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Europe Grand Central


The Roberto Cimetta Fund, as a partner in the Europe Grand Central - euro-arab art residencies launched an open call to invite artists from the arab countries to submit proposal to six thematic European art residencies on the concept of BORDERS and related to the local communities.


We are proud to announce that the call received 350 online requests and 119 written applications, of which 60 were considered eligible.


Following an evaluation of applications run by RCF’s Committee of experts, and in agreement with the EGC partners and RCF Board of Directors, we are pleased to announce the names of the artists who will be attending art residencies in Greece, Italy, Malta, Poland and Sweden from June 2016 to January 2017.


The selected artists for the Europe Grand Central Programme are:  


- Amira- Géhanne Khelfallah, Morocco

- Charbel Samuel Aoun, Lebanon

- Deema Shahin, Jordan

- Dina Kobrosly, Lebanon

- Hind Oudrhiri, Morocco

- Majdal Nateel, Palestine

- Paul Geday, Egypt

- Radhouan Fiddini, Tunisia

- Reuben Yemoh Odoi, Morocco






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