Art Moves Africa relaunches calls for mobility grants - Deadline : 15/10/2014


If you would like more information about the call for mobility grants of Art Moves Africa (AMA) visit their website at


These grants are for mobility of African artists and cultural operators within Africa.

CEC ArtsLink - Deadline : 15/10/2014


CEC Arts Link, partner organisation of the coalition of independent mobility funds with RCF, is launching an open call for residencies in the US for artists from 37 eligible countries. To find our more visit their website

Culture Action Europe Annual Public Conference 9-11 October 2014, Newcastle-Gateshead


Culture Action Europe is the political platform for the arts and culture in Europe. It federates through its member organisations over 80 000 artists and cultural actors from the civil society sector in Europe. the Roberto Cimetta Fund is member of the Executive Committee of Culture Action Europe. For more information on the conference or if you would like to register, click here

RCF opens a new mobility funding line with the Iraqi Ministry of Culture


The Roberto Cimetta Fund (RCF) and the Ministry of Culture of Iraq are collaborating on an initiative to favour artistic exchanges and mobility of Iraqi artists and cultural operators and artists/cultural operators from the Euro-Arab geographical zone to Iraq in all art sectors. Candidates should already have a well-defined art or cultural project and have chosen a destination that can enrich and develop their project.


This initiative will see a series of open calls for travel grants being offered from 2014 onward; artists and cultural operators living and working in the Euro-Arab geographical region who wish to prepare collaborative art and cultural projects, take part in a training session or residency, attend a seminar or conference and who satisfy the criteria below, are invited to apply.


In the region, artists are often confronted with obstacles to their mobility (lack of funding, lack of information, tight visa and border controls). This Fund will support travel that allows a committed and motivated artist or operator to find the opportunities and means to set up his or her personal or collective project; thus promoting networking, exchange of experiences and cultural and artistic cooperation. Travel grants will be provided to selected candidates coming from or going to Iraq.


The first open call will be launched on 1st September 2014 until 30th September 2014. Successful candidates will be notified on 1st December 2014. Funding is provided once the grantee has returned from his or her travel and has provided the copies of travel tickets, boarding passes, etc. as well as a report on his or her trip and the benefits obtained. In certain circumstances, 50% of the sum can be provided in advance.


Applications can be made in Arabic, English or French.


The following specific criteria apply to the fund: 

i)    Priority will be given to the following art forms: literature, especially travel for authors’ meetings, writing workshops, poetry; cultural management programmes; contemporary performing arts including new theatrical forms, new writing for theatre, dramaturgy, contemporary dance, circus, street performances in situ, puppet theatre and inter-disciplinary projects; visual arts including photography, film, digital arts, video arts.

ii)   Priority will be given to trips that contribute to cultural development at local level between Iraq and the Balkan countries.


For more details: and or contact:

If you want to apply please visit this website from 1st September 2014 onwards, click on “Apply for a travel grant”, fill in the information required. If your request is considered eligible you will receive a link to the online application form that you will have to fill in and submit before the deadline (30/09/2014). 


ACEC - 13-15/11/2014


The African Creative Economy Conference (ACEC) is an annual gathering that highlights the role of culture in sustainable development. Co-hosted by the Association Racines/ Arterial Network Morocco, the 4th edition of the ACEC will take place in Rabat, at the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco, from 13 to 15 November 2014.

The Canary Islands Declaration on artistic and cultural mobility


On 19th and 20th June 2014 six independent* cultural mobility funds from different parts of the world met in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands).


The idea of the meeting was initiated by the Roberto Cimetta Fund, in partnership with the Association of Cultural Managers of the Canary Islands. The Government of the Island of Tenerife and the Government of the Canary Islands backed the initiative as well as the Gulbenkian Foundation.


The international mobility actors present were the Safar Fund (Arab world), Art Moves Africa (Africa), CEC ArtsLink (USA), the Russian Theatre Union (Russia), Arts Network Asia (Asia) and the Roberto Cimetta Fund (Euro-Arab zone). All these organisations:


1)            Underline that artistic and cultural mobility is an integral part of cultural rights as stated in international treaties of human rights and should be considered a public responsibility.


2)            Assert that mobility contributes to artists’ and cultural operators’ freedom of expression and freedom of choice.


3)            Aim to provide travel grants for individual artists and cultural activists as a way of protecting the diversity of cultural and artistic expression.


4)            Affirm that facilitating face to face encounters is necessary to set up long term partnerships or alliances based on trust, reciprocity and fair exchange.


