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This programme  aims at strengthening cultural and artistic organisations and/or artists collectives operating in the Arab and Middle Eastern region  including Turkey and Persian speaking countries, and developing local projects (venues, networks, platforms). 


If you would like to apply for TAMTEEN Support Programme, you must respect the following criteria :


1) Applications can be made in the name of a cultural or artistic organization or an artists' collective operating already for 2 years. Only small or medium organisations whose annual budget does not exceed 20 000€ are eligible. Support will not be provided to public or semi-public organisations).


2) The applicant must be based in the Arab Middle East geographical region, including Turkey, Persian speaking countries.


3) Age and nationality are not eligibility criteria of this Fund.


4)  Are eligible all the structures or ollectives concerned by contemporary artistic disciplines : performing arts, all forms of visual arts, literature, music, and cultural policy research. Humanitarian aid or school/university projects are not eligible to this Fund.


5)  The application made must explain how the organisation will develop in the long term and how its presence will contribute to local cultural development.  Sustainability implies any action that will allow the organisation or its activities to last. For example this could be by providing a salary to an administrator, buying equipment, renovating a space or any other operational cost. Support to artistic production can be provided only if this production can prove “sustaining” effects. However, Tamteen Grant does not fund production costs of artistic works. 


6)  The aim of this fund is to stabilise the applicant's activities in their own environment, locally, and to strengthen the conditions of sustainability by networking methods. Applications that show potential to meet these aims at the local level will have a better chance of success.


7)  The call aims to offer funds to applicants who have difficulty finding the funding needed for their sustainable development. Proof of co-funding is recommended but not compulsory. The maximum amount that can be requested is 3000€.


8) Special attention will be given to candidates whose activities contribute to the transmission of values such as respect for the diversity of cultural expressions, freedom of artistic expression, fair exchange and solidarity. Moreover, applicants must agree with the ethical charter of the Roberto Cimetta Fund.


9) Although open to initiatives from all geographic regions, TAMTEEN support programme will be particularly attentive to those in rural or suburban areas.


10) Eligible costs can be operational costs and costs for renovation or equipment. All expenditure must be clearly and chronologically defined in an adjoining excel chart to be sent to If your application concerns renovation or equipment costs a pro forma invoice will be requested with the application. 


11) An agreement between the project leader and the Roberto Cimetta Fund will be drawn up if the project is selected. This agreement will clearly stipulate the aims of the project, the actions that will take place, the conditions of transfer of funds, the role of the Roberto Cimetta Fund in the monitoring process of the project. 


12)  The report  required to obtain the final payment will be composed of a written activity report, a detailed expenditure report, proof of communication of the support of RCF and all other proof that the project has taken place (photographs, report from the various actors involved, etc.). 


13)  If the request includes hosting beneficiaries abroad, or hosting individuals from abroad, their presence should be justified as necessary for strengthening and sustaining the applicant's activity and their length of stay must be sufficient in order to ensure  understanding of  the local cultural context. This measure favours a proper understanding of the cultural and artistic challenges in a given local context and stresses the need to allow time to build trust between actors; for the sustainability of any artistic and cultural exchange. 


14)  The transfer of funding is directly made to the account of the project leader (organisation or individual) in the following way: 30% following the signing of the contract and proof of expenses, 50% after the intermediary report , 20% after the submission of the final report and accompanying documents. 

Support Programme

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