open to all artistic disciplines and initiatives in the region and beyond. The venue was set up in 2013 in the medina of Marrakech. The RCF funding was provided to renovate the venue and to buy equipment. Le 18 bought a projector with the RCF upholding grant providing better quality for video shows. 


Thanks to RCF’s 2014  Tamteen grant, “le 18” in Marrakech was able to open an exhibition in their newly refurbished space called “Much Silence » dedicated to contemporary drawing (September 2015). The exhibition confirmed that « le 18 » is an independent space, active on the local scene and proposing quality work. Fifteen artists from the region of Tiznit presented their work at the exhibition which, unlike their previous programming was 100% Moroccan. 


Momken / Nassim Al Raqs - Egypt


Nassim Al Raqs is an on-site choreographic and interdisciplinary art creation festival. It is a laboratory for artis tic creation offering on-site art residencies in Alexandria. Every year since 2011, during Sham el Nassim feast spring, Egyptian and foreign artists are invited to create performances or installations in unexpected and innovative places in the city, using the city itself as a material for inspiration and creation.More than just being part of an artistic production system, the project is designed in and with the city: immersed in it's many facets. It initiates the encounter between different artistic approaches and specific sociocultural environments. It brings together the artists, the public, the users, residents, partners, and cultural operators in a common dynamic to (re) invest the public, urban and collective space through gestures, traces and bodies.


The festival 6th Edition was at a turning point in its development and needed to strengthen and shape it in a sustainable way, by providing the appropriate workspace and working tools for the team. Thanks to the RCF grant, its team was able to rent a new working space and get equipment to launch its 6th Edition. 

Ayanken Production - Tunisia


Ayanken Production (Tunisia) is based in the rural area of Sidi Bouzid. This production house was set up in 2012 in order to explore all forms of filmmaking with young people of the region. His founder runs workshops and helps them to produce their first films. Ayanken received funding to employ a person in charge of communication to promote the films made and develop their website.

Thank to the RCF Grant, Ayanken was able to add to its team an experienced cultural operator, to update its website and elaborate a plan of action to meet key institutional partners and obtain recognition for his original and engaged art project. 


Support Programme

 | Projects/Activities

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