5)            Believe that supporting the mobility of artists and cultural operators serves the public interest and local development.


6)            Believe that artistic and cultural mobility provides creative learning opportunities that are crucial for the healthy growth of individuals and communities.


7)            Consider that in addition to long-distance mobility, local and regional mobility initiatives (intercity, regional, cross-border) contribute to enhancing a shared sense of humanity.


8)            Seek to address global imbalances, be they artistic, geographic or directional, and the many obstacles to mobility by enabling connections between cultural practitioners and the wider community.



To advance this agenda the above-mentioned organisations have agreed to work as a coalition and advocate and encourage the dissemination of these principles.


Independent mobility funds are re-granting organisations set up by cultural operators. These funds re-grant funding received from private foundations or public institutions to individual artists and cultural operators.


Travel grants, Prince Claus Foundation


The Prince Claus Fund’s Ticket Fund supports the cross-cultural exchange of artists and cultural practitioners.  By covering travel costs, such as economy class plane or train tickets, the Ticket Fund assists in the professional growth and networking abilities of those it supports. The Ticket Fund is open throughout the year to receive applications. It is specifically intended for artists and cultural practitioners living in Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, non-EU Balkans and non-EU Eastern Europe who wish to travel within these areas.Please note, the Ticket Fund does not include accommodation, visa or per diem costs. 


Please find further information on the official website.

Interview with Ferdinand Richard, President of the Roberto Cimetta Fund - by Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio


Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio, expert of the Roberto Cimetta Fund, has interviewed the Chairman of the association, Ferdinand Richard, exploring the concept and role of "cultural mobility" in the euro-arab geographical zone.


You will find the full text of the interview here.

Festival Guelmin - Call for short films


The 5th Edition of the Festival of short films in Guelmin Morocco is looking for short films by young creative talents.


To fill in the registration form click here


For more information contact : 

E-mail :

Tel : 0673506058 / 0646149186 / 0623769966

Mobilizing memory - women witnessing", Istanbul 5/09 - 3/10/2014


The surveillance device was broken on that particular day; it did not record, nor save any of the data that would show the violent incident that happened in front of its mechanical eye. The only remaining witnesses are human, who are “biased”, “emotional”, and whose accounts cannot be considered as “facts”.

How many humans’ witnessing would be equal to one properly working camera? If my words are not sufficient proof of the “facts,” can anyone stop me from remembering what I experienced? For more information on this exhibition at Depo Istanbul visit Isin Onol's website


Marsam 301 - Open Call - Deadline : 20/10/2014


From and to Bethlehem - a program for hosting art in the city of Bethlehem


This program is open to all artists around the world. "From and to Bethlehem" opens its doors to receive requests from activist artists to deliver their art activities in public spaces in the city, by hosting them for a period of time ranging between one month to three months maximum, starting from November 2014.


Applicants can be actors and activists in artistic researching, cultural journalism, and directors. 


In order to open the door of communication and sharing, exchange and dialogue to break the siege of the occupational apartheid wall on the  three sides of the city, we also strive to provide an atmosphere of exchange between local artists from outside the area of Bethlehem, Arab and international artists to visit Bethlehem and reside there.


We aim to contribute to enriching the artistic mobility, and building an open space between Palestine and both Arab and International world. 


Accordingly, Marsam 301 announces that we opened the door for receiving applications for the next phase, for a number of two art activists, starting from the date of 20 \ 9 \ 2014 until 20 \ 10 \ 2014, while marsam 301 will ensure the provision of the following:


- A residence place at marsam 301 - Logistic services. 

- helping the resident in assisting and coordinating with local and government institutions, and the local community 

- Issuing a visiting permit to the Arab residents. 

- Helping to hold workshops and promote ideas with the local community.


Terms of submission:

- the staying term/length.

- The reasons for the visit.

- Contribute to the cultural and social interaction in Palestine

- the CV. 

- Previous work or writings or movies for participants

- travel costs and personal expenses are on the resident.

Send your application to :


Dancing on the Edge - Call for entries - Deadline 6/10/2014


For the fifth edition of the Dancing on the Edge Festival, to take place in November 2015 in a number of Dutch cities, we are looking for contemporary dance and theater performances as well as (multimedia) installations/art works from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The multidisciplinary and contemporary festival focusing on (exchange with) the MENA region, is a platform for artists from the region to show what moves them. An extensive context program and other activities complement and enrich the artistic program. For more information click here.

