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The Roberto Cimetta Fund has received 111 requests for the the call for upholding grants 2015. Following the evaluation of the Committee of Experts and in agreement the RCF Board of Directors, the Roberto Cimetta Fund is proud to announce the organisations selected to receive an upholding grant. 


For the session 2015, the selected structures to the upholding line are:


- Studio 8, Jordan

- Association Chrysalide, Algeria

- Medrar for Contemporary Art, Egypt

- Momken - Espace des possibles/ Nassim El Raqs Festival, Egypt

- Danseurs - Citoyens, Tunisia


The Roberto Cimetta Fund wishes them all a successful continuation!


The 2016 session for the upholding grant will open on the 1st August 2016.




The 2014 granted organisations for an upholding grant were: 


- Ayanken, Tunisia

- Ettijahat - Independant Culture, Lebanon

- Le 18 - Riad culturel pluridisciplinaire, Morroco

- The Mansion, Lebanon









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