Call - Fondation Liban Cinéma - Deadline: 30/09/2014


Fondation Liban Cinema is organizing a fiction feature films script rewriting workshop. for more information contact


RCF Open Call for Travel Grants - deadline : 30/09/2014


The Roberto Cimetta Fund is launching the second 2014 open call for travel grants from 1st to 30th September 2014. Artists and cultural operators living and working in the Euro-Arab geographical region can apply in Arabic, English or French. Priority is given to mobility from the South and East of these regions.


The open call concerns three separate mobility funds: the RCF/Conseil Général des Bouches du Rhône Fund, a new funding line RCF/Ministry of Culture of Iraq Fund, and another new funding line RCF/Conseil Régional Ile-de-France Fund. This call is therefore open for travel from or to the cities and regions that are partners of the Conseil Général des Bouches du Rhône, as well as travel from or to Iraq, and finally from or to the Ile-de-France Region.


The following general criteria of RCF apply to this fund:

1) The aim of your trip must directly or indirectly show potential for a constructive and long-term impact on the arts sector in the Euro-Arab geographical region. This means that your travel must contribute to your own capacity building, which in turn can be shared in a “networking” fashion that will benefit connecting artists and operators in your own country or region so as to maintain, renew and develop contemporary arts.

2) Your trip can take place as soon as the call opens but in this case you run the risk of buying your ticket without knowing if the application is successful or not.

3) Applicant’s profile

-     No nationality or age criteria: Applicant lives or works in the Euro-Arab geographical region.

-     Profession: performers, creators, art teachers, cultural organisers, art administrators, cultural project leaders.

-     Financial means: applicants who are unable to find the financial resources themselves.

4) Applications must be made by individuals not organisations. Only 3 members of a group can apply for a grant concerning the same project. A grant holder can only reapply twice. Applicants must choose the cheapest form of transport and can only apply for one international return travel ticket and visa costs (local transport, per diems and accommodation costs are not reimbursed).


The results will be announced on :

1st December 2014 (Deadline for receiving applications: 30/09/2014)


The online questionnaire will become active on 1st September. 


RCF opens a new Mobility fund for Mediterranean and Ile de France based artists to promote cultural diversity


The Roberto Cimetta Fund and the Regional Council Ile-de-France are opening an artistic and cultural mobility funding ine between the Ile-de-France region (City of Paris and surrounding region in France) and the following countries: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestinian territories, Tunisia, Turkey and Syria.


A series of open calls will be launched as from 1st September 2014 every three months until the funding has been provided. The trips of the grantees must take place before end of 2017. Artists and operators living and working in the Euro-Arab geographical region can candidate for a travel grant if they respect the criteria below.


The Roberto Cimetta Fund and the Regional Council Ile-de-France aim to promote initiatives lead by Arab youth and contribute to the renewal of Arab culture in Arab societies through learning and the sharing of experiences.


Applicants should have a well-prepared travel plan and chose a destination that can enrich their work in one of the eligible regions (Ile-de-France, Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, Turkey and Syria. Arab applicants who wish to travel to Ile-de-France can be hosted in residence, take part in a tour or other artistic production. The hosting organisation must not be funded by the Regional Council Ile-de-France. The artistic results of the trip should be visible in the Ile-de-France region. Grants will be directly transferd on the bank accounts of the selected artists on their return and on presentation of a report.


The aim of the applicant’s project must promote cultural diversity in one way or another. Cultural diversity is an ethical imperative to respect other cultures despite cultural differences. Supporting cultural diversity means accepting difference based on common cultural values and references. It also means supporting freedom of expression where the confrontation of ideas is promoted to further mutual understanding.


The first open call for travel grants will open on 1st September 2014 until 30th September. A second call will be launched on 1st December 2014 and a third call on 1st March 2015, and so on until all the funds have been allocated.


Applications can be made in Arabic, French and English.


The following specific criteria apply to the fund:


i)    The artistic results of the trip must be visible in the Ile-de-France region in one way or another (exhibition, performance, publication, workshop, etc.).

ii)   Cultural diversity must be supported. This implies that the trip must lead to preparing, producing, or researching about a cultural or art project that is open to all cultural expressions and promotes exchange between cultures.


For more details: and the website of the Regional Council Ile-de-France or contact:

If you want to apply please visit this website from 1st September 2014 onwards, click on “Apply for a travel grant”, fill in the information required. If your request is considered eligible you will receive a link to the online application form that you will have to fill in and submit before the deadline (30/09/2014). 


Open call: submission of mobile phone footage of everyday - Europe and MENA region


This is an open call for submissions of short clips of the everyday from Europe and the MENA(Middle-East & North Africa) Region. 

Artist Sulaiman Majali is creating a piece of work involving the selection and curation of the submitted material in forming a piece of work which requires the public to participate in submitting short film documents of their respective situations and surroundings at the time of recording.

This project requires participants from Europe and the MENA region, to record "everyday" footage on their mobile phones, nothing staged, out of the ordinary or scripted, but a short (no longer than 2minute) documentation of their respective situations/surroundings/environments.
By submitting a short clip, the participant and all people who feature in their clips must agree to the footage being used for the creation and public exhibition of the work. Submissions that are used in the final production of the piece will be credited online at
Footage should be sent as AIFF, MP3, MPEG, WAVE, JPEG, TIFF, M4V, or MP4* File. (*Most common format for Smartphones)

For submissions and any queries you might have e-mail

1st edition of Visa For Music (VFM), Africa and Middle East Music Meeting, from 12th to 15th November, 2014.


As the first professional music salon for Morocco, the Middle East and Africa, Visa For Music promises to be a unique and indispensable international marketplace for World and New Music of these regions, and a professional platform for the music industry in Morocco and countries of the South. The main mission of Visa For Music is to promote the constitution of a music marketplace in Africa and Middle East.


Today, this market is insufficient whereas the local musical creation is extremely rich and diverse. Thus, Visa For Music has the ambition of creating a platform for greater visibility as well as an environment favoring creativity and professionalization in the cultural sector.If there is one country in Africa which can  legitimately claim the right to organise this event, then it is Morocco. In recent years the country has experienced a growth in the development of its cultural and musical landscape. Its great music festivals, whose reputation are spreading worldwide, are just one obvious proof of this.


Visa For Music will gather professionals of the music industry: artists, professional organizations, and groups, independent and major labels, cultural institutions and foundations, media and distributors, managers, agents… etc. The meeting will be punctuated by many activities, such as the showcases whose goal is to put the spotlight on new talents and booming artists. In order to do so, 24 artists / bands will be selected and will have the opportunity to perform in front of professionals and a prestigious jury. A tribute will also be given to some of the figures that have left a mark on the recent music history in Morocco, on the African continent and in the Middle East. A series of others activities will animate this meeting in order to make it an event full of interactivity and exchange: conferences and documentary films projection, professional trainings, speed-meeting, networking, professional sittings…On the fringe of Visa For Music 2014 the 4th edition of the International Conference on Creative Economy in Africa will be held, an annual meeting organized by ARTerial Network. This event will gather almost 300 participants of the cultural and artistic sector from the whole continent and beyond in order to tackle current fundamental issues and to formulate development and durability strategies for a dynamic African creative sector.


Visa For Music is organized with the support of:

-   The Ministry of Culture of the Kingdom of Morocco
-   The European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals (EFWMF)
-  The Foundation HIBA


You can find further information here


Call for applications: International Residency Programme, CCDC


Open to emerging professional artists from Egypt, the Middle East, Africa and beyond, who work in the areas of contemporary dance and performance. The Cairo Contemporary Dance Center annual residency program offers artists in residence with a working space, artistic feedback, artistic accompanyment and presentation and exchange platforms.


Calls for Residences are open all year to those interested.


- A short motivation statement

- A project description

- A short summary of your project description (max.1000 characters)

- Curriculum vitae for everyone involved in the project

All applications must include links to full length video examples of your own work. 


Application requests are sent here.

TRANKAT EPISODE #1. An itinerant exhibition in Morocco throughout 2014


Rendezvous in Marrakech from February 27, 2014! Then in Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes, El Jadida, Oujda and finally, Tetouan!  


Produced by the French Institute in Morocco as part of the France-Morocco 2014 Cultural Season, and project partner of the Marrakech Biennale, the exhibition is presenting works by residents TRANKAT in 2013 and offers various readings of contemporary Morocco , its territories, zones of influence, cultural and social constructions.


You can find further information here.

New UN resolution on Culture and Development


The UN General Assembly adopted by consensus on 12 December 2013 a third resolution on Culture and Development. Building on the recognition of the role of culture for development acknowledged in the previous resolutions, this new resolution represents an important breakthrough on the development agenda as it explicitly recognizes the direct linkages between culture and the 3 pillars of sustainable development (economic, social and environmental) as well as peace and security.

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